This is a list pertaining to the characters in the video game series Parallel. It covers all characters of interest between all games in the series.

Characters Introduced in Parallel


Omicron Organization

Janar Danari- Janar is the co-main protagonist of the game, along with Jade Wong, and co-founder of Omicron Organization. He is a Morph, a group of humans with shape-shifing powers. His parents, both of whom were Morphs, were killed by an evil Morph named Vestess so he would have no one to stop him. Wanting revenge, he, along with Jade Wong, created Omicron Organization, a group of people dedicated to fighting and destroying Vestess.

Other than shape-shifting, Janar also has various other powers, due to the fact that Morphs can change almost all molocules, and not just their own. This includes becoming invisible and regenerating, as well as a limited control over animals/other humans. He uses these in battle, along with a handgun, to confuse and damage (respctively) his enemies.

Jade Wong - Jade is the co-main protagonist of the game, along with Janar Danari, and co-founder of Omicron Organization. She is a Timekeeper, a group of humans with the power to control time. Unlike the Morphs, there can only be two Timekeepers in the world at a time, so that they can keep balance, and because of that, the time powers are handed down to the last person in contact with said Timekeeper should he/she die. Gemini Wong, Jade's brother, who was the one of the two modern Timekeepers, was killed by Vestess, who was not only a Morph, but also a Timekeeper, so he could rule the world with an iron fist, without another Timekeeper to stop him. Wanting revenge, she, along with Janar Danari, created Omicron Organization.

Jade can stop/freeze time, as well as use her tricked out bow-and-arrow to defeat enemies from afar.

Nokami Imakon- Nokami is an ally of Janar Danari and Jade Wong, and a member of Omicron Organization. A mysterious young man, Nokami is seen as cold by other Omicron members. The result of a cloning experiment, Nokami was created by Vestess as a super-soldier under his command. However, Nokami felt opposition against his 'father', and he, along with many more clones, led a riot in the cloning building. Only Nokami, Jer'ed, his 'younger brother', and Nok'a, His 'sister', escaped from the facility.

Eventually, Nokami met and married a young woman named Deorra. Years later, Vestess sent clones to hunt down Nokami, and in the resulting fight in his home, Deorra was killed. Longing for revenge, Nokami joined Omicron as a way to get revenge on Vestess.

He carries with him a M1 Grand rifle and a rocket launcher, both of which he uses to defend himself and his allies.

Aaron Leaf- Aaron is a member of Omicron Organization, and best friends with Dmitri Nolan, a fellow member of Omicron. A normal high-school student, Aaron was targeted by Vestess because his parents were openly opposed to Vestess, having learned of his true origins. Vestess had somehow gotten a hold of Dmitri Nolan's DNA, and created a clone of Dmitri that he used to try and kill Dmitri and Aaron. However, Jade Wong had gotten to them first, and they survived the assassination attempt. Afterwards, Aaron and Dmitri joined Omicron, after learning that their parents were killed in order to root them out.

Aaron uses a gun-sword in battle. This gives him the ability to use melee or ranged attacks.

Dmitri Nolan- Dmitri is a member of Omicron Organization, and best friends with Aaron Leaf, a fellow member of Omicron. A 'techie', Dmitri was targeted by Vestess because he was like a son to Aaron's parents, who found out about Vestess and openly opposed him. Through unknown means, Vestess acquired Dmitri's DNA, using it to create a clone of him. This clone was programmed to destroy both Aaron and Dmitri, but, due in no small part to Jade Wong, He and Aaron escaped the assassination attempt. Afterwards, Dmitri and Aaron joined Omicron, after learning that their parents were killed in order to root them out.

Dmitri uses an electirc circuit board attached to his arm, which he uses to shock his opponents, causing damage to their nervous systems, while damaging the circuit boards of mechanicial enemies.

Alexis Wong- Alexis is a member of Omicron Organization, and also Jade Wong's older sister. After her brother Gemini was killed, she became involved in street gangs, eventually becoming something of a mercenary/weapons supplier. After Omicron Organization is created, Jade enlists Alexis' help in combating Vestess. At first, Alexis is resentful of her younger sister, but after she is assaulted by Vestess' forces, and after learning the truth about her brother's death, she apologizes to Jade and willingly offers to join Omicron.

Alexis uses a SCAR-L in battle, while also suppling upgraded weapons to all members.

Tara Strong- Tara is the youngest member of Omicron Organization, and the owner of Rover. Tara is saved by Jade Wong after being mugged in an alley. She later learns that they were actually Vestess' goons, and that she was used to root out members of Omicron so the could be destroyed. Angry and confused, Tara joins Omicron in order to exact revenge on Vestess, bringing with her Rover, her dog.

Tarauses a metal baseball bat in battle, using it to smack her enemies. With great effort and force, she can even 'strike a home-run', sending her opponent(s) flying.

Rover- Rover is a Siberian Husky, and the pet of Tara Strong. A naturally fierce breed, Rover is loyal to Tara and the rest of the Omicron Organization members, while hostile to enemies. When Tara joined Omicron, she brought with her Rover, who quickly warmed up to the others.

Even though he is still a puppie, he is deadly in combat, using his razor-sharp teeth to inflict wounds on his enemies.

Cecelia- Cecelia is a member of Omicron Organization, and a skilled user of medicine. Cecelia is a mystery. She was sought out by Omicron for her skilled use of medicine. At the same time, Vestess was seeking her, too, because she was a threat to him if she became a part of Omicron. After a fight with Vestess' men, in which she almost lost her life, she joined Omicron for revenge.

Cecelia uses her mastery of medicine to heal/poison her allies/enemies. She also uses a metal staff to attack her enemies from a distance, as well as up close.


Jer'ed De'rej- Jer'ed is an ally of Omicron Organization, and Nokami Imakon's brother. A survivor of the Cloning Facility riot, Jer'ed disappeared after the incident, but kept in touch with Nokami and Nok'a, his 'older sister'. Jer'ed tried to live a normal life, changing the spelling of his name to a more normal one (Jared), But eventually, his past caught up with him. He was in school when a student shot up the high-school. Jer'ed's body was never recovered, and he is presumed dead by the authorities.

Mr. & Mrs. Danari- Mr. & Mrs. Danari were Janar Danari parents, and Morphs. They were survivors of the original battle between the Morphs over a century ago. They recently gave birth to Janar. When Vestess killed a Timekeeper, becoming one in the process, he killed Janar's parents so that they couldn't stop him. Vestess didn't know that Janar existed. Janar harbours deep resentment towards Vestess for his parent's murder, which he witnessed.

Mr. & Mrs. Leaf- Mr. & Mrs. Leaf were Aaron Leaf's parents. They were close friends with Janar Danari's parents, and when they were killed by Vestess, Mr. & Mrs. Leaf learned everything about Vestess, openly opposing him. Vestess tried to shut them up by killing teir son, Aaron, but tht failed, thanks to Jade Wong. In retailation, Vestess killed Mr. & Mrs. Leaf, along with Mr. & Mrs. Nolan, who opposed Vestess after learning from Mr. & Mrs. Leaf that he tried to kill their son, Dmitri.

Gemini Wong- Gemini Wong was Jade Wong and Alexis Wong's brother, and used to be a Timekeeper. He was the oldest of three children, and he took care of Jade and Alexis after their parents died in a car crash (no relation to the story). His Grandfather was a Timekeeper, and when he died, Gemini was given his powers. Eventually, Vestess learned that Gemini was the other Timekeeper, and he arranged for him to be killed. However, he learned that, in order to become a Timekeeper, you have to be te last person in contact with said person. So, Vestess went and killed Gemini himself, believing that he would be given both sides. However, Jade found him before he died, and she was given the powers instead.

Nok'a A'kon- Nok'a is an ally of Omicron Organization, and Nokami Imakon's 'younger sister'. A survivor of the Cloning Facility riot, Nok'a disappeared, but kept in tough with Jer'ed and Nokami. She attended Deorra Roslyn's memorial service, and was assaulted by Vestess' forces afterward. She is presumed dead by Nokami, fueling his desire for revenge.

Mr. & Mrs. Nolan- Mr. & Mrs. Nolan were Dmitri Nolan's parents. They were close friends with Mr. & Mrs. Leaf, and openly opposed Vestess after learning that he tried to kill Dmitri. They were killed. along with Mr. & Mrs. Leaf, in order to root Aaron and Dmitri out so he could kill them.

Deorra Roslyn- Deorra was the wife of Nokami Imakon, and a friend of Gemini Wong. Deorra was part of a covert group of 'rebels', a pre-Omicron Organization, who were fighting against Vestess. She eventually met and married Nokami Imakon, a former member of Vestess' Army. Years later, Vestess tracked down Nokami, and in the resulting fight, Deorra was killed. This death sparked Nokami's desire to join Omicron and destroy Vestess.


Vestess- Vestess is the antagonist of the game, and the enemiy to all members of Omicron Organization. Born a Morph, Vestess was involved in the battle that drove the Morphs to near-extinction. He later killed a Timekeeper, becoming one himself. He was responsible for the deaths of Gemini Wong, Deorra Roslyn, Mr. & Mrs. Leaf, Mr. & Mrs. Nolan, Mr. & Mrs, Danari; the supposed deaths of Jer'ed De'rej and Nok'a A'kon; the mugging of Tara Strong; the assassination attempt on Aaron Leaf and Dmitri Nolan; the attempted murder of Alexis Wong and Cecelia; and the feelings of revenge in every member of Omicron.

Vestess' "Pawns"

Vestess' Army - Vestess' army is an army of clones, created by Vestess, to destroy Omicron Organization (and any opposers to Vestess). The clones were created from DNA samples gathered from millions of different people. A common use was to clone a close friend or family member of a target, and use it to kill said target.

Student Clone- the student clone was a clone, created by Vestess, to kill Jer'ed De'rej. It is unknown if it succeeded, since Jer'ed's body was never recovered. It was shot and killed by Authorities after it hi-jacked the high-school in which Jer'ed was going to.

Dmitri Clone- the Dmitri clone, created by Vestess, to kill Aaron Leaf and Dmitri Nolan, the latter of whom the clone was based on. It succeeded in destroyed Aaron and Dmitri's houses, but failed to kill Aaron and Dmitri in said explosions. It was in Dmtri's house when it blew up, and it is assumed destroyed.

Roger Williams- Roger Williams was a former member of Omicron Organization, used by Vestess to destroy it. It is unknown whether Roger was a clone or not, but regardless, Roger was tasked with destroying Omicron from the inside. He almost succeeded in tearing the organization apart, until Jade Wong realized that he was no good. She and Dmitri Nolan confronted Roger, and in the resulting fight, Roger perished, and Dmitri was terminally injured.

Roger uses twin katanas in battle. He is known to have used his swords as boomerangs, striking targets from a distance.

Characters (Re)Introduced in Parallel 1.5

(Coming Soon)

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