Wendie Malick as Tonya a demon hunter who has made it her goal to hunt the demons responsible for the murder of her father

Pierce Brosnan as Mr.Stryker one of the demons who killed tonya's father he serves as an secondary antagonist.He has teeth on his stomach like Jinpachi mishima.

George Lopez as Guba one of Lako's minions he is a demon who can shapeshift.He serves as a secondary antagonist

Taylor lautner is Lako the films main villain he is an oni who tried to take over earth but was foiled by Tonya he tried to kill tonya but was banished to hell

Mickey Rourke as Seth Tonya's mentor who helps her out whether she needs it or not

Missi Pyle as Arla a demon who betrays Lako and sides with Tonya she is killed when Lako tears her throat open with his claws[this is the 2nd time she and Mickey rourke worked together since stormbreaker]

Betty white as the immortal wtch Daxius who joins forces with the demons to hunt down tonya

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