Below are the known MSWG characters in the Total Assault saga.


MSWG Combat Team 049

Team 049 started out as a Strike Team of 5 members initially, but at the time of Total Assault 2 was increased to a 12 member Combat Team.


MSWG Strike Team 081

Team 081 is stated to have originally consisted of a fifth member. Who that is and what his status is now is currently unknown.

  • Master Sergeant Robbie-005
  • Gunnery Sergeant Taylor-014
  • Lance Corporal Casey-057
  • Private Daniel-108


MSWG Strike Team 036

Strike Team 036 is said to have originally consisted of 5 members instead of 3. Like Strike Team 081, it is unknown who the 2 others were and what their status is now.

  • Private First Class Shawn-096
  • Private Jessie-114

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