Harry Potter. Harry falls in love with Ginny, and Hermione finds out. She isn't happy. Harry/Ginny


Harry Potter sighed as he fell on top of the bed. He had just came home from his work, and he had quit, as he wanted to spend time with his wife, Hermione.

Harry closed his eyes, and fell into a deep sleap.

He awoke a couple of hours later, and he heard the door open. Harry got up, and he sneaked behind Hermione, who was in the kitchen.

He relised she was on the phone. Their house had a half and half. Wizarding and Muggle World's possessions.

"Mother, we will get the gold", Hermione said, not even knowing Harry was behind her.

Harry's eyes widened, and decided to hide to hear the rest of the conversation.

"Yes, i'm sure. He fell in love with me during our sixth year because of the love potion", she snapped. "I got the idea when i heard what Voldermort's mother had done".

Harry decided he had enough. He sneaked back, and he relised he couldn't eat the food or drink Hermione gave him. He decided to go to the one friend who will understand.

Ginny Weasley.

Ever since their second year, the golden trio became friends with Ron's little sister Ginny after the ordeal in the chamber of secrets.

Harry soon thought of her as a little sister, but she had a crush on him. She had gotten over it when she fell in love with Dean Thomas during his fourth year.

Harry apparated to the Thomas Manor. He opened the door and saw Ginny. She was bruised, and was crying.




Ginny looked up, and her face fell. She looked horrified. "Don't tell", she whispered, and she took a step back as Harry stepped closer.

"What happened", Harry asked.

"He hit me", she sobbed.

"Who hit you", Harry asked.

"Dean", Ginny choked out.

"But please don't tell anyone. He said he will kill me if he finds out. Please", she sobbed.

"Shh", Harry said as Ginny cried. He held onto her.

"Why did you come", Ginny finally asked.

"I found out about something about Hermione", Harry said.

Ginny looked confused, and looked up. "What", she asked.

"She's been dozing me love potions", he said. Ginny's eyes widened.

"What", she finally whispered.

"I found her on the phone to Jean", Harry said.

"When has this been happening", Ginny asked.

"Since my sixth year", Harry said.

"Harry", Ginny said, and Harry looked down at her. He relised she looked beautiful, with her bright red long hair and her dozens of freckles.

Before thinking about anything, he kissed her. He pulled away, and before he could do anything, Ginny kissed him back.


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