Chernabog KH


Chernabog is the main antagonist of Fantasia in the 100 Acre Wood. He is the mastermind behind Pete's schemes and he lives in a place called Bald Mountain. Chernabog appears in 100 Acre Wood (PS3) as the final boss.

  • Character Information

  • Other Names - The Devil. Satan

  • Goal - To make Pete become the Monarch of the 100 Acre Wood and conquer the world

  • Home - Bald Mountain
  • Personality - demonic. most evil

  • Enemies - Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck. Goofy. Winnie the Pooh. Piglet. Tigger. Simba. Timon. Pumbaa. Nala. Woody. Buzz Lightyear. Jessie. Elizabeth Brisby. Timmy Brisby. Justin. Jeremy the Crow. Jiminy Cricket. Cholena. Fievel Mousekewitz. Tony Toponi. Tiger the Cat. Mewsette. Jaune Tom. Robespierre. Little John. Baloo. Bagheera. Genie. Iago. Abu. Rabbit. Eeyore. Nicodemus. Yen Sid. The Blue Fairy. Forest Creatures. Jungle Creatures

  • Minions - Demons. Ghosts. Bats. Shadow Cats. Hyenas. Vultures. Gargoyles. Yetis. Wolves. Monstro. Pirates. Crocodiles. Disney Villains

  • Likes - Evil

  • Dislikes - Sunlight. Anything that grows

  • Powers and Abilities - His Magic

  • Fate - Retreats from the sun (Fantasia in the 100 Acre Wood) Destroyed by Pooh's magic (100 Acre Wood:PS3)

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