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A's Apple Above is the series premiere (aside from the the pilot) of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Alex A spots an apple in a tree. Upon trying to get it, the apple rolls into a heap. Being the only one that was in the tree, A chases the apple around town. But when he is stalled off, he looks around town while having to get rid of his trail from the police after breaking a traffic rule.


This takes place the day after the pilot. A's parents are busy looking for him since he snuck into his tree last night. They find his tree. Realizing his ability to fix trees and how it was upright, they call for A, who wakes up. A's mom tells him he cannot climb any trees after what happened. A promises he won't. A few hours later, A sees a lone apple in a tree. A wanted the apple, and was going to climb the tree before his mom's words echo in his mind. First, he tries knocking the apple with a stick. Then he tries stacking a bunch of rocks to reach the apple, but it was too high. Next, he tries throwing the rocks at the apple. This works, but sends it flying off of the hill. Not wanting to let it go to waste, A chases after it. It gets faster as it rolls. As he enters the street, he is stopped by two F's, who are traffic officers. While the apple rolls past, A is stalled off by a new batch of E's that are fresh from the alphabet factory. There are 100 E's crossing. 50 kids, and 50 parents (one for each). It seemed like A could not go any further as the line never ended from his view. Finally, the sound of a crash and Q screaming sends him running. He runs under the gate and knocks a section of E's all over. The F's then chase him for jaywalking in traffic. A races around the town trying to lose their trail.

A takes shelter in Sam S's house. S is teaching his snake tricks. A notices the apple rolling under the table the tank is on. He dives under, wobbling the table. It appears again under the chair S is on. He dives for it, wobbling the table AND chair. S realizes A is in his house acting like a dog chasing a cat. Before S could ask what he is looking for, A crashes into S. His snake runs out with the apple. Both A and S chase after them. The police then suspect S is A's apprentice, and chases him as well. They both try splitting up, trying to avoid less attention.

A hides with Harry H, who was really hot. He made a machine that could turn ice into mist to cool the place down. A sees his apple in the line of ice cubes and grabs it before it was shredded. This causes the ice cubes to stick together like a line. A takes the apple off, allowing the cubes to move along. However, they were close together, and this was not allowed. The mass amount of ice cubes makes the machine explode, causing H and A to rush out of the house.

S crashes into Cody C, who was carrying a couch. He said he was helping his parents move somewhere else in Alphaville. But the sight of a snake makes him throw the couch in the air and hide behind S. C has severe ophiophobia. The couch lands with a crash, making Q scream again. This gets the attention of an F officer. It wasn't long before A & H and C & S crossed paths.

Elsewhere, A's parents are in their house with Becky B, Fredrika F, and Tommy T with their parents. They were discussing something until the sound of a scream interrupts them. A's mom goes to see what it was. It was A, C, H, and S, along with Isadora I, Ed E, and Rebecca R, who had gotten into the mess. All 7 (arranged in the word 'cashier') were running with A holding his apple and S holding his snake. They were chased by over 50 police letters and 13 police cars. A's mom facepalms because of the mess he was in NOW. She tries to get her son's attention, but only gets knocked into the air by a car. A bravely turn around, and even though his ankle is cuffed, he sends the officer flying with him while diving to save his mom. He does, however, while the other letters flee, this meant he got caught.

At the station, A's mom is trying to discuss with the police about hurting the new batch of E's. A talks about the apple incident that had hurt Q and broke H's machine (and had cost C's family 30 dollars). A says he was sorry and all he wanted was the apple and never knew it could lead into such a mess. The police never knew either. They didn't know an apple has passed the scene. They let them go of the crime. A decides he should follow his parent's rules now and always be careful of picking stuff from trees. Another apple falls from the tree a few hours later that gets the attention of something... the number 0. The numbers 1 and 2 then come and tell each other and the number 3, who also came, that they'll race to the top of the apple tree. They go up as 0 watches, hoping that if there is a place up the tree for him.



This takes places after Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Chicka Chicka 123.


Always be careful of picking stuff from trees, and obey any rules set, or there will be consequences.

Hidden wordEdit

Look for hidden words in the episodes. This episode's word is "cashier". A person that is found at any store that you pay to for your groceries and others stuff. This assures you buy anything in your cart so that you aren't stealing.


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