Child's Play is a remake of the 1988 American comedy-horror film starring Ali Larter, David Borneaz, Chandler Riggs, Brad Dourif, Jamie King, Dylan McDermott and Harrison Ford



Ali Larter as Karen Barclay

David Borneaz as Detective Mark Norris

Chandler Riggs as Andy Barclay

Brad Dourif as Charles Lee Ray a.k.a Chucky

Jamie King as Maggie Peterson

Dylan McDermott as Jack Santos

Harrison Ford as Dr. Ardmore


Maggie Peterson- Hit in head with hammer

Jack Santos- Stabbed in chest

Dr. Ardmore- Scalpel in leg, device placed on head/electrocuted

Chucky- Burned in fireplace, leg/arm/head blown off/chest shot by Detective Mike Norris


Karen Barclay

Detective Mike Norris

Andy Barclay

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