Child's Play 6 is 2012 horror film Starring Justin Whalin, Jaime Ray Newman, Jeremy Sylvers, Jessica Lucas, Connor Gibbs, Frank James Lockwood, Rowan Blanchard, Elise Neal, Drew Barrymore, Adam Weisman, Kay Panabaker, Elizabeth Banks, Brad Douriff, Jennifer Tilly.




  • Justin Whalin as Andy Barclay/The protagonist
  • Jaime Ray Newman as Laurie Nightingale/Andy's ex-girlfriend
  • Jeremy Sylvers as Ronald Tyler/Andy's best friend
  • Jessica Lucas as Jasmira London/Ronald's girlfriend
  • Connor Gibbs as Thomas Nightingale/Andy and Laurie's son
  • Frank James Lockwood as Jacob Nightingale/Laurie's son
  • Rowan Blanchard as Jamie Nightingale/Laurie's daughter
  • Elise Neal as Veria London/Jasmira's mother
  • Drew Barrymore as Casey Nightingale/Laurie's sister and Hannah's mother
  • Adam Weisman as Stephen Tilly/Hannah,s boyfriend
  • Kay Panabaker as Hannah Nightingale/Casey's daughter
  • Elizabeth Banks as Annie Johnson/Laurie's best friend
  • Brad Dourif as The voice of Chucky
  • Jennifer Tilly as the voice of Tiffany


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