Childlike Empress is American metalcore band Eternal Guardians second album, released on March 23, 2006. The album's name, as sugessted, is taken from The Neverending Story, and met with much acclaim and success, regarded as the band's breakthrough. The song "Blood Vessels and Deathnotes" features guest vocals from Mitchell Thurston of the Arizonan deathcore band She's So Dead.

Track listing

  1. My Mistake- 3:00
  2. Childlike Empress- 4:00
  3. Riding On The Clouds- 5:05
  4. Bloodstained Bride- 6:00
  5. Reaching Out- 4:00
  6. Dreams In The Dark- 7:00
  7. Rupture- 4:00
  8. Blood Vessels and Deathnotes (featuring Mitchell Thurston of She's So Dead) - 7:55
  9. Goodbye, Forever- 5:00
  10. Deathliness In Deathly Hours- 6:00
  11. The Dancefloor Is For The Dead, The Crypt Is For The Living- 5:00
  12. Infect- 6:00

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