Chingo Martinez was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (1995-1998) and the second recruited
Chingo Martinez
Full Name
Chingo Martinez
Portrayed by
Michael Clarke-Duncan
First Appearance
Chapter 12: The Assassination Of Peter Harmon
Last Appearance
Chapter 22: Fire Meets Electricity
Date of Death
November 22nd, 1998
Assassin, Mexican Fighting Ring Operator
Damoe, Mexico
The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, Damoe Fight For Life
member of the original vipers.

He was an old friend of Bill's who operated an illegal Mexican fighting ring in the fictional village of Damoe, Mexico.

He appears in Kill Bill: Vol.3 portrayed by Michael Clarke-Duncan.

His code-name as a Deadly Viper was Anaconda.


Him and Bill's First Meeting

Bill first met and befriended Chingo in 1982 in Damoe, Mexico where he was with his father assassinating his father's original Mexican Mentor Emilio Estevez.

He was an 18 year old youth scavenging in the vicinity who Bill's father ordered Bill to execute as a loose end.

Bill however spared his life and provided him with food he had on them.

Bill's Return- The Fight For Life

Bill returned to Damoe in 1991 on a mission and met up with Chingo after assassinating Emilio's son Cathel who was out for his blood and who had been the one who executed his father.

Bill had come to Damoe in 1991 however with his brother Budd as well and both participated in the execution of Cathel Estevez.

Chingo had started an illegal Mexican fighting ring which Bill then proceeded to fund for after claiming all of Cathel's fortune.

1991 to 1995 to 1996- Anaconda

From there Chingo proceeded to run his illegal fighting ring and make profit out of it as well as becoming the lord of all crime in Damoe.

In 1995 Bill returned with Nox Janette and asked Chingo to come with him and become the second member of his Assassin Organization the Deadly Vipers.

Chingo agreed and then bore the code-name Anaconda.

He then proceeded to participate in many assassinations from 1995 to 1996 alongside Deadly Vipers Bill and Nox.

1997- Los Angeles Venture

In 1997 Chingo was tasked by Bill with scouting out and recruiting another Deadly Viper member as was Nox.

Chingo came from Florida back to Mexico and then up to Los Angeles, California where he discovered a woman named Jeanine Epper executing a major motion picture executive in a Hollywood Back-Alley.

He came down to her and then offered her to come aboard the Deadly Vipers which in turn's leader would help her get the Hollywood Starlet Career she desires.

The Assassination of Peter Harmon +His Followers

On January 27, 1998 Chingo participated in along with all the other Deadly Vipers the Assassination of Peter Harmon and his followers.

He alongside Nox acted as Patrol over the other buildings in the Chicago Mainstreet Vicinity to pave way for Bill's execution of Harmon and his followers who were participants in the main street Parade.

He and Nox discovered Beatrix Kiddo in the Wrecker building armed with a sniper rifle she was going to use to execute Harmon and his followers with as they had been the ones responsebile for her mother's murder when she was a child.

Chingo and Nox proceeded to beat Beatrix senseless until she eventually fell unconscious because of injuries and was discovered by Sir Peterson and his assistants AnnaBella and Lilian Imsey.

Beatrix was nursed back to health

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