The Christian series (The Kurisuchan series in Japan) is the series created by Krellmann Co., Ltd.


DO NOT EDIT!! NermalTheBunny's finishing the characters.

Image Name Description First appeared
Kurisuchan Christian (Kurisuchan in Japan) Christian is the boy who goes on the adventure by himself or his brother, When he was 11, he created the lab/shed, then, he created his girlfriend named Margret, he saved someone from Dr. X, he is Pentikuton' most famous hero. The Adventures of Christian
Kīgan Keegan (Kīgan in Japan) TBA The Adventures of Christian
Maruguretto Margret (Maruguretto in Japan) Margret was Christian's girlfriend when she was created by an 11-year old boy Christian in the lab, all games when Christian saved Margret from Dr. X. The Adventures of Christian
Sukairā Skyler (Sukairā in Japan) TBA The Adventures of Christian


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