Real Name Christina Alucard Xcalibur
Height 5'10"
Weight 175 lbs.
Resides Earth
Origin Earth
First Appearance Ultimo X
Species Human



Allies God & The Angels

Ultimo X

Ultimo A



Bell & Chance







Enemies Lucifer (Satan)


Demons & Hell Itself

King Alucard

Weapons Fists

Vampire Teeth


Fighting Styles Alucard Fighting Style
Alignment Good & Evil

Christina is a character of the Ultimo X series. She is a vampire and is Ultimo X's love for eternity. Christina is known for her changing eyes. Christina is also said to be mixed with Hispanic and a little African.


Ultimo X Origins/Ultimo X IEdit

Back when Christina was just Princess Alucard, the oldest and next air to the throne. Christina had been treated like a princess and had many servants that always did everything for her. Christina had been home schooled learning the Bithrian religion when she was 5 to 16. She had then wanted to be at a real school were she could make friends and not just be known as the princess of Bith.

Christina had enrolled at the Bithrian Highschool along with many other vampires and soon
Christina Bith

Christina in her school outfit.

made friends and even a boyfriend. One day when eating lunch, she noticed a person that she felt like she didn’t like, this person was Ultimo X. Christina had asked her friends and others about him. They told her he was Ultimo X, a person that didn’t grow up in the Bithrian Kingdom, but was still a vampire. They also told Christina that Ultimo would sometimes not come to school or come late looking beaten up.

Christina had to find out about this person and find the truth behind him. Christina had found Ultimo by himself out on the field once. Christina had greeted herself and Ultimo did as well. Christina asked if he could touch his forehead. Ultimo acting stunned agreed and Christina touched his forehead and felt the power in him. Christina could not let go as she then held Ultimo and tried to kiss him. Ultimo tried to get her off but she wouldn't budge. While doing this, Christina asked what is he, but Ultimo was to busy trying to get her off. Christina's boyfriend, Ryan, had came and saw this. Ryan had snatched Christina away from Ultimo and then challenged him to a competition to see who gets to keep Christina. Ultimo X had no intention doing this and said no. The next day Christina apologies to Ultimo and Ultimo accepts but is being teased by the whole school for not challenging Ryan. Ultimo finally challenges Ryan and wins. Christina then goes with Ultimo X after school to his place to learn more about him. Ultimo X explains that he is a human, vampire, monster, and God. Christina doesn’t believe him until Ultimo shows off his powers. Christina asks if he is the savior of Bith, and Ultimo says yes, actually the world. After running away with Ultimo X, they traveled to Egypt where Utimo is praised for his return. Christina asks if he’s been here before with Ultimo awnsering yes. Ultimo and Christina had shared a small home together on the Nile River. Ultimo would leave a lot to perform his duties as a scribe. Christina always gets this opportunity to take baths in their river home.

File:Christina Nude.jpg
Christina had been washing her hair one day until Ultimo X had came home early to see her naked for the first time. Christina covers up her breasts and asks Ultimo to leave, but instead Ultimo X undresses and joins her. Christina had liked the warmth of his body and had spent a lot of time in there.

Ultimo X IIEdit

Christina is sent to one of the planets that Red has pulled up. Christina helps get rid of demons and sith. She becomes a demon while on the planet attacking everything until Ultimo X gets her back into Union. Christina is then always under the watch of Ultimo X in the room. (This is because Ultimo X had went with Galen Marek, but then Ultimo said to take on the demons himself).

Ultimo X had kept her locked up in their room while Christina was tied up on the bed. Christina was saying that is was nothing and she wanted to have sex again. Her wish was granted and they did it. But, while they did it, the transformation had been completed. Christina had grew horns and wings and had a much more craving for blood. Christina had pushed Ultimo of her and flew out the window and the Ultimo X Team had been trying to track her down and get rid of the demon inside of her.

Ultimo X IIIEdit

When Christina dies to the death of Assassin 17, Christina is taken by Satan and to the depths of Hell. Christina is only seen about seven times during the story.

  1. Is seen in the beginning cutscenes.
  2. She is seen being taken by Satan when they first arrive.

Ultimo X IVEdit


  • Has the ability to jump 20 ft. in the air.
  • Has many acrobatic moves.
  • Has two swords. One called Way of the Vampire, and the other called The Royal Blood Sword.
  • Has a demon form where she has wings, a tail, horns, and a taste for a lot of blood.
    Demon Christina

    Christina's Demon form.

  • Is trained in the royal blood fighting.

In Ultimo X FighterEdit

Battle QuotesEdit

  • "You're mine."
  • "Taste my blade!"
  • "Get lost."
  • "Annoying."
  • "You should've thought about training in the first place!"
  • "Does it hurt?"
  • "You'll regret fighting me."
  • "You'll be sorry."
  • "Why are you pissing me off?!"
  • "Bloody hell."
  • (When fighting against Ultimo X) "I'll be the one bouncing tonight."
  • (when winning against Ultimo X) "I told you, let's hurry to bed now."
  • (when facing Darth Raiden) "I'll face you, and beat you to death, and drink the blood from you."
  • (when winning against Darth Raiden) *Drinks Darth Raiden's blood.* "That was delightful."


Ultimo X Series

Ultimo X Fighter


Christina Sword 2

Royal Blood Sword

Christina Sword 1

Way of the Vampire

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