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Debut Ultimo X (???)
Availability Starter
Speed B

Darth CheerCheer

Christina is Ultimo X's girlfriend/wife that is an excellent fighter in both Ultimo X Fighter, and the Ultimo X series.



Christina and CheerCheer keep battling until Christina trips her and says, "Stay down!"

Christina then thinks about what she'll do next. Christina then helps CheerCheer and says, "I don't know why we must have war." And her and CheerCheer thenbecome friends.


Princess Christina Alucard Xcalibur was once next in line for the throne in the Bithrian Kingdom until she met Ultimo X and had secret dates withh him that she wasn't suposse to because she was engaged. The King had figured out and had sentenced Ultimo X to be kicked out of the Bithrian Kingdom forever.

But Christina refused and went off with Ultimo in many different battles and became a member in the Ultimo Team.

Battle Quotes

  • "You're mine."
  • "Taste my blade!"
  • "Get lost."
  • "Annoying."
  • "You should've thought about training in the first place!"
  • "Does it hurt?"
  • "You'll regret fighting me."
  • "You'll be sorry."
  • "Why are you pissing me off?!"
When facing certain characters
  • (when facing Darth Raiden) "I'll face you, and beat you to death, and drink the blood from you."
  • (when winning against Darth Raiden) *Drinks Darth Raiden's blood.* "That was delightful."
  • (when facing S-984) "It's alright, I'll just beat you down. EASILY."
  • (when winning against S-984) "I told you."
  • (When facing against Ultimo X) "I'll be the one bouncing tonight."
  • (when winning against Ultimo X) "I told you, let's hurry to bed now."


  • Three neutral slashes.
  • Does a downward uppercut then normal uppercut.
  • Double axe handle.
  • Does a boot kick.
  • Does two scratches and then the second combo above.
  • Does a backhand.
(Many more, but not to be displayed).
Special Attacks
  • Fire Ball: Like how Goku does Khamehemeha, except Christina sends out a giant fireball..
  • Face Planter: She would take off into the air and fly across the screen with a punch to anyone who was in the air.
  • Inverted Bicycle Kick: Christina would rise into the air with a series of kicks to the opponent.
  • Cartwheel Kick: Christina would perform a cartwheel at her opponent kicking them on impact.
  • Flying Kick: Taking a page out of Liu Kang's book, Chriatina would fly across the screen with a kick to the opponent's torso.
  • Kiss Of Death: Christina grabs the opponent and kisses them and nearly makes them die. Note this move only works on Ultimo X and certain females, due to Ultimo being her boyfriend and she would kiss certain females if she's attracted to them.
Hyper Combo (Finishers)
  • Super Nova: Christina makes a clone of her self on the other side of the opponent and then does a super Getsuango from both sides destroying the opponent and the opponent turns into ashes.
  • ???: Coming soon

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