Christopher Chance was born and raised in Rochester, New York. After Chance graduated from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

After recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island and the Marine Rifleman Course at the School of Infantry at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, he was selected for Marine Corps Security Forces training. Chance then went on to the Marine Corps Security Forces Training Company. Upon completion of training, he was assigned as a Marine Corps Security Force Guard to Marine Corps Security Force Company Guantanamo Bay at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. Chance was later assigned to the 2nd Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team Company at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown in Virginia. While with the 2nd FAST Company, he became highly skilled in countersurveillance, physical security, urban combat techniques and close quarter combat techniques.

Chance left the Marine Corps after eight years of service and then applied to the U.S. Department of State for employment as a Diplomatic Security Protective Specialist. After training and orientation, he joined the Bureau of Diplomatic Security. As a Foreign Service diplomatic security protective specialist, Chance was deployed overseas for executive protective security operations. After a couple of years as a security protective specialist, he applied to and was accepted into the Global Response Staff of the Central Intelligence Agency. In his capacity as a GRS operator, Chance was responsible for protecting CIA case officers in high-threat areas and providing security for CIA facilities as well as drone bases. He was also involved in transporting intelligence assets in combat zones.

Chance left the Global Response Staff after three years of employment and joined the private sector. He became a Washington, D.C.-based freelance personal security expert and bodyguard.

As a private contractor, Chance offers a unique service wherein he makes himself a "human target" in order to save the lives of those in danger. When there is an unusual or imminent threat that can't be solved through "normal" means of protection, he is hired to completely integrate himself into his clients' lives. If you're a corporate manager whose disgruntled employee has gone violently off the deep end, Chance is your new auditor. If you're the president of a bank who's been tipped off to a potential heist, he is your unassuming bank teller.

Call him what you like, because for Christopher Chance, it's about one thing only: saving his clients' lives.

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