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Christopher James Vennettilli
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June 7, 3214

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Christopher James Vennettilli is one of the main characters in Chris000's UNSC/Mobius universe. Born on June 7th, 3214, he lived his life as a relatively comfortable person. His parents were both criminal lawyers and throughout his life, he aspired to become the same, representing people and bringing the worst society had to justice. He was born in District 32, a part of Manhattan that is close to Central Park.

When he was 16 years old, Chris was faced with a complication that would scar him for the rest of his life. A plane crash that claimed the lives of 4,000 passengers also killed his parents. For two years after this, he regressed, barely spoke to anyone except close friends and Michelle Anderson, a former girlfriend. In 3232, the Second Rainforest War, a conflict located on Talahan V had reached its boiling point. The UNSC issued a planet-wide draft of all able bodied men above 18 and below 30. Chris was deemed 'EXCEPTIONAL' by a military physician and was sent to Alpha Centauri II for training.

With him went his best friend, the late Charles Madison. He spent three weeks on ACII before traveling aboard the Enterprise to Talahan V.

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Chris' boot camp days were unpleasant, but nevertheless, important.

The conflict lasted two years, and he watched approximately half his team die. The rest drifted out of contact. Due to his exceptional medical and psychological examinations, he was entered into a program to boost the ranks of regular recruits to officer title in order to make up for those already lost. Chris survived the entire experiment while the overall program had a 10% survival amount. When Chris left Alpha Centauri, he was a Staff Sergeant. By the time Chris departed Talahan, he was a First Lieutenant.

He gained the leadership of his squad when his Commanding Officer, Captain Roswell Benedict died from a precision air-strike. The commission originally was to go to the Second Lieutenant but he met a similar fate while in an APC. The rules of battlefield promotion dictated that Chris was to be promoted.

After the war, he was stationed aboard a Ruthless-Class Supercarrier called the UNSC Indomitable, under the command of Vice Admiral Gerome Andsworth, whom Venettilli developed a friendship with during the war, despite age and rank barriers. A mis-jump near the planet Thyris II caused the ship as well as the five thousand crew aboard her to be transported to Mobius.

He was the first human in two hundred years to visibly see a Mobian, a naval commander named Jan DuLand, one thousand years when considered that these humans came from another dimension.

Life on Mobius

Shock passed relatively quickly as it was discovered that Mobius and Earth were peas in a pod considering that they were the same planet inhabiting different timelines. Chris was assigned as a Protector, a term used for a political bodyguard. Admiral Andsworth along with King Max decided that four men were to be chosen to protect her daughter. Chris, along with Norman Hecks (d. 3234), Hank Geri (d. 3234), and Vere Kersiac (d. 3234), with Vennettilli as their commanding officer.

Officially, Chris had never guarded a political figure. Sally Alicia Acorn was much more open to these Human visitors, as they were considered saviors by some in accordance to the Church of the Ancients, a quasi-religious circle. Sally herself as a member saw Humans in this light as well. Regardless of beliefs, their relationship was rocky. Vennettilli got into arguments with Sally and she sometimes threatened to call her father and relieve Chris of his duty, but she knew that she was stuck with him for the time being.

Chris sees Mobius as a gateway to the past, Earth as it was without the pollution or urban sprawl he was used to. He was often told stories by his grandfather about Earth that was much more green. He is provided with quarters by the Palace, and he enjoys working here when he is shifted.


Chris is known to have had a relationship with Michelle Andserson, a girl who lived in his apartment complex. She loved him, but during the war, blackouts were common on the UNSC side and she figured he was dead, so she met someone else and eventually married him, which destroyed Vennettilli when he returned to her, only to have her break down in front of him. He learned a week later she was beaten to death by her fiance in a drunken rage, citing her judgement as "a stupid mistake"

Despite his rocky relationship with her, Chris has gotten along with Sally, and they genuinely do like one another. During 3234, they established their friendship where she realized that the Humans would fight to protect Mobius even though it was not their world. In late 3235 however, they discovered more, and she openly declared her feelings for him while Chris was wounded during an assault. In 3237, they developed intimacy. The entire ordeal was kept hidden from Sonic the Hedgehog, who was the only major obstacle in the relationship.


Chris has been shot three times: once in the kneecap, once in the arm, and once in the chest.

Chris is qualified for long distance arms but he struggles with close-quarter combat.

Chris is an expert of land vehicles but cannot fly aircraft.

Vennettilli narrowly dodges the Gary-Stu bullet by having other family members alive after his parents' death. His uncle from Windsor, Ontario has often been with him, as well as his uncle from Maryland. He does have an Aunt who works on a Venus aerostat colony but he does not speak with her often.

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