Christopher Michael Nash (born January 13th 1966) is an American rock and metal guitarist, best known as the lead guitarist in God Appendium from 1989 until his controversial firing in 1995 after an argument with Tommy Clatriano. He joined grunge band Punchfaced for one album, 1996's Placental, before forming Bleed the Pain in 2000 with singer Mike "Buffalo" DeSano (of Eden Havok, and brother of Transgress' Vince DeSano) and drummer Eddie Sanchez of Lethal Shot of Insanity. He was also the lead guitarist in Vinnie MacArthur's side project Slaughterhouse, and is credited on the 2007 demos, as well as the band's upcoming and only album, released posthumously after Vinnie MacArthur's murder.


God Appendium


Bleed the Pain


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