Chronicles of Ascenia is an Australian sci-fi/fantasy TV series that ran from 2000 - 2008, rendering eight seasons and a feature length film. The series focuses on the fictional planet of Ascenia, which is an almost identical to Earth but retaining some medieval and Renaissance elements. The series protagonist is Sarn Vivec, an Ascenian warrior, along with several supporting characters from outlying planets including the Atrexxian V'edali V'el V'orax, the Seyndrian Edevik, the Agryom Sinjec, the Vydenai Dreeshak Dhanko Dravilium, the Fade-Ascenian hybrid Sangrealic Domivaa and the Brethonnian Siathay.


The plot of Chronicles of Ascenia follows Ascenian warrior Sarn Vivec and his crew aboard the Vardalaya; Atrexxian rebel V'edali V'el V'orax, Seyndrian ex-soldier Edevik, Agryom pilot Sejic, Vydenai Dreeshak Dhanko Dravilium, Fade-Ascenian hybrid Sangrealic Domivaa and Brethonnian Siathay as they struggle against the Fade. The first three seasons detail the Vardalaya and her crew's stories, with the third season ending with the death of the Fade War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn on Tryceliax at the hands of Sarn Vivec.


There exists several known galaxies/systems in Chronicles of Ascenia. The Klantec system, consists of Ascenia, Atrexxial, Chevonia, Crathannis, Seyndrius, Audelira, the joint planets of Veda-Vesa and Agrom-Visel, Betrussia, Altra Tryaxsis, and the Fade-controlled Tyrodinthoras; along with minor planets including Skadrexi, Gilgameth, . The Ascenian empire controls nearly 50% of the worlds in Klantec, and those who retain their independency are either neutral or Fade-allied. Atrexxial and Seyndrius are the largest of the Ascenian Imperium's worlds, and have earnt some form of independence with their own governments. The Chenovni and Crathanni are capable and powerful races also, and their planets are independent from the Ascenian Empire though having some alliance with them. Veda-Vesa and Agrom-Visel and Betrussia are independent from Ascenia, but have trade agreements and an alliance in some way or shape, although some Agryoms and Betrussians choose a nomadic lifestyle roaming between Klantec and Sydralaya on a whim.

The Sydralaya Nebula neighbours Klantec, consisting of Brethonnia, Regenacc Alpha, Centaurios, Cyntari, Kadrya, Ka'thadorr, Myrdrec, and Tryceliax. The once-powerful Brethonnian Empire was the main power in Sydralaya, until being defeated by the Fade. Regenacc Alpha and Centaurios are home to the Vydenai, a powerful government body and race that have managed to stand against the Fade assault due to superior defenses.

The Astralyan Ring exists between the Klantec system and Sydralaya Nebula, and contains few planets. Existing beyond the Astralayan winds which most foreign ships cannot penetrate is a mere three planets; Alchemis, Nostrayas, and Gethluyis. All planets are wealthy is resource and knowledge.

The Nether Galaxies is home to the Abyss, the entrance to the afterlife, and mostly malign races and factions. Planets include the Orb of the Abyss, a world orbiting the Abyss itself, the unnamed Fade homeworld, Krafaxis, Valhalys, Trothar, Igen-Kra, Mehrunne, and many other planets. The Fade can use a complex power known as the BloodWeave, which allows them to read minds, destroy another's essence, and regenerate. The Fade are ruled by the Shadrec Triumvirate, consisting of the Reaping Lord Thandyrn Vyzevar, the Master of the BloodWeave Undarwynn Cardecalys, and the War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn. The Fade ravaged the galaxy en route to the Ascenian galaxies. The Fade fleet attacks the north of Ascenia under War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn, and kill near to a billion. The fleet then flees, and leaves the Ascenians to recover. They also kidnap an Ascenian princess Eleyan, and Commander Hatheyn Domivaa impregnated her as part of a science experiment commissioned by Thandyrn. The result is the hybrid Sangrealic, which the Fade hope to use to defeat Vivec and his allies. Krafaxis, Mehrunne, and Igen-Kra are all part of the Great Fade Empire, and the Empire has ambitions of conquering Klantec and Sydralaya, amalgamating them into the Empire.


Alchemeans earn their name from their ability to heal and create objects with various effects. The Alchemeans reside on Alchemis, a world on the Astralayan Ring outside of the Klantec system, and possess gold skin, white eyes and generally appear human. Alchemis' surface is lined with gold, and their temples are made of it. This makes the Alchemeans and their planet highly wanted by many, but only ships resistant to the Astralayan winds can enter Alchemis' orbit, which makes the Alchemeans safe. Notable Alchemeans include Janthay Guisard, an offplanet ally to Sarn Vivec, and High Lord Eldrannius.


The Ascenians are the main race in Chronicles of Ascenia, and are the human equivalent in the in-show universe. The Ascenians are ruled by a monarchy, and are under the Third Ascenian Empire during the events of the show, under Emperor Hyraven Tirloc. The Ascenians hold a small but dense empire in the Klantec system, including outlying planets Atrexxial and Seyndrius. Notable Ascenians include the show's protagonist Sarn Vivec, Sarn's father Edoch, Emperor Hyraven, and the half Ascenian-half Fade Sangrealic Domivaa.


Agryoms are a diminutive race from the joint planets of Veda-Vesa and Agrom-Visel. Born egineers, the Agryoms inhabit many population dense worlds also. Half the height of Ascenians, the Agryoms are also stocky, with large eyes and small ears. Notable Agryoms include Sejic, the Machine King Gembok, and the Fade-allied Bogecklor.


Attrexians are a subjugated race of humanoid from the planet of Atrexxial in the Klantec system. The Atrexxians appear mostly human, apart from yellow eyes and lower jaw fangs. The Atrexxia were nomads, pertaining to 100+ tribes before the Ascenians liberated them four hundred years before the events of the show. The Atrexxians were "domesticated" and "civilized" by their overlords, and developed a government system. They have three first names, all starting with the same letter. Their most notable conflict was with the Chenovni 25-20 cycles before the events of the show, which ended swiftly but still bears hatred amongst both races. The Atrexxians developed the famous ships for which bear their name, and provide a backbone to the Ascenian empire. Notable Atrexxians include V'edali V'el V'orax, their ruler T'en T'evek T'urgann and V'edalis sister V'ersana V'il V'arseli.


The Audelirans are a scholar race from the formerly Ascenian owned planet Audelira. The Audelirans all appear old, and were once the majority on their homeworld, but after being subjugated by the Ascenians they dwindled to around 3000. They hold both their own history and that of the Ascenians. Notable Audelirans include Peradyrn Videlay, the Paragon of Audelir, and the Audeliran rebel Chenthay.


Warlike and brutish, the Betrussians are a mercenary race from Betrusia. The have pig-like faces, tusks and wide eyes. They usually work with Agryoms, and go from planet to planet for hire.


One of the universe's more advanced races, the Brethonnians are allies to the Ascenians. They resemble humans, except for their white tattooed skin and grey eyes. The Brethonnian Interplanetary Kingdom is destroyed by the Fade in season five, and the refugee Siathay joins Sarn Vivec. The Brethonnian's last king was Gyanavoc IV, who died aboad his flagship the Andrenyll.


The Chenovni are a race of humanoids from Chevonia. They are mostly human in appearance; apart from green eyes, pallid skin with scale-like pigmentations and ceremonial markings. The Chenovni are allies to the Ascenians, and often hold high places in Ascenian government bodies. The Chenovni monarchy rule over Chevonia as supreme rulers, with great respect amongst their subjects. They are one of the few races powerful enough to hold against the Fade, although they lost some mining worlds in the Fade assault of Klantec. They are ruled by Lord Istec, who lead them through many conflicts and trouble. The Chenovni took part in a war with the Atrexxians over trade rights, the Chenovni-Atrexxian War raged from between 25-20 cycles before the events of Chronicles of Ascenia. They made peace, although some of both race hold animosity, with anti-Chenovni laws being petitioned to Atrexxian government often; meaning the exile of any Chenovni on Atrexxial, and Atrexxians on Chevonia are treated poorly. A Chenovni-Atrexxian Sysec S'rel S'henyar works as a docking officer on Chevonia, and is treated like a servant due to his Atrexxian father.


Native to Crathannis, the Crathanni are a human-like race and allies with the Ascenians. They are tall, with blue eyes and angular faces. The Crathanni maintain are powerful military and economic presence in Klantec and outlying smaller systems, making them a powerful adversary against the Fade.


Geddraylins are a race from the Nether Galaxies that act as servants and slaves to the Fade. They are short, with fangs and black eyes. The Geddraylin planet is a vassal to the Fade empire, and all of the Geddraylin resource goes to the Fade, rendering their former power useless. The Geddraylins have a short life-expectancy due to their harsh work conditions, exposed to many subterranean based disease forms; like pervasia, a disease that disintegrates the body from inwards, and Gelicik's disease that courses brain hemorrhaging until death. Any Geddraylin uprisings are destroyed by the Fade Centaurion Guard, although the Geddraylin Freedom Fighters still exist in secrecy.


A race from an unnamed planet in the Nether Galaxies, the Fade are the main antagonists of the show. The Fade are human mostly, apart from red eyes, fangs, long fingers, and long white or grey hair. The Fade can use a complex power known as the BloodWeave, which allows them to read minds, destroy another's essence, and regenerate. The Fade are ruled by the Shadrec Triumvirate, consisting of the Reaping Lord Thandyrn Vyzevar, the Master of the BloodWeave Undarwynn Cardecalys, and the War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn. The Fade ravaged the galaxy en route to the Ascenian galaxies. The Fade fleet attacks the north of Ascenia under War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn, and kill near to a billion. The fleet then flees, and leaves the Ascenians to recover. They also kidnap an Ascenian princess Eleyan, and Commander Hatheyn Domivaa impregnated her as part of a science experiment commissioned by Thandyrn. The result is the hybrid Sangrealic, which the Fade hope to use to defeat Vivec and his allies.

Sangrealic kills his father and asserts control, leading the Triumvirate to feel confident in his ability. The Fade flagship Sandyrial ravages across the galaxy in a bid to find Vivec. He makes a nemesis out of Vivec throughout the earlier seasons, but strangely becomes an ally when his Ascenian lineage calms and removes the Fade impulse to kill. He helps Sarn and the others to kill War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn, but with dire consequences. The Fade use warp portals to transport their fleets, destroying worlds and terraforming the remains to fuel the Great Fade Empire back home in the Nether. The Fade worship Lord Tyrodinthor Triagoryn Sheytal-Tharderyn, the Eternal Deathlord and Hallowed Emperor of the Great Fade Empire. He is both a god and the Fade's overlord in the Nether. Thandyrn Vyzevar is Tyrodinthor's heir, although he will unlikely die due to his god status.


Native to Ka'thadorr, the Mawdryn are a race immune to all known diseases and can live for thousands of cycles if not forever. They are Ascenian in appearance, with naturally white hair and curved eyes. Ka'thadorr has nearly been invaded by Ascenians, Brethonnians, Chenovni, and the Fade, but the Mawdryn have deflected all invasions. They made parley with the Ascenians, Brethonnians, and Chenovni, but still remain enemies with the Fade.


Seyndrians are a race native to the planet of Seyndrius in the Klantec system. Their homeworld is one of the biggest, and they were once subjugated by the Ascenian Empire before gaining independence. The Seyndrians are humanoid in appearance, with pointed ears, leathery red skin, and sharp teeth. They are a small people, ranging to only about 165 centimetres tall, but maintain a powerful government system. The Seyndrians are known to exile each other, but only for the most terrible crimes; this is evident with Edevik, who was framed for murder and is rescued by the crew of the Vardalaya.


The Shadori are a humanoid species native to the isolated forest world of Shadorica, appearing in the second series. They are human in appearance, most likely from the same gene tree as the Ascenians, and exhibit a primitive Stone Age-like society. The Lupar is a Shadori male that transforms into a wolf-like monster at night, and terrorizes the Shadori.


Believed to be distant cousins of the Atrexxians, the Worgelsk or Worgels as they are more commonly known: are a bestial race from Dravintus, a smaller world neighbouring Atrexxial which further confirms that both races are of the same gene tree. While the Atrexxians were "civilized" by the Ascenians; the Worgels remain feral and temperamental. Not many Worgels venture from their homeworld, though some who speak Ascenian become mercenaries.


The Vydenai are a race from both Regenacc Alpha and Centaurios in the Sydralaya Nebula. The population is greater on Regenacc Alpha and thus it is the seat of Vydenai power, with majority of its population taking on political roles, whereas Centauriosan Vydenai are more military inclined. The two sub-people of both planets vary in appearance slightly; the Vydenai are Ascenian in appearance, bald, grey skinned and a symbol that varies from clan on their forehead that illuminates when the Vydenai concentrate, however the Regenacc Vydenai are more-blued skinned and some Centauriosan Vydenai have black or white hair. The Vydenai are unique with many biological anomalies: such as the ability to turn their skin to stone, concentrate energy to cause damage or repair, and adapt to foreign languages, similarly to the BloodWeave. A Vydenai can reach Nivalay; a mindset of extreme serenity and completeness, by meditating for at least 90% of a day, and interruptions often disgruntle a Vydenai trying to reach Nivalay. The Vydenai have remained steadfast against the Fade with their superior defenses. When Vydenai elders die, their bodies turn to stone and are removed to the Chamber of Elders on Regenacc Alpha.


The Zerantii are an insectoid race from an unspecified planet, first appearing in season three's "The Hive". They appear as human sized sentient insects that invade other worlds by eventually out-poppulating them. A Zerantii stows away on the Vardalaya in "The Hive", and commandeers the ship and sends it en route to a planet already infested with the Zerantii, where it plans to regroup. Zerantii are susceptible to heat, and thankfully Sarn Vivec is able to defeat the stowaway by raising the Vardalaya temperature and killing the Zerantii. They return in season five's "Shallow Husk", where they appear with a Zerantii ship and attack the Vardalaya in vengeance.


Season One (2000)

  • Genesys: A strange foe, calling themselves the Fade, looms over the Ascenian Empire and ravages half the planet. It is up to the valiant Ascenian warrior Sarn Vivec to avenge Ascenia's loss by defeating the Fade and their vast fleet as it carves through the universe.
  • One Army: Sarn visits the Atrexxian homeworld on board the Vardalaya with his Agryom pilot Sejic. Here they encounter an Atrexxian rebel whobwas betrayed by his people.
  • Mercenaries: After V'edali V'el V'orax joins Vivec and Sejic aboard the Vardalaya and they journey to Seyndrius where a group of Agryoms and Betrussians are terrorizing the village of Seyndrian ex-soldier Edevik.
  • It's A Trap: The crew of the Vardalaya are captured by a Fade vessel and must fight their way off. Sarn is inprisoned, and V'edali and Edevik are interrogated as to their purpose aboard the Vardalaya and Sarn's mission.
  • Into the Sydralaya: The Vardalaya prepares to enter the Sydralaya Nebula, where her crew hope to seek help from the Brethonnian Empire and her allies, but when they arrive they find the space has been ravaged by a Fade fleet en route to Brethonnia.
  • War: The Vardalaya begins it's siege against the Fade flagship with the aid of the Brethonnians.
  • Capture: After being damaged during the fight with the Fade fleet, the Vardalaya is captured and Sarn is interrogated by the flagship's commander Jahnthaxi. Meanwhile the others devise a plan to escape.
  • Making Enemies: Sarn kills Jahnthaxi and the crew escape into Brethonnian space. Meanwhile the Fade learn of Vivec's mission and dispatch a deadly weapon to stop him.
  • Seyndrian Debt: Arriving on a Brethonnian-owned world the crew rest as the Vardalaya undergoes repairs. However trouble arises when Edevik encounters an old enemy. Will Gorgvek let old grudges die, or will Edevik have to fight his own battles?
  • Klepto: A thief infiltrates the Vardalaya, and a mad search ensues for them before they steal anything.
  • A Lapse of Thought: V'edali has a secret, and when Gurshan arrives on board the Vardalaya he must confront his past in order to trust again, not after what happened.
  • Shadow's Gambit: After leaving with the Vardalaya repaired, the crew are captured by the Fade flagship Hatheyn, and they meet an enemy that they never thought possible.
  • Wraith: The Ascenian-Fade hybrid Sangrealic Domivaa, dispatched by the Shadrec Triumvirate to destroy the Vardalaya and her crew holds Sarn Vivec and his friends at his mercy.

Season Two (2001)

  • Salvation: As Sangrealic plans to kill Sarn Vivec and the others; the Hatheyn is assaulted by a Chenovni battlefleet, dispatched to rescue the Vardalaya and her crew.
  • Plan B: After the Chenovni saves the Vardalaya and her crew, though Sangrealic escapes, their saviours take them to a powerful military base, where they must plan their next move.
  • Congregation: As a conference between the allies of Ascenia begins on the Chenovni military base of Shastec V; Sarn and his friends fear Sangrealic will seek revenge, and the Fade will take action, and destroy their allies.
  • Junkyard Odyssey: As the Vardalaya leaves Shastec V and embarks on a vast journey, it is captured by a Betrussian salvage ship and the crew are dumped on a giant junkyard of a planet.
  • Shelter: After escaping the Betrussian junkyard world with the Vardalaya intact, Sarn and the others head to Crathannis, where they plan to regroup and prepare for the battle ahead.
  • Pervasian Fever: A Geddraylin stoaway bodes ill for the Vardalaya when Edevik becomes infected with the fatal pervasia disease; which will potentially kill him and the rest of the crew.
  • An Alchemean Ally: On the resource rich planet of Skadrexi; Sarn and his friends make an ally in the Alchemean Janthay Guisard, fend off Fade assassins and acquire a handy weapo.
  • Tribal Rage: Something triggers a bizarre case of aggression in V'edali, and the others suspect that someone is responsible on the Atrexxian populated meteor of Chavyst. Is it some strange virus that affects Atrexxians, or is V'edali the only one?
  • Welcome To Your Wildest Dreams: The Vardalaya crash lands on the exotic planet of Gilgameth, and as they set about repairs the crew are trapped in their wildest fantasies; Sarn falls in love, V'edali is in an endless battle, Edevik is the king of Seyndrius, and Sejic owns every ship he has ever wanted. But as wonderful as these illusions seem, it is all in the plans of the sinister Gredec Thal, who drains the lives of his victims by fooling them with illusions of grandeur.
  • Metamorphosis: Sarn and the others arrive on the forest world of Shadorica, where the primitive Shadori fear a monster that turns from man to beast by night, and hunts the locals for food.
  • Revenge: Continuing on their journey, Sarn and his friends are captured by their old nemesis Sangrealic Domivaa, who is intent on exacting his revenge, with an entire Fade fleet at his side.

Season Three (2002)

  • Domivaa Destroyer Part I: Second Times The Charm: Once again captors to Sangrealic Domivaa, and this time without much hope, the crew of the Vardalaya signal for help, and surprisingly it comes.
  • Domivaa Destroyer Part II: Dead Is Pretty Much What It Means: The Mawdryn, a race that cannot die, arrive en masse and surprisingly rescue Sarn Vivec and his friends from the clutches of Sangrealic.
  • Exhaustion: With the crew barely alive on the Mawdryn ship, and the Vardalaya severely damaged and in tow; Sarn contemplates his future, and the possibility that Sangrealic may have survived once more.
  • A Friend In Dreesh: Whilst in the care of the Mawdryn, Sarn and the others meet a Vydenai sage named Dreeshak Dhanko Dravilium, who seeks to join the crew after confessing his respect and intrigue with Sarn Vivec and his exploits.
  • The Hive: After leaving the safety of the Madwryn circle with a new crew member, the Vardalaya immediately attracts trouble when a lone Zerantii infiltrates the ship and causes chaos. Luckily, there's Dreeshak, but will he break out of his meditation to stop a pest?
  • Scarred: Desperate to find the Vardalaya, Sangrealic taps into the BloodWeave which leaves him wounded, weak, and nearly killed, due to his Ascenian blood. Meanwhile the Vardalaya encounters a recently subjugated Fade settlement, and as usual chaos ensues.
  • One More Chance To Dream...: The ship is trapped in a space loop, and Gredec Thal returns, this time hungrier and more illusionary than ever. And to mention he's got a new face, but it's still the same Gredec Thal.
  • The Annoying Cousin: A group of Worgels; relatives to the Atrexxians, attack the Vardalaya while it is grounded and their leader G'reesha demands that his captives hand over everything of value.
  • Ascendancy Part I: Sangrealic's Return: As usual, the crew are captured by Sangrealic, who with severe ramifications, absorbed part of the BloodWeave to become a powerful being, making things difficult as usual.
  • Ascendancy Part II: Superior Intervention: Fade War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn arrives to interrupt Sangrealic's moment of honour, seeking to claim it for himself, and in a bizarre turn of events Sarn gains an ally in the most unlikely of places.

Season Four (2003)

  • Trust Issues: With Sangrealic their ally, and the Fade even more angered by the death of War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn; the Vardalaya and the rest of the crew must learn to trust Sangrealic, who has undoubtedly turned over a new leaf.
  • Detractor: News arrives at the Shadrec Triumvirate of War Primate Varzyionn Azvendaiyn's death, and the rest of the Fade command begin a full scale march to kill Sarn Vivec, and a hope to reason with the dishonored Sangrealic.
  • Assimilation: A sinister parasitic force invades the Vardalaya and masquerades as different crew members in search of something, or someone. Who is Glaschek, and why does the Vthreni creature seek them so desperately?
  • I' Am Become Deaf: Whilst on a backwater Crathanni world, Sarn looses his hearing, but begins to hear other things; whispers from another place. Is it something on the planet, or is Sarn just going insane?
  • Paradigm: An artifact from a forsaken time bodes ill for the Vardalaya, and the consequences are dire for everyone.

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