Charles "Chuck" James Griffith (b. April 3 1962-) is an American musician, most notably the lead guitarist and singer for Chicago thrash band Chemical Asphyxiation, founded with his brother Neil in 1982. Along with drummer Chris Nathan, Chuck is the only current remaining member of Chemical Asphyxiation.


Personal lifeEdit

Charles James Griffith was born on the 3rd of April 1962 in Chicago, the first son of TV cameraman Jeffrey "Jeff" Griffith and Christina Griffith. When Chuck was three his younger brother Neil was born, and both of them began guitar lessons at an early age.

Chuck was married in 1988 to his current wife Julia Martinez; and their children James and Neil were born in 1990 and 1994. Chuck's father directed several of the band's music videos in the late 80's-early 90's, before his death in 1999.

Chemical Asphyxiation (1982-present)Edit

Chuck Griffith had been playing guitar in several local Chicago bands throughout the late 70s-early 80s, but decided to join up with his brother Neil, who had just left college, and form their own band together. They contacted a friend, Chris Nathan, who agreed to play drums for the band and see if he liked it. He then recommended another guitarist in Nick Martinez, who joined officially in 1982, along with bassist Rob Crete. The band chose their name shortly after and began to perform together.

His vocal style is reminiscent of other thrash vocalists, and he has said he has drawn inspiration from Tom Araya, Dave Mustaine and John Bush through his career, as well as classical influences from Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, and other notable rock singers. He said his inspiration to play guitar came from Tony Iommi and Jimmy Page; and later Angus Young.


Studio albumsEdit

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