an episodic video game about cillian and lorcan are playable characters with 6 monthly episodes and with 6 bonus episodes.

Episode 1 Race to the end of the eds

cillian check his email about his mom is entering peach creek triannule race around the world so he will beat her and made her life worst.

Episode 2 Cillian Darcia The Free

after cillian email said about his school principal sucks so the principal discover cillian don't have a million dollars he under house arrested so cillian've to fight against the school by having a war he will tell his friends that create their own countries.

Episode 3 Guitar Heros of the BANDS!

Cillian's Xbox broke and he cant have enough money so he decide to put on the battle of the band to earn money to fix his game console.

Episode 4 Secret Agent Darcy III The Twinsanity Projective.

after cillian's discover an make a movie contest grand prize thounsand dollars he finally finished his movie called Secret Agent Darcy III The Twinsanity Projective and invite his friends over for a sneak peek for the film festival.

Episode 5 The Wrath The Valley Of The Evil Twins

after the end of episode 4 cillian have jumped off the couch and his rampage world tour arcade machine is broken the evil twins have been rose into the real world so cillian must find the way to fix his video game and save the world.

Episode 6 a hero tales

the final main episode cillian's house is burned down by trogdor so he must kill him ah anybody knows how to kill a dragon?

Bouns Episodes

after you colltect more treasure you unlocked new episodes.

Episode 7 The Awesomize Adventure of COOL!

cillian does not want to do another episode for a day so lorcan fill in for him lorcan must travelled to grab the power to save the world. *the player will play as lorcan*

Episode 8 Around The World In The Entire Day

The Twins The Eds And The Kids have decide to travel the globe in the entire day and lorcan is awesome in his adventure.

Episode 9 Journey across france

Cillian is enter the tour de France with lorcan and will they win there race?

Episode 10 Cillian Darcy Twins Quest

Cillian Lorcan Ed Edd 'n Eddy are doing a heroes quest fighting a monster that can destroy America so they will stop him in the end of the episode the eds the twins and the kids got summer detention.

Episode 11 Nightmare on Peach Creek.

Cillian and his friends must break out of the school but the angry mob refuse to let them escape from school. in the end of the episode they got escape from earth and about to crash landed on another planet...the episode will be continue at the final episode

Episode 12 Reble Robot Rable

the final episode of the game cillian and his friends got strended on a robot planet

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