Class Picture is a Horror Slasher 2012 Movie. The Story is about Joy and Lui having exhibit when there classmates star disappearing one by one. Can both Joy and Lui find out why there classmates disappear.


Supposedly the most horrible weekend of their lives, Joy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Lui (Ryan Merriman) and their friends were assigned to prepare an exhibit in exchange for their organization's suspension. On their first night, one of them disappeared without a trace: Nicole (Gina Holden).

As the night deepens, as told by Joy, she picked a mysterious class picture nicknamed "Rubi 1898" in the stock room. What they did not know that this picture was cursed.

The second incident of this picture being involved was when Blue (Crystal Lowe) and Pinky (Chelan Simmons) dumped the trash. Blue took a look at the nun in the picture: it suddenly smiled. Suddenly, she was unknowingly captured by someone or something and she, too, vanished.

Joy discovered something in a classroom building: "No me mires fijamente" (Do not stare). The gang researched the yearbooks for information and found that the "Rubi" was a section and was supervised by Sister Maria Belonia (Connie Britton). The mystery to solve goes as this: Three students, namely Crisel, Sabel, and Adela were the missing students of Rubi section. In vengeance, Belonia must seek three students from them: Nicole, who found the picture in the first place, Blue, who scanned a look at it, and Joy, who accidentally looked at the nun.Then Joy was captured by Sr. Maria Belonia.

The chase began. It was revealed that Sister Belonia tortures students for being disobedient. For this, the trio (Crisel, Sabel, and Adela) wrote a letter to their mother superior; for her actions, Belonia was fired and kicked out of San Selino (this later explains why she utter the words often). In return, she committed suicide and swore that she will complete her picture.

Lui and Greg (Steven Yeun) chased Joy who was now clad in an old school uniform. The final confrontation took place in the auditorium. Belonia reappeared and was ready to take Joy; Lui tried to tear the picture but it proved impervious.

Surprisingly, the ghosts of Crisel, Sabel and Adela reappeared too and tore the picture apart, vanishing Belonia from the living world. Seeing the problem is gone, they finished the exhibit, but were suspended for unexplainable loss of their classmates, a fact that made their school status parallel to Sis. Belonia, Crisel, Sabel, and Adela.


  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Joy
  • Ryan Merriman as Lui
  • Gina Holden as Nicole
  • Crystal Lowe as Blue
  • Chelan Simmons as Pinky
  • Steven Yeun as Greg
  • Sam Easton as Tupak
  • Katrina Bowden as Pam
  • Rumer Willis as Crisel
  • Brianna Evigan as Sabel
  • Christa Campbell as Adela
  • Connie Britton as Sister. Maria Belonia


  • Nicole - forehead sliced by a Ghost of a Nun
  • Blue - Arm sliced by a Ghost of a Nun
  • Sister. Belonia - She Slashed her Neck with a Knife and Swore Crisel, Sabel, and Adela.
  • Crisel - Stomach Stab Seven Times and Eye Pierced
  • Sabel - Head Impaled with a Pole
  • Adela - Head Bashed into Window and Throw
  • 2 Security Guards - Chest Stabbed
  • Tupak - Mouth Stabbed with a Knife
  • Pam - Neck Stabbed with a Knife

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