Class of Jams is a show airing in August 1011 Staring Bruno Mars, Travie Macoy and Justin Bieber


(please note the founder of this page is not a Justin Bieber fan)


Bruno Mars as Bruno Mars

Travie Macoy as Travie Macoy

Justin Bieber as Jutin Bieber

Matt Bennett as Joe

Doug Brochu as Principal Stand

Jennifer Stone as Jean

Ryan Potter as Tec

??? as Ken

??? as Kim


  1. Under cover
  2. School survival
  3. locked up
  4. Ce Lo Green


Under cover: Bruno Mars finds out he needs more fans or else he's gone (because of Justin Bieber). his body guard suggests he go under cover as a new student (Bruno Marz) at a high school and then he finds out Travie is doing the same thing soon they meat a few people (Ken and Kim) they find the reason there there (Justin Bieber) soon Ken trys to kill them for talking with Justin Bieber and save them selves with music.

School Survival: (as you can tell they do not like Justin Bieber) but now he finds out the two's secret and they bet Justin they can survive the school with out them soon they meat Joe, Principal Stand, Jean, Tec and have a bad confliction with Ken

Locked up: Kim tells Bruno, Justin and Travie to get Joe out of the boys bathroom because he's being anoying they find out Ken shoved his face into the toilot and Justin gets locked in (a few hours before his date) eventually with other people meanwhile Tec helps Bruno get a date with Kim and Bruno finally get's her number

cooming soon !

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