Claud Rénard Marin (b. 14 of January 1960, Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec) is a Canadian-born American actor best known for his work with director Phil Derrick.

He began his career in 1992, in the French language film Nous ne sommes pas nous. He has acted in over fifty French-language films, establishing himself in the French Canadian film circuit, before making his English-speaking debut in 2000, with the film Forever. He made his breakout American role in Phil Derrick's Work.


  • Nous ne sommes pas nous (1992)
  • Grâce à la boucle (1995)
  • fusil de chasse sortie (1995)
  • Prométhée (1996)
  • comme vous l'aimez (1997)
  • Avenir/Présenter (1998)
  • diable dans les détails (1999)
  • Forever (2000)
  • Un baiser, rappelez-vous (2001)
  • romance en rouge (2001)
  • champs de la mort (2002)
  • Trois Jours (2003)
  • Work (2004)
  • Requiem pour un vampire (2005)
  • en haute mer (2007)
  • un petit baiser (2008)
  • Catching Time (2012)

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