Friends. Chandler Bing finds out he is an assassin. He makes friends with Ross and Rachel. They are horrified when they find out that the most feared assassin is coming back alive, with the help of an clock of doom.

One AssassinEdit

Chandler sighed as he looked out the window. He wished his parents never died when he was an baby, and then he wouldn't be raised by an drunken uncle.

"Fuck", he whispered when he accidently knocked over an vase. Chandler tried to cover it up, and gave up and put it in the bin. Uncle Frank won't notice anyway.

Chandler decided to go out for an walk. He saw an gang of three, looking at the pond. "Oh, Look. It is snooty rich boy", one of them taunted.

"Fuck you", Chandler muttered. Being eleven, he felt suicidal. He had no friends, which made everything worse than it already was.

"What did you say", one of them asked. Chandler quickly ran and the boys chased him. Chandler quickly ran and saw an building.

Chandler jumped up and kicked against the wall. He kicked against the opposite wall, and back again and back again. He had learned this trick when he was seven.

Meanwhile, Ross Geller was up in his bedroom, reading the book his father bought him. Assassin's school's finest. Ross is raised with an family full of assassins.

His parents were disappointed in him, however. They had favored his elder brothers and his younger sister. Although he loved his younger sister and some of his elders, he never knew why they were all disappointed in him.

He got up and looked out of the window. He longed for an normal life. He didn't want to be an assassin. He looked out at the back garden and saw Monica, his sister.

She looked up and waved at their uncle, who had just arrived. More grief. Ross walked to the bathroom and remembered the very true story of what had happened the year he was born.

An dark asssassin named Lord Of Death was in control of the assassin world. He was horrified when it was revealed that an boy will kill him in the future.

He started raiding assassin's house's and killing their children. When he relised the child was Chandler Bing, he raided the mansion his parents were in.

The father was killed while the mother and her new born fled through the woods. She gave him to her brother and she managed to kill the dark one.

However, it was revealed he would rise again when Chandler figured out the nature of his past.

Rachel Green hated her life. Her elder sister, Amy, hated her because she found out she was going to be an assassin. Her younger sister, Jill, was proud, but that was only because there was an chance she would become one.


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