Code Geass are 2018 action movies based on the anime of the same name.


Part I: Lelouch of the Rebellion

It begins with the image of Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch vi Britannia as kids, playing in an almost fairytale environment of untouched nature, with the figure of C.C. watching them. A swarm of cicades is shown next and C.C. then announces the event of the world, the conquering of Japan with Lelouch and Suzaku in the middle of it, to see everything. While Suzaku was detached but sad, Lelouch was angry and vowed to destroy the Holy Britannian Empire. Seven years later in 2017, Britannia has complete control over the former Japan, now renamed Area 11, save for a minor fraction of Japanese resistance now considered terrorists. The military is in direct pursuit of a hijacked vehicle, which underlines the militaristic and thoroughness and vigilance of the conquering power. On TV, propoganda is related by the "terrorist group" by a spokeswoman. 

The TV announcing the news is closed in a room where a chess match is over, close to winning by a Britannian noble. At that time, Lelouch and his friend, Rivalz Cardemonde, enter the room with Lelouch claiming he can turn the situation on the chess table in under 9 minutes. He starts his game by moving the king, foreshadowing a pivotal point later on. At the Ashford Academy, Milly Ashford, Nina Einstein and Shirley Fenette are discussing Lelouch's gambling habits, with Shirley highly disapproving it and Milly teases Shirley over her affection with him. Next is a parallel scene between the hijackers, Takeshi Nagata and Kallen Kozuki where Nagata is lamenting at the fact that their comrades got them followed by not following the established plan, while the noble is surprised to have been beaten at chess by Lelouch. Rivalz compliments Lelouch on his victory, and is happy that the ego of the nobles will force them to pay, which he notes also made them lose. As they walk out, they are interrupted by the Viceroy of Area 11, Prince Clovis la Briannia's "heart-breaking" speech which turns out to be an act, which he boasts to the other nobles gathered where he transmitted from. He is however surprised by pressing news and bursts, under the vigilant eyes of Diethard Ried. General Bartley Asprius suddenly appears to inform Clovis of a serious matter. Clovis orders all Knightmare pilots to recover the missing cargo now in the hands of the terrorists. Following the command, Jeremiah Gottwald and Villetta Nu enter their Knightmares. On the road, Rivalz accidentally cuts in the way of the terrorists, resulting in their vehicle's crash. People gather, much to Lelouch's disgust, they're more interested in placing the blame and gawking over the incident than helping, prompting him to go and assess the situation. As he inspects the crash, he hears a voice, but is thrown in the back of the truck, as Nagata puts in reverse for an attempted getaway. As he notices they are being followed by the Britannian military, Kallen assures him that they will be fine as this is the reason why is he here. She moves towards the back of the truck and Lelouch notices that she looks familiar. Kallen uses a Glasgow to facilitate their escape, to which Lelouch realizes that they are terrorists and he is trapped with them in the truck. Kallen is able to destroy most of the VTOLs by using her slash harken however Jeremiah appears in his Sutherland and easily outmatches Kallen and her Glasgow. Nagata tells Kallen for them to split up as they both can not be killed. Villetta appears and injures Nagata while Kallen ejects her Glasgow's arm in order to escape from Jeremiah.

Meanwhile, Earl Lloyd Asplund is seen with Bartley who deduces the military's mission is to track tthe terrorists back to their hideout and exterminate them when in actuality deduced from Cecile Croomy and offers his help. Cecile questions Bartley on what the terrorists have stolen to which he replies that the terrorists have captured a poison gas capsule which may be used as a weapon against the Britannian military. Honorary Britannians are sent to retrieve it and Nagata, who is gravely injured, runs into a ditch which he stops the truck from moving. Suzaku, who is among the Honorary Britannians, finds the vehicle and confronts Lelouch, who he believes is a terrorist. Suzaku recognizes Lelouch and reveals himself to him. Nagata opens the capsule, to which Suzaku puts his own gas mask on Lelouch's face. The capsule opens, instead of gas, as Suzaku expected, a restrained C.C. appears. Before they can get answers, Suzaku's superiors come and tell him not to question his briefing, and to shoot the "terrorist", Lelouch. When he refuses, he is promptly shot in the back. Nagata, in his dying moments, explodes the truck, giving Lelouch and C.C. the opportunity to escape. Clovis, believing they have eluded them, orders the purge of the entire Shinjuku Ghetto. The young and elderly are killed indiscriminately in this massacre. Just as they seem to have evaded detection, Lelouch's phone rings, giving him away. As the Royal Guard are about to execute him, C.C. jumps in front and is shot in the forehead. A desperate Lelouch now thinks of his impending death, his last thought being of his younger sister, Nunnally. He is the grabbed by the hand by C.C., who proposes a contact which would allow him to live and endow him with the power of kings. He accepts and stands up, reinvograted, ordering his pursuers to kill themselves, which they do with a smile. He then retrocratively contemplates this moment, noting his life is a lie, but that he accepts it as long as he has the power from it.

Lelouch is puzzled with his newly acquired power and ponders on what to do with it. However, he is interrupted by an explosion caused by a Sutherland that makes it's way inside. Villetta who is piloting the Sutherland that makes it's way inside. Villetta who is piloting the Sutherland notices the dead bodies that belonged to the Royal Guard and questions on how they are all dead before finding Lelouch standing alone. She questions him on why he is here in the first place, but does not receive a response. Lelouch attempts to use her Geass to force her out of her Sutherland, but soon realizes that his power requires eye contact in order to work. Instead, Lelouch gives Villetta an alias that he is of nobility and requests her of his protection, forcing her to leave her Knightmare. Lelouch is then able to use his Geass and compels her to hand over the Activation Key to her Knightmare. Meanwhile, Lloyd wakes up Suzaku who has been tended to after being shot by the Royal Guards, teasing the boy about how he had missed his chance of going to heaven. Cecile reveals to Suzaku that the pocket watch that he was carrying was what saved him from being killed as it deflected the bullet. Lloyd then asks him if he would be a Knightmare pilot.

It returns back to the Shinjuku Ghetto where the Britannian military is still killing the Elevens and Kallen, who is still piloting the Glasgow, tries to defend the fleeing Elevens from the Britannians, while Kaname Ohgi and the other members of the resistance do the same as well. Meanwhile, Lelouch contacts Shirley in order to ascertain the situation in Shinjuku. After deducing that reinforcements can't be called in, he decides to work with the terrorists in order to destroy the Britannian forces. Kallen is closed in by Jeremiah and another Pureblood and she attempts to retreat. Lelouch makes contact with Kallen and tells her to go to the west entrance. Although hesitant at first, she complies and is then ordered to jump onto the train. Jeremiah, however, is unfazed by this and stops the train before ordering his subordinate to pursue the Glasgow, but is destroyed by slash harkens from Lelouch's Sutherland. Shocked, Jeremiah assumes it was caused by friendly fire before realizing that the Sutherland was stolen. He attempts to attack Lelouch, but has his Knightmare's Landspinner destroyed. Kallen rushes to towards Jeremiah, prompting him to eject.

Ohgi and the others arrive to Kallen's location and decides to follow under Lelouch's orders who has given them Sutherlands to use. Following under Lelouch's orders, Ohgi's group easily dominates Clovis's forces. They systematically destroy all Britannian units in the area, but Clovis, determined not to be defeated, comes up with a plan: he gives the order to break the encirclement protecting him in order to surround the area where the rebels were suspected to be believing that they have a number advantage, but the rebels have retreated to the subways. Kallen then uses her Glasgow's slash harken to damage the supports which causes ground underneath Clovis' unit to collapse, effectively destroying them and pushes Clovis into a corner. With no choice left, he gives permission for Lloyd to utilize his new creation, the first seventh generation Knightmare Frame, Lancelot.

With Suzaku piloting the Lancelot, he resolves himself to destroy the enemy units in order to cease the bloodshed. Lelouch receives intel of a new Knightmare that is cutting his forces to shred and attempts to counterattack it. However, Suzaku and the Lancelot are able to easily overpower the terrorists and spots Lelouch. Realizing that the Lancelot is too powerful, Lelouch attempts to retreat. Kallen interjects in their fight in order to buy Lelouch time to escape, but is easily overpowered causing her to eject. Lelouch is able to escape the building, but is again followed by the Lancelot. He shoots the buildings in an attempt to damage the Lancelot, but Suzaku easily dodges all of them. However, Suzaku notices a woman and her child falling and decides to give up following Lelouch in order to save them. Near Clovis' G-1 Base, Lelouch is seen disguised as a Britannian soldier and uses his Geass on a soldier to gain access into the base. On the otherhand, Kallen meets up with Ohgi and the others in a warehouse full of Elevens in order to hide from the military. Ohgi and Kallen discuss about the mysterious voice who was issuing commands and wonders why the person doesn't answer back when they try to reach him. However, they are surprised when the Britannian military locates their whereabouts and prepares to fire at them. Before the order is given, a ceasefire is made by Clovis, saving them from death.

Meanwhile, inside the G-1 Base, it is revealed that Lelouch has made it all the way to Clovis's position and was the one who threatened Clovis to order a ceasefire to all of his forces. Clovis jokingly asks to his masked gunman on what they should do next, mentioning a game of chess. Lelouch on the otherhand states that they use to play chess together when they were both young at the Aries Villas. This only puts Clovis into more confusion as only members of the Imperial Family know and have been there. Lelouch then reveals himself to Clovis. Meanwhile, two soldiers converse about their concern over the ceasefire order as Kallen, Ohgi and many others are seen being led out of the battle zone. The soldiers then realize that Clovis has been left alone in his base and Lelouch is still holding a gun to Clovis. Clovis speaks as if he is happy to find that Lelouch was not killed when Britannia invaded Japan and even goes as far to suggest that the two of them should return home to Britannia. This is not an option as he does not want to be used as a tool for political ends and he says as much to Clovis. Lelouch begins to explain the events of the death of his mother, Marianne. A flashback is shown of the day Marianne died and Nunnally personnally witnessed the tragedy. Lelouch continues to explain that even though it was made to look like terrorists had killed his mother, he knows that the royal family had something to do with it. Clovis frantically denies that he had any involvement in the matter. Lelouch then uses his Geass to force Clovis to tell him the truth about who it was that actually killed her. Unfortunately, Clovis does not know much and is only able to tell Lelouch to ask either Prince Schneizel el Britannia or Princess Cornelia li Britannia as they know more about it than he does. Lelouch believes him that all he knows and releases him from Geass. Clovis pleads his innocence a little more before Lelouch pulls the trigger on the gun.

Lelouch is then found, with the other student council members, at school. Milly smacks Lelouch on the head and orders him to wake up as he had apparently been napping. Rivalz starts questioning him to find out what happened after Lelouch ditched him but Milly interrupts them before Lelouch can answer and brings them all back on task to balance the budget. After some banter, Milly starts to talk about how fit Shirley is which she and then goes on explaining that it was actually how tight hot her ass and tits are. Since Milly, Nina, Shirley and Rivalz walk in on a few students watching the news broadcast about the previous day's events in the ghetto. It is claimed that the terrorists released the poison gas but there are no other details given as Lelouch walks in and joins the rest. Lelouch then starts pondering why Britannia would be covering some details up and a flashback is shown of Lelouch shooting and killing Clovis. As the thought of what he did starts to fill his mind, Lelouch nearly throws up and quickly leaves for the bathroom.

Villetta and Jeremiah are then seen together in a car talking about how the killer of Clovis was able to perpetrate their security multiple times and they both ruminate on the possibility of using the recent upheaval as an excuse to further the power of pureblood Britannians. Back at school, Lelouch walks into a classroom just to find that Kallen has returned to school after having supposedly being very ill and unable to attend. At that moment, Lelouch realizes that Kallen is not just a fellow student but was the member of the terrorist group that he had seen the previous day. Later, Kallen as well as three other girls are having lunch when a bee shows up and causes them all to run away in fear. Kallen escapes and uses a surprising amount of agility to kill the bee with a single swipe as she comments about how annoying it is pretend to be enfeebled. At that moment, Lelouch shows up and uses his Geass to confirm that Kallen is indeed part of the terrorist group. He continues to question her and finds out that she is also a half-blood Britannian. As he is questioning her, Shirley looks on from a high up window and grows a little concerned. Lelouch is satisfied with the answers that Kallen provided and he turns to leave but suddenly decides to use his Geass on her again to ensure that she tells no one about what happened. But, his attempt fails and Kallen grows suspicious of him and begins asking questions of her own. A confused Lelouch is saved from this predicament as Shirley yells from above and urges them to get to class. Lelouch uses this as an excuse and frantically runs away.

That night, Nunnally and Sayoko Shinozaki are passing time waiting for Lelouch to come home by folding paper cranes, which he eventually does. Meanwhile, Bartley is seen disbanding a research division and moving it to Narita Mountains because it was partly his fault that Clovis was left alone and they do not want to be discovered by the emperor. It then goes back to the home of Lelouch as he and Nunnally are having dinner. Nunnally expresses her wish for a gentler world and Lelouch contemplates the future and how to make a happy life for his sister. They then pinky promise to never lie to each other. The following day, Lelouch stands by a river and decides that he must learn all the ins-and-outs of his new-found power. One of his teachers passes by him and he tries to use his Geass on the teacher twice just to discover that it only works once on a person.

Kallen is then see talking to Ohgi about the annoyances of high school. He urges her to stay in school while things cool off for them. They finish by talking about the voice on the radio and Kallen makes the connection to Lelouch. Both Kallen and Lelouch grow concerned that the other might know their true identity and decide to do something about it. After class, Lelouch approaches Kallen and asks to speak with her privately, much to Shirley's dismay. It then shifts to a view of Bartley next to the coffin of Clovis and then Jeremiah and a few other Knightmares attack the hearse and force Bartley to leave. Lelouch and Kallen enter the student council's ball room before they can talk the other student council members interrupt them in order to welcome Kallen as a new member of the student council. Rivalz brings a bottle of champagne but as he tries to open it, Shirley attempts to stop him. He tosses it to Lelouch and due to all the jostling, the cork pop and the champagne gets all over Kallen. While Kallen is taking a shower, Lelouch brings her a fresh set of his own clothes for her to wear, unable to see her behind the shower curtain. Before he can leave, she asks him to bring her a small pink pouch from off a nearby counter. He does so, but as he turns to look away and hand it to her, she grabs his wrist and starts questioning him about Shinjuku. Lelouch plays dumb and Kallen secretly produces a hidden knife out of the pink pouch. Just then the phone near the shower rings, Lelouch then answers it and hands it to Kallen as the caller asks to speak with her. The voice of the commander from the Shinjuku Ghetto comes on the line and asks her to go to Tokyo Tower in two days. Kallen decides that she was wrong about Lelouch being the voice on the radio. After a few excuses, Lelouch sarcastically reminds Kallen that he can see her naked where she gets embarrassed and closes the curtain, Lelouch then leaves the bathroom. It then shifts to show that Sayoko was the one who made the call using a voice recorder while under the influence of Geass. Later, Kallen and Lelouch walk together, talking about the duties of the school council when they walk into a room that has the news playing. The news announces that Clovis was killed and that they have found the culprit, they say that Suzaku is the murderer.

Suzaku is interrogated by Jeremiah over the death of Clovis and the gun used by Lelouch to kill Clovis has been recovered and Suzaku's fingerprints are supposedly all over it. Suzaku denies having seen ever the gun but nobody believes him. Nunnally is then helped into bed by Lelouch, and she is concerned about Suzaku and Lelouch reassures her that everything is fine and that the military has simply made a mistake in arresting him. Shinichiro Tamaki is then shown getting upset at Ohgi for not having issued a statement about their involvement in the battle of Shinjuku Ghetto, claiming that they could have taken credit for Clovis' murder. After Tamaki storms out, Ohgi privately expresses his own self doubts about his leadership abilities. Lelouch is then seen with an artificer, that he has used his Geass on in order to create the Zero costume.

On the next school day, the entire student body of Ashford Academy is assembled for the funeral and tribute to Clovis. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Cecile talk amongst themselves and explain that not only is there nothing they can do to help Suzaku, but it would be difficult, if not impossible, to replace him as a pilot for the Lancelot because Jeremiah has used the arrest of Suzaku to ensure that only pureblood Britannians are capable of being in the military so as to curtail anymore traitorous behavior. After the ceremony, Rivalz tries to get Lelouch to go and rematch some of his former chess opponents while Shirley opposes this idea and tells him not to gamble anymore.  As a surprise to everyone, Lelouch agrees with Shirley and hints that he has found a much better opponent. Later that day, Kallen, Ohgi, Toru Yoshida and Kent Sugiyama all go to Tokyo Tower just as Zero requested on the phone call with Kallen. They spectulate that it was Suzaku that called Kallen and told her to come there. Just as they decide to leave,a voice comes on over the intercom and asks Kallen to come to the front counter as her cellphone has been turned into the lost-and-found. On the observatory, she gets a call from Zero, who tells her to take the outbound train on loop line five.

It then shifts to Jeremiah talking to Diethard about the funeral with Diethard saying that the funeral was prepared well in advance and that now Jeremiah's funeral is being prepared as well due to his rise in status. Jeremiah also requests Diethard for the transfer of Suzaku to his court-martial. They decide to line the streets with many loyal Britannian civilians however Villetta warns that lots of Elevens see Suzaku as a hero and may try to rescue him, so Jeremiah states that he will personally be there to execute anyone that even makes such an attempt. Kallen and the others that accompanied her to Tokyo Tower are now on the train where she gets another call from Zero, who instructs her to look out both sides of the train: one one side is the pristine Britannian city and on the other side is the ruined city that most Elevens call home. They then make their way to the front of the train where they come into contact with Zero. He then explains that the reason he had them look at both sides was to illustrate the fact that they should not be fighting a battle against people or buildings but against Britannia itself. He goes on further to state that the terrorism they have been using in the past is nothing but a nuisance to Britannia, it will not make things better, and should never be waged on the innocent. They demand that Zero show his face but he rebuttals by telling them that if he can do the impossible then that should be enough to earn their trust. At the same time, Kyoshiro Tohdoh is with the Japan Liberation Front as they discuss whether they should save Suzaku or not. Tohdoh says they shouldn't even try to get involved as it would require much more than a miracle to be successful.

Lloyd then sees Suzaku outside his prison cell, telling that the people Suzaku was worried about were not on the casualty reports. Furthermore, Lloyd says that Suzaku's predicament is pretty much helpless as nobody really wants him to be exenorated. That night, the streets are lined with Britannians, just as planned, while many more people from all over watch on television. The procession, with Suzaku held captive, proceeds down the road as Diethard laments his own contribution in the matter. After a few moments, the entire convoy is halted when a car that looks like the vehicle that Clovis used to ride around in approaches them. Kallen is the driver and she barely holds her nerves together as they approach the convoy and face the Knightmares head on. It is shown in a flashback that Kallen and Ohgi are the only ones of the resistance group that had enough faith in Zero to help him rescue Suzaku. Despite their insistence that it is a futile mission, Zero calmly assures them that he has more than enough help to save Suzaku. Back in the present, the top section of the car burns away to reveal Zero standing on top of it. He announces his identity as more Knightmares drop from above and surround the car. Unperturbed, Zero snaps his fingers and revealers the container that he used to hold C.C.. As everyone believes it contains poison gas, Zero uses it as leverage to hold all the Britannians on the road as hostage. No reporter is willing to get close enough to Zero in order to get a good shot of him, so Diethard grabs a camera and runs out to the road in order to do it himself. Back on the road, Zero proposes to exchange the gas for Suzaku but Jeremiah bluntly refuses. Zero then proclaims to the astonishment of all spectators that he was the one to kill Clovis. As the Knightmares raise their weapons and prepare to shoot, Zero threatens Jeremiah to release information about something called "Orange". Nobody knows what that is but they will assume that it is some kind of scandal and Zero then opens a slot on his mask to reveal Lelouch's eye, allowing him to use Geass on Jeremiah, commanding him to do everything he can to release Suzaku and help them escape. Jeremiah complies and releases Suzaku, but the guards weakly try to stop them from escaping as Zero releases the colored gas inside of the container as a diversion. Zero and the others run to the side of the road and jump off, where Ohgi is waiting for them. Fortunately, Jeremiah held all the guards back and ensured their safety. Later, at the resistance headquarters, Kallen and the rest of the resistance talk about the miracle they had just witnessed while Zero and Suzaku share a private conversation. In their conversation, Zero requests that Suzaku join him in order to topple Britannia. Suzaku denies him and says that he wants to change things from within the system. It is also discovered that the gas from earlier was not poisonous, Suzaku then leaves to attend his own court-martial as he believes that he must obey every rule if it means his death. Finally that night, Nunnally is listening to the report on the incident from earlier when someone walks in through the door. Nunnally believes it is Sayoko but as the shadows fade, it turns out to be C.C. back from the dead. Meanwhile, a group of Bamides open fire upon Britannian tanks, only to have General Andreas Darlton and Gilbert G.P. Guilford counter attack in their Gloucesters. As the Bamides begin to fall, the base they were defending erupts in a burst of flames as Princess Cornelia li Britannia has gone ahead in her own Knightmare to destroy the base and fully establish Area 18. She then makes plans with Darlton to head to Area 11, find Zero and avenge Clovis. Lelouch is then see walking into the residence at Ashford Academy and is surprised to be greeted by C.C. and Nunnally. They had both been waiting for him and passed time by folding paper cranes. Nunnally asks about the relationship between the two and C.C. replies by saying that they made a contract, causing Nunnally to think that they are engaged. Lelouch frantically tries to play off C.C.'s comment as a joke but fails, he then purposefully drops a cup of tea on the floor, pretending as if it got C.C. wet in order to get her away from Nunnally. In Lelouch's room, he begins to question her as to who she really is and why she isn't dead. They briefly talk about Geass and Lelouch's plans for destroying Britannia, but before many answers can be given, C.C. abruptly says goodnight to Lelouch and ends the conversation.

Cecile and Lloyd are shown with the Lancelot, discussing how the appearance of Zero has caused an uproar in other terrorist groups and in Jeremiah's career. A brief dialogue is then held in the Japan Liberation Front headquarters as Josui Kusakabe pleads with Tohdoh to help Zero, which Tohdoh refuses to do. The following night, Lelouch and C.C. are talking in his room and it is revealed that "Orange" was nothing but a clever ruse to sow the seeds of suspicion and division in the Britannian military. C.C. continues to eat her pizza and drly asks if he has gotten the response he wanted. Lelouch replies that even more chaos is inevitable before he topples Britannia. It then shifts to Suzaku after he has been acquitted of the charges of murder placed against him. He is walking down a sidewalk when suddenly a girl drops out of the sky and right into Suzaku's arms. She claims that some bad guys are chasing her and asks for his help, and though Suzaku sees through the ruse, he and the girl go for a stroll. Meanwhile, a secret plot amongst the purebloods is being planned in order to eliminate Jeremiah before Cornelia becomes Viceroy. Kewell accuses Jeremiah of feigning amnesia in order to hide secrets, but Villetta believes that what happened to Jeremiah is similar to what happened to her, when her Knightmare was stolen.

Suzaku and the girl, who is named Euphy, are still together and are now walking at a leisurely pace when Euphy stumbles upon an injured cat, where she bandages the cat's leg and hisses at Suzaku before running away. They spend the remainder of the day together visiting stores and are being stalked by Lloyd until Euphy requests to be taken to Shinjuku. The same day, Kallen approaches Lelouch at Ashford to see if he can track down the phone number of the person that called her. Lelouch is able to play it off by saying he can't due to it being a school phone; however, behind Kallen's back, C.C., dressed in Lelouch's clothes, is twirling around and seems to be searching for something. Before Kallen can see C.C., Lelouch grabs her face and keeps her from looking away. Unfortunately, Shirley sees Lelouch holding Kallen and to her, it looks like they are kissing. C.C. then scampers off, and Lelouch then lets Kallen go before confronting C.C. on the school roof. He tries to tell her not to do things that might get her caught but she shrugs it off and she then looks over the balcony to a female student who is making marks on the wall while under the influence of Geass. Lelouch explains that she is a test subject that he is using in order to find the limits of Geass.

Suzaku and Euphy arrive at Shinjuku that evening as some Britannian civilians are taking pictures of the battleground. Also that day, Jeremiah receives a message suggesting that Zero is also in Shinjuku and he rushes off to follow the lead. It shifts yet again as Tamaki rushes into the same area that Suzaku and Euphy are at. He begins to yell at the Britannians and a confrontation seems inevitable until Suzaku runs up and tries to calm everyone down. Tamaki hits Suzaku and calls him a traitor, forcing Suzaku to throw Tamaki into the ground when he comes at Suzaku again. After that, Tamaki and the others with him lose interest and walk off, leaving the Britannians alone. Instead of being grateful, the Britannians just complain and get upset that he didn't kill Tamaki and the others, so Euphy steps in and defends Suzaku by slapping the complainer right in his face. At that time, Lelouch and C.C. are still in his room as Lelouch explains the intricacies of his power. Suzaku and Lelouch then talk about the empire's problems, with Suzaku saying he doesn't know how to stop the fighting while Lelouch claims he will wipe out those who support war. Back at Shinjuku, Jeremiah finds out he was actually set up for a trap and is confronted by Kewell and others that wanted to kill him. Lloyd and Cecile show up with the Lancelot and Suzaku decides to get involved with the conflict and try to stop it. Jeremiah is getting beaten pretty badly but Suzaku saves him and after Suzaku starts winning, Villetta shows up in her Knightmare and helps Jeremiah too. Euphy runs into the battlefield just as Kewell deploys a chaos mine, and fortunately, Suzaku's Lancelot has a blaze luminous shield that allows him to protect himself and Euphy. After he saves her, she steps into the middle of the fray and reveals that she is Princess Euphemia li Britannia and orders everyone to withdraw. After everyone lowers their weapons, Euphemia asks for Suzaku's help in making things better. Euphemia is next seen with Cornelia as she scolds her for getting involved and being so reckless. Cornelia has only just arrived and while there as many matters that she needs to attend to, she eloquently states that she only really cares about finding and catching Zero. Suzaku is then shown in front of Lelouch's class, at Ashford, announcing that he will be joining them as a student.

It then shifts to a scene at some mysterious ruins when a Geass Directorate walks up a flight of stairs and informs Emperor Charles zi Britannia that the remains of Clovis have arrived. The Emperor then informs the man that he was just conversing with Clovis. It then goes back to Ashford where many of the students are gossiping about Suzaku's recent arrival, the Eleven and suspected terrorist. Nina is the most particularly upset about Suzaku while Shirley wants to get to know him. Lelouch stands up to leave the class and, whilst he has Suzaku's attention, gives a short tug on his collar as a secret signal the two know to meet on the roof. Suzaku goes to meet Lelouch, who expresses his gratitude to Suzaku for saving his life earlier. Suzaku claims he was just repaying the favor from seven years prior and asks about happened to the girl from the capsule. Lelouch lies and says they got separated during the fray. Suzaku asks what he should call Lelouch and he explains that Lelouch vi Britannia died when the invasion took place so he goes by Lelouch now. Next, Suzaku explains how Euphemia arranged for Suzaku to attend school because she believed that is where a 17 year old should be. It shifts to show Euphemia examining the artwork done by Clovis and among the art is an old picture of Lelouch, Nunnally and Marianne.

Next, the skirmish of the Blood of the Samurai is shown. Cornelia is leading the charge and eventually goes in solo to search for Zero and wipe out the remainder of those that were fighting. Now back at his home, Sayoko and Nunnally converse for a short moment until Lelouch tells Nunnally that he has a special present for her. Suzaku walks in and grabs Nunnally's hand and she immediately recognizes who it is. The three spend the night catching up and Lelouch then meets C.C. and she questions whether it is wise or not to have Suzaku so close, but Lelouch reassures her. It then changes to show Guilford releasing Jeremiah from his prison cell, claiming that the court couldn't find anything about orange however is demoted three ranks for allowing Zero to escape.

After the dinner, Suzaku and Lelouch part ways in the porch with Suzaku claiming that they shouldn't be friends in order to protect their true identities and Lelouch gets upset over this but the matter is ultimately left undecided. The next day at school, Lelouch doesn't pay Suzaku any heed and the students abruptly talk whenever he enters the room. Furthermore, a couple of guys break into his locker and spray paint on his clothes. Also during that day, Ohgi calls Lelouch to explain what happened to the Blood of the Samurai. He asks for direction but Lelouch provides little reassurance and contemplates cutting his ties with them. In another part of the school, Nunnally converses with Nina, who explains her fear of Elevens.

A flashback from eight years ago shows a young Lelouch entering the Britannian throne room where his father, Charles, awaits to have an audience with him. As Lelouch proceeds towards the Emperor, he hushed the voices of the Nobles, who were discussing the recent death of Marianne. Lelouch finally confronts Charles and tries to bring up his mother's death. Charles does not care at all about her demise and furiously informs Lelouch that he has no value and, along with Nunnally, will be sent off to Japan as bargaining chips.

Back in the present, Lloyd shows off the Lancelot to Cornelia and she promotes Suzaku to Warrant Officer due to his recent success. Meanwhile, Suzaku is doing his homework while Cecile watches and she tells him that she is a little worried about sending him to a high school with so many Britannians. Suzaku agrees that he could have faced some real discrimination but thanks to Lelouch that never really happened. She gives a jam filled rice ball and Lloyd comes in, telling everyone that they are done for the day. Over at Ashford, Shirley and Kallen are setting up Arthur's cat house in the club room. Shirley starts asking some probing questions and eventually asks if Kallen is going out with Lelouch. Kallen tries to deny it but Shirley just refuses to believe it and blows everything out of proportion. While those two are talking about love, Milly is in the principal's office on a call with her mother. She then finds out she is put into an arranged marriage in order to regain some of her family's former prestige.

Outside the walls of the school, Britannian forces have surrounded the Saitama Ghetto. Cornelia has organized this attack in order to create similar conditions to those of the Skirmish in Shinjuku Ghetto in hopes of drawing out Zero. They even broadcast their time of attack on the news. Lelouch knows that this is a trap but decides to go to Saitama anyway. C.C. does not like the idea as she wants him to stay alive and threatens to shoot him in the leg with a gun to slow him down. In response, Lelouch draws his own pistol and threatens to kill himself so C.C. is convinced and lets him go. At the same time, the Saitama Ghetto Ambush begins and the Britannians start gunning down civilians. As the battle commences, Jeremiah and his squad are not permitted to engage as the recent Orange Incident has put his loyalties into question.

Lelouch assumes an identity as a soldier and manages to take over an enemy Knightmare and then goes into contact with the Yamato Alliance, and rallies them to his cause. As the Britannians continue to sweep out the area, the terrorists are put in place to intercept and destroy them. The battle starts going well for Lelouch but before it gets out of hand, Cornelia draws everyone back and ends the battle. Lelouch decides to fall in with the retreating units in order to get close to Cornelia. Both commanders are very confident of their chances for victory. Back at Ashford, Suzaku and Shirley start talking about Lelouch and how she slowly fell in love with him. Suzaku tries to help Shirley by calling Lelouch with the intent to ask him how he feels about Shirley, however she does not like this idea and stops him.

Lelouch falls back successfully and is waiting in a Sutherland outside Cornelia's base of operations. Lelouch tries to make distractions and diversions using IFF Transponders to get the Knightmares away from the G-1 Base but each one fails until the terrorists are wiped out. After securing her victory, Cornelia orders every Knightmare to open up and reveal who is inside. Lelouch begins to panic however C.C. shows up, dressed as Zero, and everyone's attention gets distracted onto her. Lelouch then uses this chance to escape and he meets up with her later and complains that the conditions were not equal enough for him to win. After being reprimanded, Lelouch vows to raise up a nation that won't lose to Britannia.



  • Lelouch vi Britannia: The protagonist and is the 19 year old Eleventh Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and the leader of the Black Knights as the real identity of Zero. He is a highly intelligent individual who is calm, sophisticated and arrogant and while at school, he conducts himself as a sociable, likeable and often easygoing student. While as Zero, his true nature is expressed, and his charisma and beliefs in justice gain him the trust and respect of many soldiers and leaders. He has a very stoic personality: never caring about schoolwork, seeing the entire thing as trivial and enjoys seeking out challenges, often playing chess against nobility. In general, Lelouch takes most day-to-day affairs with open disinterest, often not even noticing the affection of others, and also strongly dislikes the nobles. In battle, Lelouch is very cold and tactical, being even willing to sacrifice civilians and soldiers alike, if that is what it takes to achieve the objective. He is often viewed as quite selfish as his goal to remake the world comes from his desire to avenge his mother's death and for Nunnally's sake, however in time he realizes that the goal is not just for them, but the entire world. Despite his cold, calculating demeanor, and ruthlessness in battle, he can be a rather compassionate person to his friends and loved ones. He is a loving older brother and a loyal friend, and cares for his subordinates, seeing them as valuable allies. His Geass allows him to plant commands within a person's mind upon eye contact and orders are written into the minds of the designated targets, and his Geass is represented by a Geass Sigil in his left eye. Even without his Geass, Lelouch is a formidable opponent, with his greatest weapon being his prodigious mind, possessing a genius-level intellect, and is capable of devising and executing strategies with incredible speed and precision. He is a brilliant chess player, besting any opponent who played against him, and can manipulate people and factions with well-spoken speeches and clever deceptions. Physically, Lelouch is underwhelming and can not run very fast or for a substantial period of time, however is very talented at most domestic skills such as cooking and sewing. Lelouch is also skilled with firearms and his Knightmare skill is above average. He is impaled by Suzaku with a sword as Zero. He has 9/10 intelligence, 5/10 physical and 6/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Suzaku Kururugi: The deuteragonist and is the 19 year old Knight of Zero and was Lelouch's best friend as well as an Japanese-Honorary Britannian soldier. He was somewhat selfish as a child, rarly putting others before himself and acted in a rather bratty manner however significantly changed. He dedicated his cause to not endorse terrorism or rebellion, which he believed would only result in pointless killing. Unwilling to sacrifice the innocent, Suzaku held a more positive outlook on Britannia, believing it could be changed for the better. He held a strong sense of loyalty, never questioning the orders of his superiors, despite being willing to stab them in the back if necessary. Suzaku also wished to take responsibility for his actions, and his ultimate goal was to atone for murdering his father. Though Suzaku did not want to openly admit it, he wanted to die to escape his guilt. After Euphemia's death, Suzaku developed a firm resolve to kill Zero and, by existence, Lelouch. He considered Zero to be an evil, immortal individual who was only focused on results and cared nothing for innocent lives. He became more hardened and was even willing to use more underhanded tactics, being willing to kill anyone standing in his way and became very vengeful. He eventually abandons his self-righteous nature and resolves to achieve his goals regardless of the means. Suzaku later allies with Lelouch and he understands that the cycle of hatred would have to be broken for a peaceful future. Suzaku's physical prowess is top-notch, possessing superior hand-eye coordination and has extensive military training in both firearms and hand-to-hand combat. He was trained in martial arts and has spent most of his time training to become stronger, being capable of avoiding gunfire. As a Knightmare pilot, Suzaku is an extremely skilled pilot, with a 94% efficiency rating however lacks tactics and strategies, fighting with instinct instead of thinking or using his mind. Suzaku's reflexes allow him to narrowly escape what would have otherwise been certain death. Despite not possessing a Geass, Suzaku has the unusual ability to detect those who grant the power and also has an impressive mind. He has 7/10 intelligence, 10/10 physical and 10/10 Knightmare skills.
  • C.C.: The tritagonist and is an immortal woman and the former leader of the Geass Order as well as Lelouch's close ally and she give him his Geass. She expresses little emotion and behaves apathetically towards most however she does express some emotions and when she locks her memories away, she regresses to how she was hundreds of years ago, fearful and open. C.C. is an immortal "witch", neither suffering from age nor capable of being killed by conventional means. She can survive fatal gunshots, been crushed by water pressure, burned at the stake, subjected to the guillotine, placed in an iron maiden and stabbed by spears. She has the ability to bestow people with the power of Geass, which manifests differently in each person but generally carries the ability to affect the minds of those it is used on in some way. The Geass Sigil glows on her forehead and her Code of Immortality allows her to detect people who are connected to Geass and people who are important to them, allowing her to detect the location of her own contractors, even at a distance, and can confirm who possesses a Geass power and who does not. When in close proximity to another person, C.C. can afflict them with a hallucinatory experience of chaotic and ominous images. C.C. also possesses telepathy and is a capable leader, can handle firearms with proficiency, a skilled unarmed fighter and is also an accomplished Knightmare pilot. Formerly, C.C. possessed a Geass which granted her the power to "be loved", which allowed her to make anyone around her love her. She has 8/10 intelligence, 8/10 physical and 8/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Nunnally vi Britannia: A main supporting character and is the 16 year old 87th in line to the imperial throne and a Britannian Princess, being Lelouch's younger sister, the final Viceroy of Area 11 and the 100th Empress of the Holy Britannian Empire. She is almost inhumanly kindhearted, patient and understanding, enduring her double handicap and blindness with a smile and warmth and she is kind and empathic to all those around her. Nunnally has gentle ideals and she has heavy-hearted decisions bordered on ruthlessness however her greatest weakness is her kindness. She has the natural ability to know if a person is lying by touching their hand and is also intelligent. She has 6/10 intelligence, 3/10 physical and 0/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Kallen Kozuki: A main supporting character and is the 19 year old Ace of the Black Knights and the Captain of the Zero Squad. She is a strong-willed, determinated, loyal and brave individual who also can be quite short-tempered, forceful and somewhat impulsive. Despite her tough attitude, Kallen is actually quite sensitive, compassionate and truly gentle. While being both Japanese and Britannian, Kallen had the ability to live a normal life. However, she refused to fully accept her Britannian side as it would mean abandoning her Japanese friends, people and self; thus making her a very selfless woman. She also had a strong hatred for Britannians, however does actually care about Britannian civilians and has a strong sense of justice, being willing to put aside her feelings and interests to protect those she loves and cares about. As a student, Kallen was forced to hide her identity in order to avoid suspicion, which caused her to change her hairstyle and her true nature: being a milquetoast, withdrawn ill girl who didn't speak up very much while she is actually a powerful, confident, willfull and Japanese-favoring woman. In battle, Kallen is aggressive, ruthless and very opportunistic and she is very confident in her abiliites. Kallen is an extremely skilled Knightmare pilot, being able to take down almost any Knightmare in a single attack should they allow her to make physical contact and can also fight at high speeds. Outside of her Knightmare, Kallen displays superior fighting abilities at both armed and unarmed combat. She is highly resourceful in combat, being able to see through her opponents' plans and usually takes advantage of their first mistakes or doubts in order to defeat them while making effective counterattacks. She is also quite knowledgeable at academics and is a good leader to her own squad's subordinates and can be even diplomatic. She has 7/10 intelligence, 9/10 physical and 10/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Rolo Lamperouge: A main supporting character and is the 16 year old foster brother of Lelouch and a former Britannian Office of Intelligence agent. He is seen to be kindhearted and innocent however his true nature is actually ruthless, cold and heartless. However, he becomes more loyal and selfless, even willing to sacrifice himself for Lelouch. Rolo is an trained assassin, being quite skilled in firearms, knives, explosives, poisons and much more as well as being a capable Knightmare pilot. His Geass allows him to suspend the subjective sense of time of anyone within a given range and those under it's effect are frozen in place for the duration of it's activation. When activated, a Geass Sigil manifests in his right eye and it can reach several hundred meters. Physical obstacles or electronic equipment do not hinder it's effectiveness however his weakness is that his heart stops when he uses it and he cannot stop inanimate objects or physical phenomina. He dies as his heart gives up due to overusing his Geass. He has 6/10 intelligence, 7/10 physical and 6/10 Knightmare skills.


  • Charles zi Britannia: One of the main antagonists and is the 63 years old 98th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, the father of Lelouch and V.V.'s twin brother. He is a cold and intelligent man who believes strongly in social darwinism, believing that only the strongest are worthy of rising in society. He has no moral compunctions in how he dealt with his enemies. His rise to power saw numerous political rivals and their allies killed, and even as Emperor, Britannia continued to engage in global conflict with it's adversaries. Ultimately, Charles cared little for the casualties of military conflicts, be they enemy combatants, innocent civilians or even Britannian soldiers. However, his views and ideology have stemmed from his traumatic upbringing and as a child, he often witnessed his family kill each other in pursuit of the throne, thus he naturally came to understand that without power, one cannot survive. Charles' Code of Immortality, allowing him to become immortal with his Code mark placed on his right hand. Charles is unable to die, age, get sick or be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained and his mind and soul were as immortal as his biological body. Any injuries he suffers immediately heal, even if he is incinerated, blown up, decapitated, completely deleted or even if he is completely destroyed to the sub-atomic level, he will still return to life. Absolutely immune to all harm, nor can he die from any natural causes. Charles' former Geass allowed him to freely alter an individual's memories at will, and can also seal the Geass of others as well as physical senses such as sight, though there are ways to break, though there are ways to break or weaken their seals. He has 8/10 intelligence, 6/10 physical and 0/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Schneizel el Britannia: One of the main antagonists and is the 28 years old Second Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and is a strategist on par with Lelouch. He is charismatic and calculating, able to form complex strategies. Despite this, he shows a caring side to his subordinates, earning their respect and loyalty. His hierachy in the royal family gives him great power and influence; though he does have ambitions for the throne. He also shows a deal of concern for his siblings, aiding them in their ventures as well as offering them protection in times of adversity, however this is nothing more than a ruse as he will quickly turn on his siblings and subordinates without remorse or hesitation as well as thinking nothing of the deaths of his people. Schneizel is also very honorable; granting conquered people peace treaties instead of merely initiating an all-out invasion and also opposes the racist policies of his father. He has a disdain for force when it's unnecessary, seeing the non-violent approach as a more efficient and effective means of control. Schneizel also claims that those whose followers do not agree with them do not deserve to be called leaders. He is a formidable opponent whose greatest weapon is his prodigious mind, possessing a genius-level intellect. Schneizel is capable of devising and executing strategies with incredible speed and precision, and is also very charismatic and manipulative. He has 9/10 intelligence, 5/10 physical and 0/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Cornelia li Britannia: One of the main antagonist of the first two films and a neutral character in the rest and is the 28 years old Second Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and the Chief General of the Imperial Army. She displays an extremely cold-blooded exterior, dismissing anyone she feels is opposing Britannia. She constantly refuses to accept change, none the less, she deeply cares for the lives of her soldiers. Cornelia also had deted on Euphemia and fights to avenge her death. Cornelia had an unrivaled sense of patriotism however had later changed her views about her nation and would go as far as to betray it for the people she loves. While originally being willing to sacrifice lives if necessary to achieve her goals, she changed as she takes more value in human life and that status quo isn't worth everything. Cornelia is a master tactician and is an accomplished swordswoman and is also adept at firearms as well as an extremely skilled Knightmare pilot. She has 8/10 intelligence, 8/10 physical and 9/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Bismarck Waldstein: A major antagonist and the final Knight of One of the Holy Britannian Empire, formerly known as the strongest among the Knights of the Round. He is proficient in combat with a sword and is equally competent in Knightmare combat. Bismarck's Geass allows him to see in the immediate future and his Geass Sigil is in his left eye. His Knightmare is cut in half and explodes with him inside of it by Suzaku. He has 7/10 intelligence, 8/10 physical and 9/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Diethard Ried: A supporting character turned antagonist and was the 32 years old head of information, espionage and public relations in the Black Knights and later the secretary of media and intelligence before finally detecting to Schneizel. He is a zealous journalist with unique motivations and the only thing truly important to him is a grand and capitivating narrative. He aspires to document and personally witness great history as it is being made. Subsequently his loyalty extends only to leaders whom he believes will bring great upheaval and alter the course of history. He has no problem providing a falsified front to the watching masses and does not really believe in any objective truth as all information is a product of a subjective human mind. He is virtually without any personal morals, save for his loyalty to his chosen figure of history. He is shot by a Geassed Schneizel. He has 8/10 intelligence, 4/10 physical and 0/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Mao: A major antagonist and a Chinese orphan and a Geass user obsessed with C.C.. He is a mentally unstable individual who is extremely sadistic however is able to keep up a somewhat reasonable persona in the open he obviously does not belong in crowds, his giddy manerism and emotionally immature personality coupled with zero empathy makes him dangerously unpredictable. Mao is very strong and is also an excellent marksman as well as being extremely resilient, being able to survive several gunshots. Mao's Geass allows him to read the minds of anyone within a spherical range of 500 meters, either all at once or from a specific individual he concentrates on a single target. He is shot in the neck by C.C.. He has 6/10 intelligence, 7/10 physical and 0/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Clovis la Britannia: An antagonist and is the 24 years old Third Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and was the original Viceroy of Area 11. He is somewhat of a snob to anyone outside the imperial family, whom he loved. He commissioned many extravagant complexes for both Eleven and Britannian use. However, he cares very little about those whom he deems are under him. He is also willing to order an Eleven massacre to maintain his status and he is also a ladies man. He is shot in the head by Lelouch. He has 5/10 intelligence, 5/10 physical and 0/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Luciano Bradley: An antagonist and is the 31 years old Knight of Ten of the Holy Britannian Empire and was the Captain of the Valkyrie Squadron. He is a violent and confrontational man, being fond of provoking others and attacking without provocation, making him disliked by many. He shows little care for the lives he ends, regardless of whether they are friend or foe, as long as he can cause destruction. Bradley fights in battles and wars is because he enjoys killing people, even sacrificing his own allies. He is also a capable leader and a skilled Knightmare pilot. He has 6/10 intelligence, 7/10 physical and 8/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Monica Krushevsky: An antagonist and is the 17 year old Knight of Twelve of the Holy Britannian Empire and the noble leader of the Emperor's Royal Guard. She bore no prejudice towards anyone and held the idealistic belief that justice is given equally. Despite her gentle demeanor, she took a liking to warfare and is very loyal to the Emperor. Her Knightmare is destroyed with her inside of it by Suzaku. She has 6/10 intelligence, 7/10 physical and 7/10 Knightmare skills.
  • Gao Hai: An antagonist and is a pale-skinned and young High Eunuch of the Chinese Federation. He is stabbed in the neck by Xingke.
  • Zhao Hao: An antagonist and is the overweight and uniquely skinned High Eunuch of the Chinese Federation. He was cut down by Xingke.
  • Xia Wang: An antagonist and is the tall, light-brown skinned and glasses wearing High Eunuch of the Chinese Federation. He was decapitated by Xingke.
  • Cheng Zhong: An antagonist and the short, old-looking shrill-voiced High Eunuch of the Chinese Federation. He was cut down by Xingke.
  • Xiang Sheng: An antagonist and a pale-skinned High Eunuch of the Chinese Federation. He was cut down by Xingke.
  • Cai Lishi: An antagonist and the shorter, wrinkly and light-brown skinned High Eunuch of the Chinese Federation. He was cut down by Xingke.
  • Tong Lun: An antagonist and a pale-skinned High Eunuch of the Chinese Federation. He was cut down by Xingke.
  • Huang Qian: An antagonist and the oldest High Eunuch of the Chinese Federation. He was cut down by Xingke.
  • Dorothea Ernst: A minor antagonist and the Knight of Four. She was killed while her Knightmare exploded by Suzaku.
  • Alfred G. Darlton: An antagonist and is a Glaston Knight and adopted son of Darlton. He is rather smug, though he easily panics under threatening situations and underestimates Elevens. He was blew up by Kallen in her Knightmare.
  • Bart L. Darlton: An antagonist and is a Glaston Knight and adopted son of Darlton. He is crushed by an G-1 Base.
  • Claudio S. Darlton: An antagonist and is a Glaston Knight and adopted son of Darlton.
  • David T. Darlton: An antagonist and is a Glaston Knight and adopted son of Darlton. His Knightmare is stabbed by Chiba and he explodes with it.
  • Edgar N. Darlton: An antagonist and is a Glaston Knight and adopted son of Darlton. He is cut in half in his Knightmare by Tohdoh.
  • Josui Kusakabe: An antagonist and a member of the Japan Liberation Front who held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He commits suicide by stabbing himself with his sword when Geassed by Lelouch.
  • Bartley Asprius: An antagonist and is a large and balding Britannian General who commanded the Code R Research Team. He is a loyal servant and follows the Britannian racism towards Elevens, showing full loyalty to the royal family. He is shot to death by C.C..
  • Kewell Soresi: A minor antagonist and is an Britannian military officer and a member of the Purist Faction. He is a pureblood Britannian who thinks highly of himself and the Purist Faction, being very loyal. He is blew up in his Knightmare by Kallen.
  • Marika Soresi: A minor antagonist and is the younger sister of Kewell and a member of the Valkyrie Squadron. She blows up in her Knightmare by Kallen.
  • Liliana Vergamon: A minor antagonist and is a member of the Valkyrie Squadron. She blows up in her Knightmare by Kallen.
  • Kanon Maldini: An antagonist and is the 28 year olds subordinate of Schneizel and an Britannian Earl. He is a loyal right-hand man and is quiet and respectful. He is not a rigid person, being able to hold his ground while remaining friendly and approachable. He is also pretty clever and quite cunning, and also has a sense of humor.
  • Calares: A minor antagonist and was a Britannian Duke and the Viceroy of Area 11. He is crushed to death by a tower caused by Lelouch.
  • Fayer: A minor antagonist and was a Britannian Lieutenant Colonel in charge of Shikine Island.
  • Upson Thompson: A minor antagonist and was the Britannian General of the Air Force. He is blown up by Tohdoh.
  • Alicia Lohmeyer: A minor antagonist and is an aide and advisor assigned to Nunnally. She is a quintessential Britannian, regarding the pro-Eleven political stance with frigid opposition, but dutifully obeys regardless. She would find any chance to seize power and would make living conditions worse for Elevens. She is killed in the F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion.
  • Atsushi Sawasaki: An antagonist and was the former chief cabinet secretary of the Kururugi administration and the leader of Japanese government-in-exile. He is arrested and executed by Britannia.
  • Cao: A minor antagonist and a Chinese General who helped Sawasaki by leading the Chinese forces. 
  • The Black King: A minor antagonist and a Britannian noble and involved in the mafia who was one of Lelouch's chess opponents. He is shot to death by Britannian forces.


  • Shirley Fenette: A major character and is an 18 years old Ashford Academy student and Lelouch's love interest. She is a cheerful, caring, highly intelligent, outgoing and extroverted girl who is physically active due to her activities in the swimming club, socially active as a student council member and has top grades in her class. She is actively concerned for Lelouch and is in love with him. She also comes from a Britannian military family and as consequence she is very cultured and privileged. Even after discovering Lelouch's identity, she still loves him and is very protective over him despite being distraught that he caused her father's death. She is shot by Rolo.
  • Nina Einstein: A major character and is an 18 years old Ashford Academy student and a member of the student council and later, she goes to work for the Britannian government and create weapons for them. She shows incredible fear and a feeling of helplesness when faced by Elevens. She tends to rely on Euphemia for emotional support and views her as a "goddess", she later becomes mentally unstable after her death and was driven to killing Zero and a more fueled hatred towards Elevens. Nina later regains her sanity and becomes no longer xenophobic.
  • Milly Ashford: A major character and is an 19 years old Ashford Academy student and the granddaughter of the Ashford Academy superintendent who was the student council's president and later became a news reporter. She often toys with others' insecurities, being fully aware of most of her due to force as the president, leading some to view her as condescending. She will often go over the top with events and finding out peoples' secrets. However, Milly is merely trying to be playful, and she deeply cares about the people around her and remains serious when the matter calls for it, often becoming internally upset when people reject her kindness. She also displays some form of resistance against the people around her.
  • Rivalz Cardemonde: A major character and is an 18 years old Ashford Academy student and a member of the student council. He is mostly a happy-go-luck kind of guy who likes to spend time with his friends and have fun. Like most Britannians, Rivalz feels superiority over Elevens however this later changed. During serious events, Rivalz can be deeply saddened or lamenting.
  • Arthur: A supporting character and is a friendly feline who joined the student council members and often bites Suzaku.
  • Sayoko Shinozaki: A major character and is an 25 years old Japanese woman who serves as the maid to the Lamperouge siblings in their residence and is one of the few people who knew about the Zero Requiem. She is a kindhearted woman and is strongly loyal to Lelouch and she is very trustworthy as well as an extremely talented martial artist.
  • Kaname Ohgi: A supporting character and is the 27 years old former leader of the Japanese resistance cell and is the Deputy Secretary and later General Secretary of the Black Knights. 
  • Shinichiro Tamaki: A supporting character and was a member of the Japanese resistance cell and was the leader of the Second Special Forces and later Interior Custodian of the Black Knights. He is a hot-headed and carefree person, quick to cheer others on when not doing the fighting but rash and impulsive when he's on the front lines. His rashness borders on recklessness and is somewhat racist in his own right, but will even threaten other Japanese. Tamaki is initially skeptical about Zero, but becomes one of his most vehement supporters. 
  • Euphemia li Britannia: A major character and is the 16 years old Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and Sub-Viceroy of Area 11. She is a kindhearted and open-minded woman who treats everyone with respect even if they are not Britannian. She develops a close, romantic bond with Suzaku because of their shared belief that a problem must be changed from within. She was shot by Lelouch. 
  • Kyoshiro Tohdoh: A major character and is the 38 year old chequered former officer of the Japanese military with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and the leader of the Four Holy Swords within the Japan Liberation Front, and is also Suzaku's former master and the Black Knights' Head of Military Operations and later the Head of the Joint Staff. Tohdoh, despite being a fierce warrior, despises conflict unless he has to be drawn to it. He will only fight to protect those close to him, otherwise he will often sit and meditate while patiently looking for a solution on his own time. Because of this, he is against direct confrontation with Britannia and prefers to pay respect to any of his enemies. Tohdoh is a skilled commander and leader, turning almost impossible situations into a victory. With a Knightmare, he is very skilled. 
  • Gilbert G.P. Guilford: A major character and is the 28 year old personal knight of Cornelia and the leader of the Glaston Knights after Darlton's demise. He is a staunch and unwaveringly loyal warrior with a ferocious dedication to Cornelia. He has personally risked his life on several occasions to protect the princess and is also not particularly concerned with Britannia's rampant racism regarding Elevens. Guilford is quick-witted and intelligent, as well as a first-rate Knightmare pilot. Guilford's love for his princess was greater than his loyalty to Britannia.
  • Rakshata Chawla: A major character and is an 28 years old Indian scientist and the Head of the Black Knights' Research and Development Team. She is a calm person who almost always maintains a cool and carefree attitude no matter what the situation and is never seen without her trademark tobacco pipe. Despite her efficiency, Rakshata is very laidback and easy going and is not fond of speaking of the past. She is very proud of her accomplishments especially when seeing them perform to their fullest and is very intelligent and perceptive, making Rakshata quite arrogant. She affectionately refers to her technological creation as her children and treats them with such care, she also becomes enraged when others carelessly mishandle or temper with them without her permission. 
  • Jeremiah Gottwald: A major character and is the 29 year old Britannian Margrave and the former Purist Faction leader before defecting to Lelouch. He is an elite Knightmare pilot deeply concerned with the maintenance of Purist supremacy within Britannian society, being overconfident and passionate about furthering his goals, which make him rash and impulsive in battle. He is also extremely loyal to the royal family, even after becoming a loyal ally to Lelouch. He was later given a Geass Canceler, allowing Jeremiah to negate the effects of any other Geass within his field of influence and it can restore memories erased or modified by Geass. His skills with a Knightmare are great enough so that he can fight against incredibly powerful Knightmares in much weaker models. He is also a skilled combatant, in and out of a Knightmare.
  • Andreas Darlton: A major character and is a 47 year old Britannian General and a loyal subordinate to Cornelia as well as the leader of the Glaston Knights. He is a loyal soldier that will follow Cornelia's orders without question and is not particularly concerned with the rampant racism in Britannia. He is killed when Lelouch destroys his Knightmare with him inside.
  • Gino Weinberg: A major character and is the 17 years old Knight of Three. He is an energetic, optimistic individual who always tries to see the best in everyone. He also had a sheltered upbringing and despite this, Gino always tries to do the right thing, effectively gaining himself numerous friends on both sides of the conflict. He doesn't quite understand how the real world works and has a tendency to come into physical contact with others.
  • Anya Alstreim: A major character and is the 15 years old Knight of Six. She comes off as a rather stoic, deadpan and uninterested woman and maintains a detached attitude in most situations, usually declaring most things to be boring or dull. However, this detached attitude also gives her a lack of common sense. Anya is loyal to Britannia and her Emperor, never questioning or disobeying orders given to her. On the battlefield she's a deadly and fully capable pilot, showing no mercy to her enemies. Anya, however, does have a softer side and can be warm and caring towards her friends. Although she seemingly lacks emotions this is untrue, admitting she has no memory. In the end, Anya is much happier and more open due to her memories having been restored, living a more peaceful and normal life. 
  • Villetta Nu: A major character and is an 27 years old elite Knightmare pilot and Jeremiah's subordinate who later becomes a Baroness and is initially blackmailed into joining the Black Knights. She is quite collected in battle and she is not of noble blood, but supports the Purist Faction in hopes that she would earn a real title of nobility.
  • Kaguya Sumeragi: A major character and is an 15 years old supporter of the Black Knights and the young head mistress of the Kyoto House. Despite her age and physique, Kaguya possesses a strong will and is highly influential amongst the Houses. She had admired Zero since his debut and wishes to marry him. She is also kind and caring to her friends.
  • Lloyd Asplund: A major character and is a 30 years old Earl of Britannia and the developer of Lancelot. He is a sociopath who dedicates himself to science and expresses no interest in love, the only thing he has a heart for. Whenever he talks about anything else, meanwhile, his words and awkward accent makes him come off as uncaring and sometimes rude, even though this is unintentional. He also does not prefer to divulge into these topics. 
  • Cecile Croomy: A major character and is a 25 years old military scientist and is Lloyd's assistant. She is a kind, compassionate and slightly shy woman, she respects her superiors but doubts them when their intentions are misguided but she is not weak-willed and would do anything to protect her friends. 
  • Li Xingke: A major character and is the 24 years old personal bodyguard of Tianzi within the Chinese Federation and later became the Black Knights' General Commander. He is an incredibly hardened individual with a strong sense of duty to his country, albeit only in the ways he believes it can be improved. Xingke is very much willing to go against orders if it means improving his country and always keeps a stoic disposition unless provoked. Additionally, Xingke has a fondness for Knightmare pilots. He is skilled in close combat, especially with swords, and he is capable of drawng his blade, striking and sheathing it without his opponents perceiving the blade being drawn or Xingke moving. He is also a skilled Knightmare pilot and is also highly intelligent, being able to anticipate enemy strategies and counter them. He also possesses political talents as well, however despite his talents, Xingke suffers from a terminal illness. 
  • Naomi Inoue: A supporting character and is one of the first Black Knight members, being a commander who provides logistical support. The upper-half of her Knightmare was shot by Britannian forces, so her Knightmare exploded and killed her. 
  • Yoshitaka Minami: A supporting character and is a core Black Knights member as the Commander of the First Secret Corps and later the Captain of the Ikaruga.
  • Kento Sugiyama: A supporting character and is a core Black Knights member as the Captain of the Special Division.
  • Shogo Asahina: A supporting character and is a Four Holy Swords member and later became a Black Knights member as the Captain of the First Squad. He is killed in the F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion. 
  • Nagisa Chiba: A supporting character and is a Four Holy Swords member and later became a Black Knights member as the Captain of the Fourth Squad.
  • Ryoga Senba: A supporting character and is a Four Holy Swords member and later became a Black Knights members as the Captain of the Second Squad. His Knightmare is stabbed by Gino and explodes, killing him. 
  • Kosetsu Urabe: A supporting character and is a Four Holy Swords member and later became a Black Knights member. He stabs his own Knightmare to sacrifice himself to destroy Rolo's Vincent.
  • Hong Gu: A major character and is a member of the Chinese Federation who joins the Black Knights, taking up the position of the 2nd Division Commander. 
  • Tianzi: A major character and is the 13 years old Empress of the Chinese Federation. She is used to being silenced by the High Eunuchs and other political figures around her, so she rarely shares any opinion or idea of her own. She is very shy and self-depricating, often thinking immediately in any situation of importance that she is just wrong. She is also embarrassed easily and is quite childlike, and dreams of a life in the world outside, and greatly values any friendship she might make. She is also naturally a kindhearted person.
  • Zhou Xianglin: A major character and is a member of the Chinese Federation and a military aide to Xingke who oversees his chain of command in combat and is also the Black Knights' Deputy Chief. She is a very loyal and reliable experienced military officer and has respectable leadership skills. 
  • Taizo Kirihara: A major character and is the founder of the Kirihara Industries and leader of the Kyoto House. He is a wealthy and influential elderly man who provides Knightmares, weapons and intelligence to Japanese resistance groups. He was executed by Britannia. 
  • Tatewaki Katase: A major character and is a Japanese military Major General and the leader of the Japan Liberation Front. He is a respectable and competent leader. He is blown up by Lelouch. 


  • Guinevere de Britannia: A minor character and is the 32 years old First Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire. She is killed in the F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion.
  • Odysseus eu Britannia: A minor character and is the 34 years old First Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and Britannia's Chief Executive. Despite being first-in-line to succeed the throne, his performance in many areas are quite inferior compared to his siblings and doesn't show much decisiveness, malevolence or ambition, and is a somewhat kind man. He is killed in the F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion.
  • Carine ne Britannia: A minor character and is the Fifth Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and she also serves as the commander of the Far East Exchange. She is killed in the F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion. 
  • Sophie Wood: A minor character and is an 18 year old Ashford Academy student and a swimming club member and Shirley's roommate.
  • Miya I. Hillmick: A minor character and is an 16 year old Ashford Academy student and a member of the swimming club. 
  • Toru Yoshida: A minor character and a former member of the Japanese resistance cell and a member of the Black Knights in which he was involved in provisin of logistical support. The legs of his Raiko was cut off by Suzaku, causing it to fall and explode, killing Yoshida. 
  • Ayame Futaba: A minor character and is a volunteer Black Knight member and serves aboard the Ikaruga and runs it's defensive systems.
  • Ichijiku Hinata: A minor character and is a volunteer Black Knight member and serves aboard the Ikaruga as the radar operative.
  • Mutsuki Minase: A minor character and is a volunteer Black Knight member who serves aboard the Ikaruga as one of it's operators.
  • Kizuna Kagesaki: A minor character and is the Captain of the Third Squad in the Black Knights. He was crushed in Jeremiah's spin attack. 
  • Nonette Enneagram: A minor character and is 29 year old the Knight of Nine. She is a carefree person and has a frank personality. 
  • Mrs. Kozuki: A minor character and is the mother of Kallen and Naoto.
  • Mrs. Stadtfeld: A minor character and is the second wife of Mr. Stadtfeld and is Kallen's and Naoto's stepmother. 
  • Takeshi Nagata: A minor character and a member of the Japanese resistance cell. He blew himself up in his truck along with Britannian soldiers. 
  • Kinoshita: A minor character and is a Black Knights' Sub-Commander. He was shot down by Britannian forces.


  • Genbu Kururugi: An unseen character and is Suzaku's late father, the former Prime Minister of Japan before Britannia took over. He was stabbed to death by Suzaku in an attempt to stop the war. 
  • Naoto Kozuki: An unseen character and was the older brother of Kallen and the late leader of the Japanese resistance cell. He was killed in combat against Britannia.
  • Gabrielle la Britannia: An unseen character and was one of Charles' wives and Clovis' mother who contracted an illness. She was killed in a F.L.E.I.J.A. explosion. 



The Order of the Black Knights

A group of vigilante rebels who fight against Britannia and they define themselves as the "Heroes of Japan", and differentiate themselves from other terrorist groups, who take hostages and save civilians, though this tactic is to increase public support and recruitment. Most members are Japanese, many of whom have defected from other insurgent groups, though many other peoples, even Britannians are found among their ranks. Their logo is a Geass Sigil with a sword through it.

Holy Britannian Empire

A nation born from the defeated remnants of the British Empire and is the world's dominant military superpower that ruled over one-third of the world and one of the large empire-unions that control Earth in the early 21st Century. It is an absolute monarchy, meaning that the imperial family holds all authority and administrative power, though there is a bicameral legislature in effect. The Upper House is the House of Lords while the Lower House is the Senate and the senators may be drawn from their state legislatures and they represent the common people. The head of state is the Emperor of Britannia and the head of government is the Prime Minister and the Areas are under the control of Viceroys, who are themselves either part of the aristocracy, imperial family or the military. While the policies of Britannia vary depending on the reigning emperor, it's succession is based on social darwinism. Consequently, much bloodshed and in-fighting occurs between members of the royal family; one who wants to become the next monarch has to lie, cheat and murder their way to the top.

Lower nobilty controls much of the business and bureaucracy outside the royal family and capitalism is widely encouraged. The residents of conquered nations can become Honorary Britannian citizen, and while not genuine Britannians or free from discrimination, they are entitled to the same basic rights. Those who refuse to accept honorary citizenship are consigned to live in rundown ghettos, while those who accept it may live in the prosperous Britannian colonial cities called Concessions. Outside the royal family, there were numerous noble ranks before the aristocracy system was abolished:

  • Grand Duke
  • Duke
  • Marquess
  • Margrave
  • Earl
  • Viscount
  • Baron
  • Knight
  • Knight of Honor

An Area is a nation or group of nations that have been conquered by Britannia and made into a colony. Each Area is designated with a number, and it's people are referred to by that number. Areas are given one of three categories: Reformation are Areas that gradually progress through these areas and gain greater degrees of autonomy with it though in the case of a serious setback such as popular uprising the Area may be demoted, Developing and Satellite.

Known Areas:

  1. United States
  2. Canada and Queen Elizabeth Islands
  3. Mexico and the rest of Central America
  4. Greenland
  5. Iceland
  6. South America
  7. Hawaii and Midway Atoll
  8. Falkland Islands
  9. New Zealand
  10. Indochina
  11. Japan
  12. Philippines
  13. Cambodia
  14. Papua New Guinea
  15. Southern Pacific Islands
  16. Korean Peninsula
  17. Indonesia
  18. Middle Eastern Federation
  19. Unknown
  20. Unknown
  21. Unknown
  22. Unknown
  23. Unknown
  24. Spain

The capital of the empire is the imperial capital of Pendragon and the residences include Britannia Palace, Belial Palace, Warrick Palace, California Base, Texas and Imperial Villa at Aries. English is Britannia's national language and culture derives from the British Empire in a modern state including drinking tea and an appreciation for classical art, opera and equestrianism. Britannia possesses advanced forms of communication including modern cellphones, earpieces, the internet and television and information flows freely, despite rigid censorship and state propoganda in news broadcasts. Britannia is a highly capitalist and consumerist society and the ruthless "survival of the fittest" nature of capitalism fits well with Britannia's belief in social darwinism. Corporations in Britannia wield large amounts of power and influence. These characteristics result in spite for the Britannians being built up, especially among the Numbers. The Britannian government is also not as repressive of the lower class Britannian citizens however power struggles and feuding amongst the royalty and nobility is commonplace. Despite these ruthless characteristics, knightly concepts of chivalry and honor also plays a major role in Britannian culture as well. 

The Britannian Military includes all Armed Forces of the Holy Britannian Empire and is one of the largest, most powerful and most technologically advanced militaries in the world. The Britannian Army is the ground warfare branch and deploy conventional infantry usually when a Knightmare is too large to use and when they are, squads of Honorary Britannians and Britannians are used as grunt work and soldiers are heavily armed and armored with helmeted electronic visors and outside of their armor, army officers and soldiers wear blue uniforms. The Royal Panzer Infantry are made up of Knightmares and pilots of Knightmares are called Knights, having proven themselves in almost all combat situations. Conventional vehicles like tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military vehicles are sometimes used by the Britannian military and large mobile bases such as G-1 Bases are often deployed as a command center and field hospital in potentially hostile territory. 

The other military branches is the Britannian Foreign Legion which allows conquered citizens to serve in the military to fill the gap needed in order to maintain a strong military presence in the Areas, although they were sometimes recruited to serve in the Irregular forces and their tasks are just as menial as they are dangerous. The Britannian Search and Rescue rescue any people who are in distress or imminent dangers, the Britannian Medical Corps are responsible for providing aid in a military operation and are easily recognized by their yellow military truck with the Red Cross emblem on them, the Britannian Air Force are made up of actual airplanes though VTOL gunships and Knightmare VTOL are often used and large hoverships dominate the imperial skies, the Britannian Navy are made up of ships which do not play important military roles but often delegate the role of transport and trade. The Britannian Royal Guards are armed forces whose duty is to protect and serve members of the royal family and come in many types: Lelouch's guard wear grey and white uniforms with half-masks, Schneizel's guard wear green uniforms and sometimes white capes and are led by Kanon, Cornelia's guard wear maroon uniforms and piloted Gloucesters, Charles' guard wore grey uniforms with red sashes and short black capes and carried rifles with elaborate bayonets, Clovis's guard's wear reddish-brown uniforms while officers wear flat caps and a black baldric or a short shoulder cape and the Knights of the Round also have their own personal forces.

Knights are elite specialized armed forces units within Britannia, and generally outside military hierarchy. Many are under personal command of a royal family member and they wield swords along with firearms in combat, and also often wear uniquely designed, elaborate uniforms. The Knights of the Round are the twelve greatest knights in the empire, answerable only to the Emperor and most Knight Orders have a strict code of chivalry. Within regular military rankings, Knights is the term for Knightmare pilots and Britannian Knights also bear the title of "Sir" before their surname.

Euro Britannia is a subject and tributary-empire of the Holy Britannian Empire who are at war with the E.U.. Euro Britannia's known territories are Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. It has their own military who use the same weapons and forces as the mainland and has command over the four Chivalric Orders which were established to act as both the sword and shield of Euro Britannia, and their first duty is to protect the empire from all threats. Each Order is made up of elite knights and is commanded by a Grand Master who wields a unique Knightmare. The Grand Masters have strong political influence in the government. 

The empire uses a.t.b. (Ascension Throne Britannia), also called the Imperial Calendar. Their flag resembles the St. George's Cross, the flag of England, warped with the Union Flag of the United Kingdom. It bears a unique coat-of-arms with a lion representing royalty while the serpent represents death and rebirth. 

Geass Order

A secretive group that studies and produces Geass users. It's location changes usually with each leader.

Japan Liberation Front

Once the largest Japanese resistance organization and they attempted to undermine Britannian rule over Japan several times with limited success. It's military consisted of members from the former Japanese military and resistance soldiers, and was led by many surviving military officers from Japan's original Armed Forces. The JLF also have a proper and actual chain of command, their prowess is attributed to their military background. 

Kyoto House

An organzation of elite Japanese industrialists and plurocrats 

Chinese Federation

One of the three dominant superpowers in the world that sits immediately to the west of Japan. It is more respectful of human rights than Britannia, the Chinese Federation is still an imperial monarchy with most of the power concentrated in the hands of the High Eunuchs, the Empress now serving more of a symbolic role. When the High Eunuchs were in power, the Chinese Federation operated along with an oligarchic system as the High Eunuchs concentrate and exercise an absolute power however later the Empress restored power. 

The Chinese Federation holds a substantial amount of territory comprising all of East Asia except for Japan, South Asia, Central Asia and Southeast Asia with notable areas being Mongolia and Militarized Zones of India and Liadong. Their flag has a bronze eight-sided star figure in the center, with a corresponding smaller outlined version in it's center on a burgundy red background.

The Chinese Armed Forces is the Chinese Federation's main military force and is one of the most powerful militaries. The Ground Forces are the ground warfare and comprises of basic ground-based infantry units tasked with defending China and it's interests and infantry members have dark green armor over tan-green undershirts and have samurai-like helmets and also have Knightmares, tanks and APC's as well as the Longdan which commands the entire fighting force. The Air Force possess their own VTOL Gunships and large bombers as well as a poweful Navy. 

Europia United

One of the major superpowers and is a democratic region laden with decadence and bureaucracy. It has a council of representatives from each member state present and the E.U. not only control Europe, but also all of Africa and parts of the Middle East. The city of Paris serves as the E.U.'s capital and it's military forces are divided into individual national forces referred to as "state armies". Their have their own Knightmare forces and officers and personnel wear grey uniforms with a gold diamond logo. The E.U. also have significant navy and air force capability as well as employing Japanese exiles as soldiers. Their flag is dark blue with a silver eagle-like bird emblem and a small white marking in the middle.

United Federation of Nations

A new coalition of states created to counter Britannia's advancing domination and their flag is a white dove with three circles merging at the point where the wings and body meet, with a yellow background. Decisions of the U.F.N. are determined by a two-thirds majority vote by the leaders of each country with the population of each country determining their voting percentage. It's military is under the control of the Black Knights and are made up of the member nations' armed forces. 

Member Nations: 

  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Korea
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Sudan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Mongolia
  • Burma
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Belarus
  • Greece
  • Indonesia
  • Scandinavia
  • Bangladesh
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Ukraine
  • New Zealand
  • Brazil
  • Spain

Blood of the Samurai


Knightmare Frames




Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan

Burai Kai


Gekka Tohdoh Custom



















Chu Yen


Guren Flight-Enabled Version

Guren Mk-I

Guren Mk-II


Lancelot Conquista

Lancelot Albion








Shen Hu



Guren S.E.I.T.E.N.


Power of Absolute Obedience

Seal of Absolute Sound

Seal of Absolute Suspension

Charles's Geass

C.C.'s Geass

Bismarck's Geass

Marianne's Geass

Unnamed Children's Geass


Scripts and Quotes

  • Kallen Kozuki: You fellas know full well what this badass mother can do!
  • C.C.: You don't want it to end here, do you?
  • Lelouch vi Britannia: What?
  • C.C.: You appear to have a reason for living.
  • Lelouch: The girl? That's impossible.
  • C.C.: If I grant you power, could you go on? I propose a deal; in exchange for this power, you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and you accept it's conditions. While living in the world of humans, you will live unlike any other: a different providence, a different time, a different life. The power of the king will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this?
  • Lelouch: Yes! I hereby accept the terms of your contract!
  • Lelouch: Say, how should a Britannian who detests his own country live his life?
  • Britannian Royal Guard Commander: Are you some kind of radical? 
  • Lelouch: What's wrong? Why not shoot? Your opponent is just a schoolboy. Or have you realized the only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!
  • Britannian Royal Guard Commander: What's happening here?!
  • Lelouch: I, Lelouch vi Britannia, command you! Now all of you...Die!
  • Britannian Royal Guard Commander: Happily, your highness! Fire!
  • Lelouch: That was the turning point. Since that day, I've lived a lie: the lie of living. My name, too, was a lie. My personal history, a lie. I was sick to death of a world that couldn't be changed. But even in my lies, I refused to give up in despair. But now, this incredible's mine. Well, then...
  • Lloyd Asplund: So, are we having a bad day? Looks like you missed a chance to go to heaven, Private Kururugi.
  • Clovis la Britannia: I'm overjoyed, Lelouch! They say you died once Japan was brought into the fold. What a blessing to have you back, we should depart for the homeland immediately.
  • Lelouch: So you can use me as a tool of diplomacy, it seems you forgotten why we were used as tools in the first place. That's right, it was because my mother was killed. Mother held the title of Knight of Honor, but was a commoner by birth. No doubt the other imperial consorts held her in contempt. Even though you made it look like the work of terrorists, I'm no fool! You people killed my mother!
  • Clovis: It wasn't me! I swear to you it wasn't!
  • Lelouch: Then tell me everything you know, the truth cannot be hidden from me any longer. By whose hands was she slain?!
  • Clovis: My brother, Second Prince Schneizel and Second Princess Cornelia. They can tell you.
  • Lelouch: They were at the heart of this. That's all you know, isn't it?
  • Clovis: I swear it wasn't me! I have nothing to do with it!
  • Lelouch: I believe you. However...
  • Clovis: Please, you can't! We may have different mothers, but you and I are still blood!
  • Lelouch: You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty. 

Age Rating

The age rating is 15+ due to: 

  • Moderate Violence
  • Mild Sexual References and Some Nudity 
  • Drug Use 
  • Moderate Language 
  • Discrimination


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