Cody is a main character in the Total Assault series.

  • Age: Unknown
  • Born: Unknown
  • Height:
    • 6'0" (6'02")
    • 5'09" (5'11") - TA 3
    • 7'02" (Mutated)
  • Weight:
    • 180 lbs. (250 lbs.)
    • 128 lbs. (168 "468" lbs.) - TA 3
    • 450 lbs. (Mutated)

History Edit

Early before the Zodiac War, Cody relished in hunting down and capturing rogue assassins for The Galactic Guard, and profitting off of it. There are few in the Galaxy who could escape from this Elite Hunter, one of those few, was Jon. Cody was one of the few in turn who could keep up with Jon, however. The bounty over this guy's head was larger than any he had ever seen. Cody was fast though, and Jon actually broke a sweat or 2 running from him, metaphorically speaking. Cody eventually ended up siding up with Jon and his rogue friend, Shawn, to help them with an error on Takreeka with The Zodiac. In the end, Avisto escaped, and Takreeka was safe. Cody now has given up the life of a Hunter and Mercenary for a life in the military.

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