Cody Solos (033)
Biographical Information



February 11, 2508

Physical Description





7'01" (7'04" - MJOLNIR V)


316 lb. (1,093 lb. - MJOLNIR V)





Chronological and Political Information

Commander (at time of Dishonorable Discharge)


Jack of all Trades

Weapons Used
  • Combat Knife
  • BR55 rifle
  • SRS-99C
  • SRS-99D
  • M392 DMR
  • MA5 rifle
  • M41 SSR
  • M19 SSM
  • Himself
"The human race is out of gas. Its circling in the drain, and its finished! The only thing that matters now is taking what you can before somebody else beats ya to it."
—SPARTAN-033 to David-010

Former-Commander Cody Solos (born November 11, 2508) was a Human senior officer of the UNSC who served during the Great War. Cody was a SPARTAN-II that had more than a few turbulent relationships with the other SPARTANS, most notable being David-010. While it was well known that John-117 was one of the exceptional SPARTANS, and is recognized as their leader, Cody-033 was, possibly, the most tactically, martially, strategically, and militarily perfect of them all, having known the art of combat since the tender age of 4, four years even before his abduction. Just a few months prior to the scheduled kidnapping, Cody had been diagnosed with Multiple personality disorder. Halsey noted that if they continued with his training, he could develop extreme forms of schizocaria, which could in turn lead to chronic psychosis.

He is considered by many Halo fans to be the main antagonist of Halo: Revelation, the final chapter in the main Halo story arch, as he is the direct opponent of the main protagonist, which is SPARTAN-010.


Early life

"I can't change the past, I have no control of that...but I can, and will, change the future."


Cody, like David, was one of the last children observed by Halsey as last minute additions, and he was the one whom Halsey speculated had the most potential to surpass all other SPARTANS. After reading up on his files at Navy Point Primary Education Facility at Navy Point, she found that he had been trained in Tai-Kwon-Do, Judo, Ninjutsu, all by the age of 4, by the age of 6 he was a black belt in all three, which showed his mental capacity for storing and playing back information exceptionally well for a child of his age. He was also remarkably large and strong for his age, standing at just over 4.5 feet and weighing nearly 100 pounds of mostly pure muscle. He had straight A's throughout his years, never falling below a B, with a GPA of almost a perfect 4.0 throughout his entire first and second years of NPP.

Cody's mother and father were very abusive it seems. He moved in with his aunt at age 5 on Biko, and lived with her until age 7 when the colony was attacked by Insurrectionists. The colonial authorities weighed his only option of residence being his parent's home back on Reach. Cody went back to live with his parents, who were just beginning to get their life back together.


"You'll never love me like the parents you should have been. I can't help but wish you could've lived up to your potential, I can't help that you writhe around in agony at my presence, but you must be punished for your actions against other individuals. He is my true father and mother, and like him, I will ascend and all will be punished for their transgressions."
—Cody to both his mother and father before killing them.

For the next year Cody endured their neglects, and watched in silence when they beat one another, as well as other people. Cody stayed out as late as possible with the street urchins amongst the suburbs, who taught him how to be self-sufficient, how to make his own money, how to street fight. Cody got into his first fights on the streets at age 7, winning every one against all ages 6 all the way up to 17. What was most critical of all his experiences on the streets was when he learned how to kill. He described it as an 'art', the art of killing. His first kill was a 9 year old urchin who had stolen money from the gang. Cody chased the boy down, into an alley, where he cornered him, beating him up to a bloody pulp with his bare hands, and then killing him by jamming a knife down his throat into his esophagus. He never returned the money, he went straight to the nearest river and washed off.

He killed several more that crossed him. Unimpressed with their actions, he would kill them in several different ways; clobbering them and then ripping out their jugular, or he would stab them in the gut and watch them bleed slowly to death. These were only a few. While he did this, he studied the anatomy of a human body, taking to note all the vital 'death' points as he called them. Finally he happened upon a 27 year old man, who he also killed with relative ease. During one of his 'hikes' Cody discovered something peculiar in the mountains behind his hometown, massive cavern, containing secrets of a power so far beyond anyone's comprehension it would become the final stage in this boy's transformation from a simple troubled youth, to a full fledged monster hellbent on the destruction of anything and everything.

Cody stumbled through the cavern for days, weeks on end, before coming into a massive artificial structure which rested in the middle a massive robotic eye which he said spoke to him, telling him tales of ancient civilizations, and how they were doomed to fall due to their physical and mental imperfection. He told how their machines were left behind, and how the humans machines would remain behind as well, and together they would form a 'new galactic order'. The AI referred to itself as 'Righteous Cause Brings Immortality', and just as his name suggests, the AI gave Cody hope for himself, that if he served the future rulers, they could ensure his survival as a master of the next civilization to emerge, perhaps even a god. Cody was then teleported back to the fields outside the settlement. Cody would then go on to torture and kill his parents the next morning. Cody was then apprehended and brought to a psychiatrist. It is unknown if the events preceding the killings actually happened, or if they were just a fabrication of Cody's young, unstable mind. He was diagnosed with split-personality disorder and schizophrenia, a short two months before his planned conscription.


"...but if we did it right. If we trained him the 'right' way, think of what we could accomplish."
—Dr. Halsey to Mendez on Cody's mental instability

Halsey, Mendez, and the others involved with the SPARTAN program, debated as to whether or not to continue with the abduction. Cody was without a doubt one of the most mentally unstable of the candidates, not to mention he was a bit old, too old in Mendez's opinion. Halsey's view was eventually backed by an unnamed high official of the Unified Earth Governments.


"Hi! I'm Cody Solos, what's your name?"
—Cody-033 to Jacob-140

Alas, the operation went as planned. Cody was abducted from his foster parents and replaced with a flash clone, and became Trainee-033. On his first day of training, Cody stood up to the trainer, and asked him why they should listen to him. When Cody got too out of line the trainer made a move to restrain Cody for punishment. Cody broke the man's arm in three places, and then escaped. He was eventually retrieved and put back with the other 15 recruits, but Cody didn't show signs of lessening his aggression levels. Cody pretended to be a friend with one of the other trainees, Jacob-140, and then challenged him to a fight. Cody broke ten of Jacob's ribs, one of which resulted in a puncture of his right lung, along with his left arm, right ankle, and his jaw. Jacob was also missing several teeth. Cody was taken away from the groups and thoroughly trained by himself. The training was more excruciating and exhausting than anyone's at the facility. For two weeks he had to endure it, until he was let out in a different training creche.

Contrary to belief, Cody got along well with many of the trainees, it was just when he began to boil over and get fired up when they needed to be concerned. Cody eventually made two 'best' friends, Caz-098 and Kato-055, who shared similar beliefs to his, and were, of no surprise, the two 'next' deadliest fighters in the class.

Battle of Green Hills

"Admiral, its all gone, hope is lost. The Covenant are unbeatable, you can't possibly hope to survive, none of you can."
—Cody-033 to Admiral Preston Cole shortly after the glassing of Green Hills

This was Cody's first battle. He, Caz-098, and Kato-055 were sent in to try to curb the assault, alas they arrived too late. The Covenant already had the upper hand. The three SPARTANS' performance far surpassed that of any expectations, which would lead to further use of them during the Battle of Chi Ceti, and the three SPARTANS alone managed to wipe out more than 4,000 Covenant soldiers before having to retreat. Due to their rating by Preston Cole as being 'above hyper-lethal', ONI attempted to take them in as 'personal weapons', where their very existence would be classified above top secret, but the UEG came in before any paperwork could be filed and took over jurisdiction of the three SPARTANS, removing and eliminating their files from the SPARTAN-II personnel database, and their status being marked as KIA at the Battle of Green Hills. The SPARTANS were then taken from their extraction point to UEG headquarters, Earth, New York City. Following the trio's meeting with the UEG Crown Committee, the Special Response Detachment 'RONIN' was formed as an analogue to 'SPARTAN'.


Cody-033 was designated as RONIN-ONE, Caz-098 was RONIN-TWO, with Kato-055 as RONIN-THREE. There was one setback of the team, according to the UEG Crown Committee team RONIN operated above the jurisdiction of NavSpecWarCom as well as HighCom, meaning they could do whatever they felt was necessary to get the job done.

Harvest Campaign

"There's a reason we're the best of the best, and you're not."
—Cody-033 to a dying ODST, prior to leaving him alone for an oncoming attack by the Covenant.
SPARTANS 033(background) and 098 (foreground) discuss their next move.

RONIN displayed their first acts of barbarism, and frightening effectiveness against Covenant ground forces. RONIN started out clearing the city of Kal Pai from Covenant forces, making their way along the Tssasi Highway to Sao Paun. The Covenant had set up a Command Post here that was controlling a fleet of unmanned recon drones. The drones were assisting the Covenant air forces, which was hindering UNSC ground abilities. Once they destroyed the command center RONIN was given the objective of capturing a Sangheili Field Marshall near San Mandossa. Out of the UNSC forces in the area after about 41 hours they were the only ones left. They made their push to capture the Field Marshall upon entering the city. They tracked him to a Covenant firebase that they infiltrated and later destroyed. RONIN was praised for their actions by the UEG during the Harvest Campaign, but were dismayed that the RONINS simply didn't have the ability to preserve the lives they were fighting for, not to mention they couldn't work well with anyone that wasn't a SPARTAN. They were re-assigned to hit an Innie base on Earth at a region in Oceania, Micronesia. It is here that RONIN would have their first run in with Blue Team.

Battle of Micronesia

"When I see you, I do not see a SPARTAN, I do not see a soldier. What I see is a child with a temper tantrum problem that can't let go of the past, a weakling."
—Cody-033 to David-010 during the Battle

RONIN was sent in several hours ahead of BLUE Team. However, Blue team managed to arrive first somehow. Blue Team, as expected, didn't recognize the three SPARTANS. Cody-033 warned John-117 to stay out of their way and they wouldn't have any problems, Cody-033 then went on to try to assert himself as mission commander, but David-010 stood up to him, telling him it wasn't his fight. Cody-033 belittled David-010 and the rest of Blue Team with his well known history of each of them, being given access to all their files by the UEG, and using past events against them psychologically, including Kelly, who had been abused and raped at a young age. Kelly just told him to go to hell and shrivel up and die, and that she hoped the Covenant capture him alive and torture him for the rest of his pathetic life.

Involvement with Conspiracies to kill Blue Team

Due to Blue Team's resentment of Cody-033, when RONIN fell under heavy attack Blue team didn't step in to assist, and RONIN was stuck under fire while Blue Team went on to destroy the URF base. Their operation was a success and Blue Team left without offering any assistance to RONIN. Nevertheless the trio of SPARTANS managed to escape and report back to UEG officials. UEG responded by activating an ONI asset, who turned out to be none other than Colonel Ackerson himself. UEG tasked Ackerson with eliminating MCPO John-117 and David-010 as his top priorities, and afterwards organizing operations that would result in the deaths of each member of Blue Team. Ackerson first attempted to kill David-010 and Kelly 087 multiple times by grouping them together in a team he would come to call ERV-313. After these failed he went after MCPO John-117, attempting to kill him with an obstacle course. Ackerson was forced to abandon his plans after Cortana, literally, sabotaged his personal life, and the UEG agreed to let sleeping dogs lie, this led to the separation of RONIN from the UEG and UNSC entirely, and were labeled as terrorists by the UNSC, after they "allegedly" accepted pay from URF leaders to work for them as mercenaries. They were later replaced by SRD-NOBLE, which, after their deaths, were replaced by SRD-REGAL One-Three.

The Fourth Horseman

RONIN was allegedly working with the Insurrectionists, but according to Cody-033, it was just a cover for the UEG to utilize them in systematically eliminating the rest of Blue Team. By 2552, the ultimate threats to the UEG's infrastructure had been neutralized. John-117 had the skills necessary to break them and eliminate the grip they held on the colonies. Halsey had the wit to, if need be, create another army powerful enough to challenge their power, likewise Kurt-051 did too. Noble Six had knowledge and connection to David-010 and Kelly-087, and, likewise, all the members of Blue Team, along with Halsey, were trapped inside Onyx, and John-117 was left adrift in space. They only had one more obstacle to take care of, David-010. Under the cover of terrorist mercenaries, which would give them enough reason to wipe out anything between them and David, RONIN began their hunt for David.


"Sacrifice? No thank you, I am rather attached to my life."
—Cody-033 to Catherine Halsey

Cody-033 can be summed up in a few words; cynical, manipulative, power-hungry, self-centered, arrogant, and utterly lethal. Before everything else, Cody is concerned with one thing, his own life. From the day he emerged from that cavern on Reach he has believed with a burning passion that he has been saved and will one day be elevated to godhood upon the coming of the next civilization after the fall of Humanity. As can be expected, he isn't in any rush to 'waste his time saving lives', he prefers taking them, as opposed to most of Blue Team, which have been notable to act in the best interests of humankind as a whole, most notable being David-010. As expected, Cody, and the others of RONIN, did not get along very well at all with Blue Team, and almost resulted in their deaths.

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