College Massacre is a horror-thriller-slasher film starring Agnes Bruckner, Ryan Merriman, Chris Hemsworth, Taryn Manning, Meagan Good, Anna Hutchinson, Megan Fox, Jesse Williams, Nicholas D'Agosto, Jamie Chung, Texas Battle, Scott Porter, Ecstasia Sanders, Ian Somerhalder, Teresa Palmer, Logan Browning and Elisha Cuthbert



Agnes Bruckner as Abigail

Ryan Merriman as Jimmy

Chris Hemsworth as Ryan

Taryn Manning as Charlotte

Meagan Good as Brenda

Anna Hutchinson as Wendy

Megan Fox as Madison

Jesse Williams as Dwayne

Nicholas D'Agosto as Owen

Jamie Chung as Claire

Texas Battle as Rick

Scott Porter as Frank

Ecstasia Sanders as Missy

Ian Somerhalder as Ron

Teresa Palmer as Brianna

Logan Browning as Stella

Elisha Cuthbert as Grace


Grace- Stabbed in neck

Stella- Pushed out window

Ron- Stabbed in head

Brianna- Stabbed in leg and neck broke

Rick- Stabbed in back

Missy- Gutted

Claire- Stabbed in leg and stabbed in heart

Frank- Stabbed through chest while having sex with Madison

Madison- Stabbed to death

Owen- Shot in chest

Dwayne- Shot in heart

Charlotte- Stabbed several times and shot in head by Abigail


Abigail, Jimmy, Ryan, Brenda and Wendy

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