Color is an upcoming 2013 Atmospheric, Colorful or Colourful Horror Slasher Film written by Christopher Bond and John Logan and directed by Tim Burton.

It stars Kat Dennings, Lauren Storm, Cam Gigandet, Dan Byrd, Linda Cardellini, Joanna Levesque, Thora Birch, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Ted Levine, Wes Craven and Kirsten Dunst.


A killer with two silly agendas targets a select group of Art Student Teens and two teachers.


  • Kat Dennings as Wendelin Waverley Waters/ Blue
  • Lauren Storm as Judy Juggernaut/ Orange
  • Cam Gigandet as Thomas Turntile/ Green
  • Dan Byrd as Jumper Adams/ Red
  • Linda Cardellini as Roberta Roberts-The Principle/ Purple
  • Ted Levine as Julian James John- Teacher/ White
  • Joanna Levesque as Jessica Joose/ Brown
  • Kirsten Dunst as Kelly Keeper Kraft/ Black
  • Johnny Depp as Crazy Driver/ Tahlia Tomorrow's Father
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Tahlia Tomorrow's already dead mother
  • Thora Birch as Tahlia Tomorrow/ The Killer
  • Wes Craven as Butcher

Original Slasher's Guild

As of May 14, 2010 Steven Spielberg approached a handful of associate film directors and proposed to create a theater distribution similar to Grindhouse or Reinhart.

He proposed that the theater possess an original name and release high budget, ensemble cast slasher films that are not remakes of any original slasher and are original in their own right.

Director Steve Miner signed on immediately to the at first untitled company and then was followed by directors: Tim Burton, Steven Soderberg and finally Lasse Hallstrom.

Each of the directors would form a cast and crew and create their own prestigious original slasher film and release it for the theater they would create.

The theater titled as of March 31, 2010 as the Original Slasher's Guild had revealed teaser trailers for the films that would be made and would be released back to back.

The first film completed was Steve Miner's slasher film the Cave which was then followed by Hallstrom's slasher Farm.

They were released on January 30 at the Original Slashers Guild.

Death Sequences

  1. Kelly Keeper- Killed in house with Black Paint Tipped Brush to Mouth
  2. Jessica Joose- Killed following chase with Brown Paint Tipped Brush to Back
  3. Butcher- Killed directly following Jessica's death via Impalement in mouth with broken Moonshine bottle and disembowlment via Implement Cart collision
  4. Julian James John- Killed following discovery of dog's bloody corpse via impalement in eye with White Tipped Paint Brush
  5. Roberta Roberts- Killed in Office via impalement through throat with Purple Tipped Paint Brush
  6. Crazy Driver/ Tahlia Tomorrow's Father- Killed following pick up of Wendelin via ticking clock car bomb
  7. Jumper Adams- Killed via impalement through chin by Red Paint Tipped Brush
  8. Thomas Turntile- Killed via Green Paint Tipped Brush to Stomach
  9. Judy Juggernaut- Killed via Orange Paint Tipped Brush to Heart

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