Jade Steinburg is a seasoned war fighter, born in Britain, she assists Davian and his MSWG Mercenaries on nearly all of their missions.

History Edit

Steinburg is a light framed woman who is mainly seen in headquarters giving orders via a TAC to her field operators, most of the time they are Davian's squad, she answers mainly to Captain Grigg. She operates in all of the major battles of The Zodiac War, helping many Melchizadek parties. During the year 2099 she began to work with Davian, feeling sympathy for him having his normal human life ripped away from him. She began working with him, his squad, but she hates Sergeant Amber Hayes, with a passion, because she disobeyed her command as a Private First Class at an earlier date, and when Steinburg was about to demote Hayes, her command was overridden by Major Jennings, whom she also hates.

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