The Confederacy of Independent States, also known as the Confederacy, Separatist Confederacy, or simply as The Separatists, was a government and political movement established in 22 BMY as a tool to break away from, and eventually replace, the Youngian Republic, as the ruling government of the Youngian Galaxy. At least 54% of the Republic's members joined this new Confederacy. The Confederacy armed a secret military, which caused the Republic to create its own. The Galactic Wars were triggered, in which the Confederacy conquered 10% more of the Republic. Eventually, in 19 BMY, the Republic counter-attacked, and using a series of deactivation codes appearhended by spies, the Republic de-commissioned the vast majority of the Confederate military, using covert means. The Confederacy eventually collapsed from the destruction of most of its military and the capture of its leaders. The victorious, yet extremely feeble, Republic, subsumed at least half of the Confederacy and proclaimed the existence of the Youngian Empire.

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