Conflict on Coruscant
Jedi vs. Sith

Jedi-Sith War


35 ABY





  • 1 God of the Sith
  • 1 Semi-God of the Sith
  • 9 Titans
  • Cloaking assassins
  • Kaleesh warriors
  • Leprethaun capital ships
  • Leprethaun soldiers
  • Shadow androids
  • Sith assassins
  • Sith brutes
  • Sith capital ships
  • Sith masters
  • Sith phantoms
  • Sith starfighters
  • Sith warriors
  • Sith zombies
  • Bando Gora slaves
  • Bando Gora captains
  • Bando Gora elites
  • Bounty hunters
  • Acklays
  • Bull rancors
  • Greater krayt dragons
  • Krayt dragons
  • Mutant rancors
  • Nexus
  • Rancors
  • Reeks
  • Tuk'atas
  • AT-AT walkers
  • AT-ST walkers
  • BTL Y-Wing starfighters
  • B-Wing starfighters
  • Force Warriors
  • GA Army scouts
  • GA Army troopers
  • Jade Shadows
  • Jedi Archaeologists
  • Jedi Archivists
  • Jedi Battlemasters
  • Jedi Brutes
  • Jedi Geologists
  • Jedi Guardians
  • Jedi Healers
  • Jedi Historians
  • Jedi Instructors
  • Jedi Knights
  • Jedi Padawans
  • Jedi Shadows
  • Jedi Snipers
  • Jedi Trainers
  • Jedi Weapon Masters
  • Lady Luck
  • Millennium Falcon
  • RZ-1 A-Wing starfighters
  • T-65 X-Wing starfighters
  • V-Wing airspeeders


  • So far
    • Jacen Solo

The Conflict on Coruscant was a battle between Darth Raiden's Sith and the New Jedi Order.


Before Darth Raiden's plot to exterminate the Jedi could proceed, Raiden went back in time to rescue the deceased Sith and Jedi back to the present. He revives all of them while transforming the Jedi he rescued into his Sith minions. Now that every single being from back in time has been revived, Raiden trains himself and his Sith warriors for two years to fully destroy the Jedi.

The Battle

Coruscant Assault

The Conflict on Coruscant begins.

On Coruscant, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker overlooks the city inside the New Jedi Temple. Before Luke could leave the room, a blast is seen blowing up a building. Luke looks out again, with Leia coming at his side, and they see trillions of Sith fighters and Capital ships flying in above the city, which are blocking every escape route for the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance. The sky turns blood red, and with no retreats nor excuses, the huge battle of Coruscant begins.

So far, Darth Raiden is at an entrance of the tallest building on Coruscant. He sees the Millennium Falcon flying around the building, and goes inside in order to kill the Jedi and GA troopers before reaching the Falcon. After killing many on the way, a passage that leads to the upper levels gets blocked by debris, and Raiden teleports to get through the blocked passage. More Jedi show up, but get easily slain by Raiden. Upon getting to the roof, he spots Jacen Solo, who jumps onto the Falcon in order to aid his father in attacking a group of Sith starfighters. Raiden flies to get to the Falcon, but lands on an X-Wing. While on top, Raiden Force pulls the GA pilot out of the cockpit, making him do the Goofy Holler. The God of the Sith then pilots the X-Wing to make the GA pilots think that one of their commrades is a traitor. After destroying enough Galactic Alliance starfighters, Raiden slices off the astromech droid on the X-Wing, and jumps off of the falling ship. Darth Raiden spots the Millennium Falcon, and teleports on top of the Falcon, where Jacen is. The two have a lengthy lightsaber duel. Dueing the fight, Raiden stabs the Millenium Falcon, causing it to fall into the atmosphere of Coruscant. The Sith Lord and Jacen Solo then proceed to finish the duel while on top of the falling Falcon. Raiden kills Jacen, jumps off the ship, and witnesses the Falcon explode when it crashes into a building. Darth Raiden then goes on to find and kill the seriously injured Han Solo, and jumps down to attack an AT-AT and slices its head off.


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