Contagious is a slasher horror film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jensen Ackles, Nicholas D'Agosto, Sean Faris, Agnes Bruckner, Willa Holland, Julianna Guill, Scout Taylor-Compton, Tiffany Hines, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Katija Pevec, Ben Feldman, Michael Copon, Gus Carr, Kellan Lutz and Danielle Harris


A group of 17 college students are sent to an abandon hospital but are locked in and must fight off a disease that infects them and turns them vicious. Can they survive the disease before its too late.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Kate

Jensen Ackles as Charles

Nicholas D'Agosto as Chris

Sean Faris as Kevin

Agnes Bruckner as Jennifer

Willa Holland as Aubrey

Julianna Guill as Anna

Scout Taylor-Compton as Jessica

Tiffany Hines as Victoria

Chelan Simmons as Lucy

Crystal Lowe as Jesse

Katija Pevec as Kristen

Ben Feldman as Jeremy

Michael Copon as Robert

Gus Carr as Danny

Kellan Lutz as Michael

Danielle Harris as Shelby


Shelby- Infected and is hit in head with a chair by Jennifer

Danny- Infected and shot in head by Kristen

Robert- Infected and stabbed in head by Kate

Jesse- Infected and hit several times with baseball bat by Charles

Anna- Infected by Shelby and shot in chest by Jeremy

Lucy- Infected and neck broke by Chris

Michael- Shot himself in head cause he was infected by Lucy

Jessica- Infected and decapitated with axe by Victoria

Victoria- Stabs herself to death cause she was infected by Jessica

Kristen- Infected and shot in head by Kate

Jeremy- Infected and shot in mouth by Jennifer

Kevin- Infected by Jeremy and stabbed in head by Aubrey

Aubrey- Infected by Kevin and shot 14 times in chest by Kate

Chris- Infected and beaten with a pole by Jennifer

Charles- Infected and shot in mouth by Jennifer

Kate- Infected and tells Jennifer to kill her and shot in chest 7 times by Jennifer



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