Control is an horror novel that features the friends characters.During an normal Sunday morning turns into the day of horror,The gang are forced to stay in Central Perk.When one of the windows break,Things takes an turn for the worse.Also,Joey and Phoebe were never born.

One The Day Befour

Ross Geller woke up.His alarm was going off and Ross looked at the time.Four in the morning."Chandler",Ross muttered as he stood up and walked out of the bedroom.He saw Chandler laughing like crazy."What the fuck are you doing",Yelled Ross."What",Chandler asked,Trying to keep an straight face,But bursted out laughing."I need to go to work in four hours",Ross was raging."I'm sorry",Chandler muttered."You fucking dick",Ross slammed the door behind him when he went to the bedroom.

Meanwhile,Rachel woke up to the yelling from across the hall."Bastards",She muttered and she walked out of her bedroom.She saw Monica also awake.The two walked up to apartment 19,Angry."Open up",Rachel shouted.Chandler opened the door and saw the two woman."What",Chandler asked."What is that noise",Monica was raging.In the first time in weeks,She had sleep ever since Richard broke up with her.

"I woke Ross up as an joke",Chandler tried to laugh,But couldn't."You fuck",Rachel muttered as she walked back to her apartment."Why did you do it",Monica asked."Because,He eat the last pancake",Chandler joked."Just,Don't do it again",Monica walked back to her apartment.Chandler saw her shut the door,And entered the apartment.

Six hours later,Ross was at work."And that is how the dinosaur was extinct",Just then,The bell rang."Okay,Um,Mr.Stone,Can i have an word",Ross yawned as his student walked up to him."Yeah sir",Nick asked."You failed your exam.What is wrong.You are smart",Ross looked at his student."Well,My mother just killed herself so",He looked down and Ross felt sad for the boy."I will let you away with it",Ross smiled as Nick walked away.

Meanwhile,Rachel was in an warm shower when she heard the phone ring.She quickly shut the shower off and put her towel on.She got out and walked up to the phone."Hello",Rachel spoke to the phone."Hey sweetie,It's your mom.Your dad was mugged today",Sandra spoke to her."Oh my god",Rachel covered her mouth."He is in the hospital,As one of them bit him",Sandra,Inside,Wished that he would die.

"Call me",Rachel put the phone down.Her father,In the hospital.Just then,She heard someone trying to get in."Hello",Rachel spoke out loud,Just then,Monica came in with her bags."Remind me that i have to pick my father and mother up tomorrow",Monica never noticed Rachel was crying.

Chandler was at his boring work when his phone rang."Chandler Bing",Chandler lazily replyed."Helen has been mugged,So she can't come in today",His boss,Tommy,Said."Okay,Send in Janice",Chandler started to work when the door opened.

"Hello Janice",Chandler said."Hello,Bingaling",She started to laugh.She went up to him and kissed him on the forehead."Come to to my house after work",Chandler kissed her."Okay,Bingaling",She walked off smileing.Chandler was falling in love with her.Even though she was annoying at first,She was okay now.

Rachel stared at the hospital along with Ross."Are you sure you want to do this,Love",Ross asked her."Sure",She smiled at Ross.Even though her father hated Ross,He was still going to go."Excuse me,What room is Lenoard Green",Rachel asked the nurse."I'm sorry.He passed away an hour ago",The nurse said as she looked at the files."Noo",Rachel was crying."Come on,Rach",He led her to the car.

Meanwhile,Chandler knocked on apartment 20 and Monica answered the door."Hello",Monica said."What do you want",Monica asked him."Can i stay with you tonight",He asked."Yeah,Why",Monica asked him."Janice is scared because someone nearly bit her,And she wants to stay over her along but we have locked ourselfs out",Chandler asked her.

"Sofa",She replyed and she let the two in.They got to the sofa and planned out where they would sleap and so on.Just then,Ross and Rachel came in."Hey,Guys",Monica hugged Rachel."Dad is still in hospital",Rachel went to her bed,And Ross followed her as Chandler told Ross what happened.Monica put all the lights out,And the gang fell asleap.

Two Sunday

Chandler woke up and saw Janice hugging him,Sleaping.He looked up and saw Rachel pouring an glass of milk."Rach",Chandler whispered.She looked up at him."Are you going to the hospital",He asked.Rachel shaked her head."In Tuesday",She replyed as she walked back into her bedroom.

Chandler managed to get up without waking Janice and kissed her forehead.Chandler walked up to the table and quickly wrote in an note that he was going to the shop.Chandler closed the door and walked out of the building.

When he was walking,He noticed that the place was strangely quiet.He failed to notice an woman getting dragged back inside by her own husband,And she let out an terrified scream.Chandler was too tired to hear the scream.

He walked into the shop and went up to the newspaper section.He stared at the headline,America in Trouble.Just then,Shaun,The owner of the shop,Grabbed onto Chandler.Chandler let out an terrified scream and he saw that Shaun was bleeding.

"What happened",Chandler asked out in horror."Man",Was all Shaun could say.Chandler looked at the back,And saw an man with no arm slowly walking to them."Oh my god",Chandler whispered.Just then,Shaun passed out.Shaun then woke up in an matter of seconds and grabbed onto Chandler's leg.

"Get off me",Chandler shouted and he kicked his head.Shaun fell backwards,Which resulted in him and the man falling down.Chandler quickly got up and ran back to his building.When running,He saw that all around,They were more people like the man and Shaun.

Chandler got to his building and quickly shut the door.He ran up to apartment 20 and opened the door as fast as he could.He saw Monica and Ross making Breakfest and Janice watching the news.

Monica looked at Chandler and saw he was in shock."What's wrong,Chandler",Monica asked."Outside",Was all Chandler could say.He was in denial and in shock.Zombies,It could not be."Outisde what,Bingaling",Janice asked.

"Zombies",Chandler said.With that word,Everyone bursted out laughing,Which woke Rachel up."Hey",She said and she walked over to the table."Look outside",Chandler fell to the ground and then everyone knew this must be true.

The four ran up to the window and saw a few zombies trying to eat an terrified man."That's Nick Stone,Student of my class",Ross looked outside in disbelief."Oh my god",Rachel covered her mouth in horror.

"What",Monica and Ross asked her at the same time."Daddy was bitten",And she ran to the bathroom to vomit."What should we do",Janice asked Chandler."We need to find somewhere safe",He looked at her."We are going to survive this",He hugged her."I know",Monica walked up to the phone.

"What are you doing",Chandler asked."Phoneing Gunther,We could hide in Central Perk",Monica dialed his number."Any luck",Chandler asked her."No,But since Rachel is an worker,She can get in",Monica walked into the bathroom to explain this to Ross and Rachel.

"Chandler,We need to get my mom.She is not safe with these things",Janice bursted out crying."Lisiten,We need to focus on us",Chandler tried to convince her.He could not say this to her,But her mom was either dead or undead.

Three Central Death

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