Kristian Eivinder Ailind (September 12th 1969, Oslo, Norway- ), more known by his stage name Count Doomicus and also K.E Ailind is a Norwegian heavy metal musician; most notably as the vocalist for In The Age of Dead Kings from 1986-2001 after being replaced by Rodger Hedgegrove; and currently fronts Doomlord.



Kristian Eivinder Ailind was born in Oslo on September 12th 1969 to Kristoffer"Tyr" Frieg Ailind; a notably guitarist during the psychedelia wave of the late 60s and Mary Kristensin; the sister of Tyr's bandmate and good friend Mikel Kristensin. Tyr and Mary were married in 1968; but tragedy struck when en route to the ceremony the best man Mikel was killed in a motorbike accident. Though the two were married, Tyr's band fell apart with Mikel's death and he took a job as a builder while searching for a new band.

Shortly before Jansen was born he joined Crowsthine; a psychedelic/hard rock band. In his childhood Jansen would spend weeks on the tour bus with his father; who had affairs until Mary divorced him in 1974.

Musical career

Jansen joined his first band in 1984; The Androiders, a primarily heavy metal band with Jansen's vocals reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne and the music similar to Black Sabbath. Via this Jansen began to listen to doom metal; and left The Androiders in 1986, eager to form a new band.

Jansen's father helped him search for new bandmates, luckily spotting an employee of his builders named Leovn Aniski, who played guitar. Aniski joined Jansen, and Leif Gerdling (bass) and Paul Kerheg (drums). They chose on the name In The Age of Dead Kings and Jansen adopted the name Count Doomicus and Aniski took Balrug. The band recorded a demo in '86, which resulted in an album produced by Aniski's label Wizarde Records; selling at local music stores. The album was Wizardsfire; and it soon gained attention overseas. Doomicus released seven more albums with In The Age of Dead Kings in 2001; feeling disappointed with the band's eighth studio album 1998's The Heavenly War. The band disbanded also with his leaving; but reformed in 2002 with Rodger Hedgegrove.

After taking a break from music Doomicus formed a new band in 2003; called Doomlord with guitarist Gorgoth (Andres Vergensen), bassist Saphermon (Sjen Aksendurg), drummer Lord Lovenicun (Jon Lekesni-Petirssen) and keyboardist Kristina Kabbala (Christina Karlepki). The band released their first album in 2005; called Twelve Moons of Shana'Dor; a fantastical concept album. The band and album gained acclaim; and the album won Metalix Doom Album of 2005. They released their second album in 2007; Voyage of Astriaya with equal success. The band are working on a third album for 2010, while In The Age of Dead Kings releasing Thirteen Seals of Thy Doom in September 2010.

Personal life

Jansen was married in 1988 to Julia Makkevji, and the song "Bride In The Black" off In The Age of Dead Kings' 1989 album Age of Dead Kings is written about Jansen and his stressful first marriage and wedding. Jansen and Julia were divorced in 1990, shortly before he was set to tour with the band for 1990's Pandaemonius. Their marriage was short, but they had a child; their son Karl born in 1989 now works with his father on Doomlord tours as a sound tech. In 1991 Jansen was engaged to Emeliana Juridia, an Italian woman he had come to know on a In The Age of Dead King's tour in Italy. However the engagement was broken off when Jansen felt he didn't want to loose another wife to the intense stress of touring and recording with the band.

In 1994 he was married to his current wife, Katherine Jevikki in Norway, before having to leave two days later to tour for Paranorm. Unlike his other previous romances, Katherine was understanding of his dedication to music, and he has said in many interviews that she keeps him sane off the road. They have two children; Christian (b.1994) and Olyvia (b.1996). Jansen and his family reside in Oslo, on an estate with another small house for his father Kristoffer"Tyr" Frieg Ailind.


With In The Land of Dead Kings

  • Wizardsfire (1986)
  • The Bane of All Demons (1987)
  • Age of Dead Kings (1989)
  • Pandaemonius (1990)
  • In The Land of Lost Pharaohs (1992)
  • Paranorm (1994)
  • Age of Dead Kings II (1996)
  • The Heavenly War (1998)

With Doomlord

  • Twelve Moons of Shana'Dor (2005)
  • Voyage of Astriaya (2007)
  • TBA (2010)

As guest

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