Cover Up is a cover album by American metalcore band Get Off The Vultures, released on June 5th 2008. It sees them cover a wide range of songs, with changed titles. John MacReary (vocals) commented on the album, saying "It's basically us being a group of asses and covering songs while changing the names a bit, typical GOTV stuff".

Track listingEdit

  1. "Sweet Ho! ImmaBangHer" (Sweet Home Alabama) - Lynrd Skynrd
  2. "Crazy Lame" (Crazy Train) - Ozzy Osbourne
  3. "Master of Nantuckets" (Master of Puppets) - Metallica
  4. "Face of 'Nades" (Ace of Spades) - Motorhead
  5. "Holy MacGyver!!" (Holy Diver) - Dio
  6. "Epic, Fail" (Epic) - Faith No More


  • John MacReary - vocals
  • Andrew MacReary - lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Jack "Jackie" Letto - bass guitar
  • Rob Caldef - drums

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