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Crash is an story that features the friends characters.Phoebe finds out someone is going to die in an car crash,And when that person dies,Everyone is devastated.Set in Alternate Season 8.Phoebe is the one pregnant and Gunther sold Central Perk to Monica and Chandler.

One Warning

Phoebe looked in the mirror,Wondering if she could tell the father.It was Ross.They were drunk and one thing led to another and they had an one night stand."Without the condoms",Phoebe would always think when she mentioned the one night stand.Only Rachel knew she was pregnant.She had found out when she found the pregnancy test in the trash can.Phoebe had told Rachel to stay quiet.

Phoebe looked at Central Perk.Well,Now,The Monica Bing.Chandler was the one who co founded the place while Monica basically owned the place.She decided to go and visit her physic.She would tell her what to do.

Phoebe looked at the tarven befour she entered.She had learned she would be an actress who was lonely in the inside and looking for love.Phoebe then saw her usual physic,Janet."Hello Phoebe",She said in her British accent.She had escaped from her wedding in London and managed to escape to America by boat.

"You pregnant",Janet suddenly said and Phoebe looked up."Yes,I need your help",She then looked down."I feel something is going to happen during the birth",She looked up again."Well,Let's see",She then put her finger on Phoebe's head and then put it into a boul of water.

"One of your friends,Is going to die in an car crash",She said in an sad voice.Phoebe just thanked her and left in an angry mood.She walked around Central Park and then decided to go and sing an song in The Monica Bing.

Phoebe walked up Rachel,Was was an waitress yet again."Hey Pheebs",Rachel looked up from her magazine."Song",Phoebe asked,And Rachel told the custumors that Phoebe was playing.Phoebe sang Smelly cat and nearly cried when she looked at Joey and Ross laughing.

Rachel then saw an man steal her purse and ran off."Don't",Rachel screamed which caused everyone to look at her.She ran out of the coffee house and relised what was going to happen.Phoebe chucked her guitar away,Which hit Ross square in the face and bolted outside.Just then,She saw an sight which horrified her to her very soul.Rachel was run over by an car,With blood all over her face.Phoebe collapsed and started to cry.Everyone ran out and then saw what happened.Phoebe looked at Central Park,And saw Janet,With the spirit of Rachel beside her.

Two In Two Months

Phoebe was drinking whiskey,Yet again.She was always out of her house.She was 14 all over again.In an matter of two months,Her friends had went downhill.She had went to have an abortion,But relised she could not get rid of the baby as the baby was five months.So she drank and drank to get rid of it.

Monica had been hit the most.She burned down the Monica Bing and had killed an man.She was jailed for llfe.Chandler had fled the country after robbing to survive.He had lost the apartment because of Monica.

Ross was in an state that he just shut off when there was more than one people talking to him.Joey had also lost his apartment and was staying with Phoebe.But after two months,He did not care where Phoebe was.

Phoebe had not told Ross she was pregnant with his child.In fact,He was in an rage and he had attacked Carol and Susan.They never told the police as they understood he was upset.Phoebe did not care anymore.She felt as if she was the actress who felt lonely inside.

Phoebe had lost belief of that a long time ago.Well,Two months.Two months was when everything changed.Rachel should have never died.It should have been her.

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