Crash Bandicoot: The Movie is a Crash Bandicoot film produced by Troublemaker Studios and Amblin Entertainment and released by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation in August 2013.


Directed by: Henry Selick

Screenplay by: David Koepp

Produced by: Kathleen Kennedy

Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg, Robert Rodriguez

Director of Photography: Jaunsz Kaminski, A. S. C.

Production Designer: Rick Carter

Edited by: Kent Beyba, A. C. E.

Theme by: Mutato Muzika, Mark Motherbaugh, Josh Mancell

Music by: James Newton Howard

Visual Effects Producer: John Bruno

Scene SelectionEdit

1: Main Title / Crash's NightmareEdit

2: Crystal TragedyEdit

3: Von Clutch's SpecialEdit

4: Crash finds PolarEdit

5: Polar's SecretEdit

6: Halloween SpecialEdit

7: Coco's VisionEdit

8: Crash Meets Penta PenguinEdit

9: Crash Saves TawnaEdit

10: Tawna Meets CocoEdit

11: Von Clutch's SpecialEdit

12: Aku Aku's PlanEdit

13: Tawna's SecretEdit

14: Polar and PuraEdit

15: The Great Fight Between Aku Aku and Uka Uka!Edit

16: Tawna Goes HomeEdit

17: Coco's SecretEdit

18: Tawna and Nina's FightEdit

19: Crunch KidnappedEdit

20: Dingo's DesructEdit

21: Crash And Von Clutch To The RescueEdit

22: Crash Vs N. GinEdit

23: Crunch Is FreeEdit

24: Cortex AttackEdit

25: Von Clutch Vs CortexEdit

26: Von Clutch's SecretEdit

27: Crash's Hero BirthdayEdit

28: End CreditsEdit

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