Crash Bandicoot: Furry Vengenace is an Animated Game that was released onto Yoyo Games at 2013. The Game was going to be called Crash Bandicoot 3D: Uka Uka Ressurection but was renamed as Furry Vengenace and is Published On Game Maker for Activision and Ubi Soft.


Good Side

  • Crash Bandicoot (voiced by Marty Grabstein)
  • Aku-Aku (voiced by Dan Green)
  • Coco Bandicoot (voiced by Grey Delise)
  • Crunch Bandicoot (voiced by Trevis Willingham)
  • Fake Crash (voiced by Kirk Thornton)
  • Pasadena Opossum (voiced by Carolyn Lawrence)
  • Von Clutch (voiced by Keith Silverstien)
  • Cherly Otter (voiced by Kate Higgins)
  • Pura (voiced by E. G. Daily)
  • Polar (voiced by Pamula Aldon)

Evil Side

  • Dr. Neo Cortex (voiced by Lex Lang)
  • Uka-Uka (voiced by Clancy Brown)
  • Dr. N. Gin (voiced by Nolan North)
  • Tiny Tiger (voiced by Dwight Scultz)
  • Dingodile (voiced by Dwight Schultz)
  • Dr. Nefarious Tropy (voiced by Johnathan Freeman)
  • Ripper Roo (voiced by Jim Cumming)
  • Koala Kong (voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson)
  • Pinstripe Poteroo (voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson)
  • The Bearminator (voiced by Dwight Shultz)
  • Dr. N. Brio (Voiced By Mike Pollock)

Extra Character

  • Papu Papu (Voiced By Kirk Thotnton)
  • Triceratops
  • Pteranodons
  • Dragons


The Game Follows By Doing 1 Stage and then It's Own Boss Battle and then doing the next stage.

Warp Pad 1: Pirate Carribean

  • Stage 1: Crash Ahoy
  • Boss 1: Dr. N. Gin

Warp Pad 2: Roman Coliseum

  • Stage 2: Rock N' Rome
  • Boss 2: Tiny Tiger

Warp Pad 3: African Jungle

  • Stage 3: Jungle Jumble
  • Boss 3: Dingodile

Warp Pad 4: Ocean

  • Stage 7: Aquatic Constitution
  • Boss 4: Dr. Nefarious Tropy

Warp Pad 5: Volcano Island

  • Stage 5: Lava Drama
  • Boss 5: Papu Papu

Warp Pad 6: Egypt

  • Stage 6: Anubis Showbiz
  • Boss 6: Ripper Roo

Warp Pad 7: Dinosaur Era

  • Stage 7: Dinosaur Rampage
  • Boss 7: Koala Kong

Warp Pad 8: Medieval

  • Stage 8:  Dragon's Ten
  • Boss 8: Pinstripe Poteroo

Warp Pad 9: Arctic Circle

  • Stage 9: Ice Rage
  • Boss 9: The Bearminator

Warp Pad 10: Indian Jungle

  • Stage 10: Jungle Boogie
  • Boss 10: Dr. Nitrus Brio

Warp Pad 11: Cortex Castle

Boss 11: Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka-Uka


  • Crash Bandicoot 3 Theme (Menu)
  • Bamboozled (Pirate Islands)
  • Medieval Madness (Coliseum)
  • Jungle Rumble (Africa)
  • H2 Oh No (Ocean)
  • Crash N Burn (Volcano)
  • Tomb Time (Egypt)
  • Bone Yard (Dinosaur Era)
  • Wizards and Lizards (Medieval)
  • Arctic Antics (Arctic Circle)
  • Road To Ruin (India)
  • Crash Bash Warp Room (Warp Room)
  • Dr. N. Gin Theme (Boss 1)
  • Tiny Tiger Theme (Boss 2)
  • Dingodile Theme (Boss 3)
  • N. Ballism (Boss 4)
  • Papu Pummel (Boss 5)
  • Ripper Roo Theme (Boss 6)
  • Scooby Doo Cyber Chase Boss 4 (Boss 7)
  • Pogo Padlock (Boss 8)
  • Bearminator Theme (Boss 9)
  • Toxic Dash (Boss 10)
  • Dr. Neo Cortex Theme (Boss 11)
  • Crash  Bash  Credits (Credits)

Voice Cast:

Marty Grabstein: Crash Bandicoot

Dan Green: Aku-Aku

Grey Delise: Coco Bandicoot

Travis Willingham: Crunch Bandicoot

Kirk Thornton: Fake Crash Bandicoot and Papu Papu

Carolyn Lawrence: Pasadena Opossum

Keith Silverstien: Ebenezer Von clutch

Kate Higgins: Cherly Otter

E. G. Daily: Pura

Pamula Aldon:Polar

Lex Lang: Dr. Neo Cortex

Clancy Brown: Uka Uka

Nolan North: Dr. N. Gin

Dwight Scultz: Tiny Tiger, Dingodile and the Bearminator

Johnathan Freeman: Dr. N. Tropy

Jim Cummings: Ripper Roo

Kevin Micheal Richardson: Koala Kong and Pinstripe Poteroo

Mike Pollock: Dr. N. Brio

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