Crash Bandicoot Fighting is announced December 27, 2012 and release May 12, 2013 game announced. It is set to be released on 2 March 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360,. The developer will be ActiVision and NeverSoft and the publisher will be Ubi Soft.

Playable Characters

Good Side

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Coco Bandicoot
  • Crunch Bandicoot
  • Tawna Bandicoot
  • Fake Crash
  • Ebenezer Von Clutch
  • Pasadena Opossum
  • Polar
  • Pura
  • Penta Penguin
  • Dr. N. Gin
  • Dr. Nitrus Brio
  • Dingodile
  • Papu Papu
  • Scott Buchanan *NEW*

Evil Side

  • Dr. Neo Cortex (Unlockable, Crash's sub-boss)
  • Nina Cortex (Unlockable, Coco's sub-boss)
  • Tiny Tiger (Unlockable, Crunch's sub-boss)
  • Dr. Nefarious Tropy (Unlockable, Tawna's sub-boss)
  • Koala Kong (Unlockable, Fake Crash's sub-boss)
  • Pinstripe Potoroo (Unlockable, Von Clutch's sub-boss)
  • N. Trance (Unlockable, Pasadena's sub-boss)
  • Ripper Roo (Unlockable, Polar's sub-boss)
  • Rilla Roo (Unlockable, Pura's sub-boss)
  • The Bearminator (Unlockable, Penta Penguin's sub-boss)
  • Komodo Joe (Unlockable, N. Gin's sub-boss)
  • Komodo Moe (Unlockable, Nitrus Brio's sub-boss)
  • Nitrous Oxide (Unlockable, Dingodile's sub-boss)
  • Emperor Velo (Unlockable, Papu Papu's sub-boss)
  • Zem (Unlockable, Scott's sub-boss)
  • Poppy Buchanan *NEW* (Unlockable, Final Boss)

Main Menu

  • New Game - Enter the name.
  • Continue Game - Find the name.

Title Screen

  • Arcade Mode
  • Vs. Mode [1 or 2 players]
  • Online Mode [PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version only]
  • Training Mode
  • Extras
  • Options
  • Story Cutsscenes
  • Character Profiles
  • Character Arcade Endings
  • Opening
  • Credits

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