Scene SelectionEdit

  1. Main Title
  2. Meeting N. Oxide
  3. Polar Meeting Fake Crash
  4. Crash and Coco's Dinner
  5. Penta Penguin on TV Meeting Crash
  6. Crash and Friends Going to Adventure Area
  7. Cortex Meeting N. Oxide
  8. Meeting Ripper Roo
  9. Ripper Roo's Challenge
  10. Beating Ripper Roo
  11. Crash Meeting N. Gin
  12. Coco Meeting Dingodile
  13. Meeting Papu-Papu
  14. Papu-Papu's Challenge
  15. Beating Papu-Papu
  16. Crash Meeting Tiny Tiger
  17. Polar Meeting Penta Penguin
  18. Meeting Komodo Joe
  19. Komodo Joe's Challenge
  20. Beating Komodo Joe
  21. Crash's Super Engine
  22. N. Tropy Meeting Cortex
  23. Crash Meeting N. Tropy
  24. Meeting Pinstripe Potoroo
  25. Pinstripe's Challenge
  26. Beating Pinstripe Potoroo
  27. Crash Confronts N. Oxide
  28. N. Oxide's Final Challenge
  29. N. Oxide Gets Frightened
  30. Crash's Birthday
  31. Happy Ending
  32. End Credits

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