Crazy is an friends fanfiction. The friends move to an small town in England, But when an deadly virus forces people to kill each other, The friends battle for survival as they try to get to Mercy Hospital.


"Rachel", Chandler yelled as he saw that she was out of the bed. "I know what is going on", He smiled as he slowly crept up behind her. She was eating Cheesecake, His and hers best dessert in the world.

"Boo", Chandler shouted which scared the crap out of Rachel. "What is going on", She said with her mouth full of the cake. Chandler smiled at his wife. Rachel was expecting an child, So he and her were more in love with each other than ever.

"Look", Rachel pointed at the window. There was Joey and Monica, Laughing at each other. The two were engaged and Monica was also expecting. That left Phoebe and Ross. They were married, But they just found out that Phoebe could conceive with the only chance of five percent.

Chandler walked on the marble floor, going to the kitchen. Chandler opened the fridge door and grabbed the orange juice. He opened the lid and poured the juice into the glass.

Meanwhile, Ross and Phoebe were in the boat, Looking at the sea. "I know how we could get children", Phoebe tried to start a conversation. "How", Ross replyed back.

"We could adopt", Phoebe looked up to see Ross's reaction. Ross smiled at the thought. "Okay", Ross kissed Phoebe on the lips and she kissed back. They looked at the sea and smiled.

Meanwhile, An terrified woman and an man are seen in an farmhouse. "Oh my god is he out there", The woman gasped. "I don't know, Laura", The man was shaked. An man tried to kill them but only killed their friend, Harry.

Suddenly, The man fell right down on the floor and Laura screamed. She saw that the man had been shot and the blood stained on the rug. Laura then saw the man who killed her husband with an rifle. "Please", Laura screamed.

The man ignored her and tried to shoot at her, But he missed and the bullet hit the vase of flowers. Laura ran out of the lounge as fast as she could. The man continued to follow her at slow speed, Enjoying the torture of what the woman was going through.

Laura ran upstairs, Tripping over a couple of times. When Laura was about to get out of the stairs, She felt an pain rushing through her. She had been shot on the foot.

Laura tried to crawl away, Crying that it was nearly her end. She managed to get into her room and pushed herself into the room. Laura quickly shut the door and locked it. Laura sighed. She had escaped for now. Suddenly an woman behind her grabbed her neck and started to strangle her. Laura's eyes closed when she died.

One Encounter

"Want to go down to the park", Phoebe suggested as they sat and watched the television. "Okay", Joey, Rachel and Monica said at the same time. "What about you two", Rachel asked.

"No, We are going to check the neighbors", Ross said as his eyes still glued to the TV. "Okay, We are going on", Rachel walked out of the house, Along with the other three.

Later on, They reached the park and they relised there was only one man in the park. "Hey, Lets see what that bird is doing", Phoebe pointed at the bird. The bird was looking at something.

Just then, The bird got shot and the girls let out an scream. They saw the man with the rifle. "What are you doing", Joey asked. "Hurry, Get out of here befour sun rise", The man continued on.

"What are you talking about", Monica asked him. "Lisiten, You only have one chance. I will take that chance", The man left the park after his weird conversation. "What was that about", Monica was the first one to speak.

Meanwhile, Ross and Chandler were telling people in the neighborhood who they were. They got to an old lady who lived in 57. "Hello, We are the new neighbors that are staying in the house over there", Ross pointed at the house.

"Lisiten, You two can stay alive if you leave", The woman said. "What are you going on about", Chandler asked. Befour they could say anything, An man behind the woman ran right up to her and slashed her throat.

Ross and Chandler fell back and saw the evil man who was grinning, Who looked as if he was thinking of killing the whole world. "Run", Ross shouted as the two ran up to their house.

The man started to chase them, Making sure he got to his prey. Befour the man stabbed Chandler an shot was heard. They turned around and saw an woman covered in blood and was holding an rifle. It was Laura.

Two House Of Horror's

Ross, Chandler and Laura hide in the house as the neighbors prepare to kill them. Rachel and Phoebe get separated by Monica and Joey when two people try to kill them.

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