Cross Country Road Trip is the 12th episode of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles.

  • Plot

One day in the Jungle - Simba and Nala are spending time with each other as Timon and Pumbaa tried to separate them (Although they can not let them feel the love tonight). But They failed and thought that Simba is already through with them. The next day - Simba tried to make Nala like anything the way the duo did for him (Such as eating Bugs and swimming in Mud Pools). But Nala refused and They both got fed up with each other and walked away.

Meanwhile - Timon found an unsatisfied Nala and convince her she need a vacation beyond the jungle. So - Nala sees an explorer's veichle and hop onto it. Elsewhere - Nala encountered a young rabbit named Thumper and befriended him.

That evening - Pooh Bear Tigger and Piglet came to visit Simba Timon and Pumbaa. They just need to get out of the 100 Acre Wood for a vacation. Then - something struck Timon (Nala went on her vacation too). He told Simba that he was responsible for convincing Nala to go on a vacation. Pooh and Simba both had a plan. They all had to find Nala and go with her.

In the meantime - Thumper introduced his siblings and mother to Nala and they took her on a tour around the forest. The next morning - Nala left the rabbit family and said good bye. But as she walked through the forest - Prince John (who was exiled from the town of Nottingham) and his minions The Shadow Cats and Rhino Guards capture Nala by having Her locked in a cage. John told her he was going to sell her to the zoo and have more money. Simba Pooh and their friends came along and they saw what happened. They charged after the guards and the cats along with an Elephant and freed Nala. John chased Simba by using his Rifle as they went up a tall jungle tree. As the two lions fought - Simba destroyed the rifle. But Prince John pulled out a dagger and decided to kill him. When they climbed onto some vines - John is about to finish Simba off. But he accidentally sliced a vine he was hanging onto and fell to the ground far below. All that was left of him was his Crown. Simba dropped from the tree by climbing down and joined his friends as he lead them into the Jungle.

Back in the Jungle - Pumbaa and Timon said good bye to Pooh and his gang and promised never to bother the couple again. So - Simba and Nala watched the sunset from a hill.

  • Triva

  • Prince John is the third villain of 100 Acre Wood Chronicles to die (The first being The Skullasaurus and the second being Rothbart).

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