Crushed is an in-production 2012 Slasher Horror Film directed by Todd Phillips and written by Zane Devine and Alex Garland. It stars Siu Ta, Gina Athans, Emma Booth, Ashley Graham, Ashley Greene, Daniel Gabori, Tony Goldwyn, Joshua Alba, Hale Appleman, Daniella Alonso, Erika Amato, Alexa Vega, Anna Popplewell, Ali Lohan, Jake T. Austin, Christian Serratos, Taylor Momsen and Sean O'Pry. It is the 3D Sequel Horror Film to the 2011 Slasher Horror Film Smashed.


A Mother and a new loving wife dealing with two painful losses faces his heartbreak as her supposed loving new husband has a string of secret teenage girl relationships on the side.

The Mother then goes on a mission to eliminate all ends.


  • Siu Ta as Kimberley Tanaka/ Jocelyn Verabilla's Husband's first other girlfriend
  • Gina Athans as Carla Tinorress/ Jocelyn Verabilla's Husband's fourth other girlfriend
  • Emma Booth as Pearl Jadine/ Jocelyn Verabilla's Husband's second other girlfriend
  • Ashley Greene as Georgia Addycross/ Jocelyn Verabilla's Husband's third other girlfriend
  • Ashley Graham as Lara Lutting/ Jocelyn Verabilla's Husband's fifth other girlfriend
  • Alexa Vega as Stephanie Carlison/ Jocelyn Verabilla's Husband's sixth other girlfriend
  • Anna Popplewell as Wendy Wexin/ Jocelyn Verabilla's Husband's seventh other girlfriend
  • Taylor Momsen as Tracy Trix/ Jocelyn Verabilla's Husband's eighth other girlfriend
  • Christian Serratos as Katie Morvia
  • Tony Goldwyn as Businessman Michael McCory/ Jocelyn Verabillia's Husband
  • Daniel Gabori as Eston/ Tracy's Enraged Ex-Boyfriend
  • Jake T. Austin as Texa/ Georgia's Confused Ex-Boyfriend
  • Sean O' Pry as Kevin/ The Boy with the interest in Pearl Jadine
  • Daniella Alonso as Maid Maria/ Jocelyn Verabilla and Michael McCory's Maid Who Sees To Much

Death Sequences

  1. Kimberley Tanaka: Beginning Victim killed after following Text Message from Michael McCory's phone telling her to meet at his house he has something to show her. she arrives and is lured into a room with the glass covered corpse of Whitney Axen. A Woman wearing a the Ghost Mask she donned at Walter Axen's demise and her seventh Halloween Trick'r'Treating attacks with a Sharpened Pole she then uses to crush her face in with

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