The Valentine Cupid is a Horror Thriller Film which will be released on 2014. The Cast features Emma Bell, Chris Evans, Chelan Simmons, Channing Tatum, Kelly Brook, Harry Shum Jr., Ryan Merriman, Zac Efron, Bree Essrig, Addy Miller, Kat Dennings, Mason Cook, Drew Barrymore, Jim Devoti, Jensen Ackles, Marie Avgeropoulos, Jesse Moss and Katrina Bowden.


The Film Opens on 1992 with Couples Ian and Shelly walking in street on Valentine's Day until a Cupid appears and impales Shelly in Back which kills her. Ian runs as fast as he can until he finds a police. Before he shout The Cupid Impales him in neck which kills him. The Police find both Ian and Shelly's Corpse. After Many Years its Valentine's Day again in Rocky City and Single Mother Rocky with her daughter Cindy will celebrate Valentines without Rocky's Husband Mason because he was killed in a war. Charles a Handsome Guy and he mets Rocky in a restaurant where they met Waitress Ashley, Brianna and Brianna's Boyfriend Mason. Charles Bestfriend Robert who is the boyfriend of Porn Actress Claire.


Emma Bell as Rocky Bell

Chris Evans as Charles Simmons

Chelan Simmons as Brianna Wade

Channing Tatum as Greg Shea

Kelly Brook as Claire Smith

Harry Shum Jr. as Steven Hooper

Ryan Merriman as Robert Wilcox

Mike Vogel as Mason Madison

Zac Efron as Nick Sheldon

Bree Essrig as Ashley Shivers

Addy Miller as Cindy Bell

Kat Dennings as Maria Velaquez

Mason Cook as Jason Velasquez

Drew Barrymore as Emily Wade

Jim Devoti as Harry Wroe

Jensen Ackles as Dean Miller

Marie Avgerpoulos as Dana Morris

Jesse Moss as Ian Randall

Katrina Bowden as Shelly Peters

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Rocky Bell, Cindy Bell, Charles Simmons, Brianna Wade, Steven Hooper and Jason Velasquez


Shelly Peters - Impaled in back with Arrow

Ian Randall - Neck Impaled with Arrow

Dana Morris - Impaled in Eyes, Impaled in Neck and Back and Impaled in Mouth with Arrow

Harry Wroe - Impaled in Chest many times with Arrow

Dean Miller - Decapitated with Machete

Maria Velasquez - Throat Slashed with Machete

Nick Sheldon - Pushed on Balcolony

Ashley Shivers - Hung in Kitchen of Restaurant

Emily Wade - Gutted

Mason Madison - Bound and Gagged with Duct Tape, Thrown on Balcolony

Greg Shea - Throw in Window, Lands on Car

Claire Smith - Impaled in Back through Chest with Arrow

Robert Wilcox - Head Bashed on Wall

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