A Cyber-Viral Implant (CVI) is a fictional technology in the television series Earth: Final Conflict. A device of Taelon origin, a CVI is part Taelon germ and part computer chip. They are typically placed within the body of Companion Protectors and programmed with a number of directives that aimed at improving the operative.

The first of the enhancements takes the form of a device that is implanted into the brain of the subject. Rather than attaching itself to one specific region of the brain, initial deposits of the cyber-virus are deposited in multiple locations, and begin to propagate from there. The injected cyber-virus is a complex nanite merged with a viral structure, though it bares no resemblance to any previously encountered viral type. After the initial deposits are in place they begin to secrete a type of brain matter, not human in origin—though it is capable of functioning along with the human brain, which it begins to connect and interweave into the already existing brain. It also starts rebuilding the inter-cranial circulatory system, allowing for more oxygen-rich blood to flow to the brain. New synaptic linkages are formed, allowing for faster transmission along neural pathways.

The implant increases basic intelligence, improves reading and interpretation speed, provides total recall of memories; the implantee's memory literally becomes "photographic". They are able to recall any experienced event from memory and replay it, receiving full sensory data associated with the memory. It is the ability to fully relive any memory, only better. Memories can be stopped mid-play and focused on, a particular object or person, in the background and not noticed at the time can be concentrated on and enhanced, much like an enhanced computer package. The CVI also enhances the way the brain process sensory images in real-time in addition to the sensory enhancements provided to relived memories. Even when the implantee is not consciously aware of it they are constantly absorbing input from everything around them and storing it away.

The CVI also provides a "motivational imperative". This more sinister capacity is used to re-align the priorities of the implanted person so that they consider the interests of the Taelons to be paramount under all circumstances. This leads to Companion Protectors behaving in a way contrary to their pre-implanted nature.

The implantation process begins with an injection, administered by a needle that more resembles a plumber's snake. The needle moves along flexible segments, carefully working its way through the brain to deposit the cyber-virus to all initial locations, allowing the implantation to take place with only a single administering. This causes the subject to experience the feeling of something worming through their skull, and once the implant begins modifications they suffer from an excruciating headache that appears with no warning pain to announce it. The process is also not without risk. A needle that flexes improperly can tear brain tissue, while the cyber-virus itself has been known to occasionally malfunction and completely destroy or modify the brain in a way to make the subject non-functional.

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