DC vs. Marvel: Universe is a crossover fighting game developed by Press A Studios. The game was released fro Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC. The game features characters from DC Comics and Marvel comics.


While Lex Luthor was producing a Kryptonite ray gun to eliminate Superman, he accidnetly uses his dimension travelling door to summon Red Skull. While Lex Luthor wants to kill his arch-nemesis, Red Skull wants world domination. Tweeking with the ray gun, he makes a powerful substance he nicknames "Jumble" that can grant anyones wishes. Lex Luthor wants to destroy it, but Red Skull wants to keep it. Then accidently, Red Skull drops Jumble into the dimension door. When Superman figures this out, he calls all the DC heroes to help get Jumble back. The heroes meet the Marvel cast and tell them about the Jumble. Now they battle to see who will get the Jumble first and save the universe. Although, each character starts to want the Jumble for themselves.


DC Marvel Guests
Superman Hulk Bugs Bunny
Batman Captain America Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Wonder Woman Storm Spawn
Superboy Spider-Man Sonic the Hedgehog
Lobo Wolverine
Aquaman Namor
Catwoman Elektra
Flash Quicksilver
Robin Jubilee
Green Lantern Silver Surfer
Captain Marvel Thor
Lightning Lad Iron Man
Plastic Man Mr. Fantastic
Green Arrow Hawkeye
Martian Manhunter Nightcrawler
Mr. Freeze The Human Torch
The Riddler She-Hulk
The Joker Green Goblin
Sinestro Magneto
Lex Luthor Red Skull
Cyborg (DLC) The Thing (DLC)
General Zod (DLC) Venom (DLC)
Nightwing (DLC) Ant-Man (DLC)
Blue Beetle (DLC) Rocket Raccoon (DLC)
'Mazing Man (DLC) Howard the Duck (DLC)

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