"DWI (Driving With Idiots)"

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Featuring: Nick, Jerrick, Matt, Kat, Kurt, Karima,

Also Featuring: The Annoying Mime, Suzy, Ruth Dafella


The episode opens with Nick pulling up into the parking lot of the Grandcenter Apartment complex in his car. Jerrick stands watching his friend and is jealous about his being able to drive. Jerrick has no license and then decides that it is time for him to get one. The problem is Jerrick has never driven a car before and is nervous. Nick offers to teach Jerrick how to drive but things as usual go horribly wrong.

First Jerrick backs up and hits a fire hydrant which causes a flood of water to pour into the parking lot of the apartment complex. Jerrick then parks the car but forgets to put it in park which causes the car to roll down a hill and hit Suzy. Finally Nick instructs Jerrick to practice turning around the corner into the parking lot. Jerrick does as Nick instructs him to do (without Nick in the car) and he turns the corner. When Jerrick turns the corner he is however going to fast and loses control. The car then careens into the front of the Grandcenter Apartments which angers Kurt.

Kurt decides to forcibly take over as Jerrick's driving instructor after deciding that he didn't want to take the chance of Jerrick getting another car and causing more damage to the apartment building. Nick, Jerrick, and Kurt then get into Kurt's car with Jerrick driving, Kurt in the front passenger seat, and Nick sitting in the backseat. Kurt then instructs Jerrick to drive down the road and get on the highway. Jerrick does as Kurt instructs him to do without any screw ups for the first time.

Nick and Kurt soon fall asleep as Jerrick is driving down the highway. Karima is help Jerrick. As they drives, Jerrick and Karima spots Matt and Kat standing on the side of the road attempting to hitch hike. Jerrick and Karima picks up the duo who hops in the backseat with a sleeping Nick. Jerrick and Karima then continues to drive.

A couple hours pass and Matt and Kat fall asleep along the ride. Jerrick and Karima continues to drive passed a welcoming sign to Georgia. It is now nighttime and Jerrick and Karima is pulled over by a Georgia state trooper for reckless driving. When Jerrick is found not to have a license he is ordered to step out of the car by the trooper. The state trooper then wakes up Nick, Matt, Kat, and Kurt and ushers them out of the car and onto the side of the highway. Things get worse when the officer finds Jerrick's marijuana in the car. Nick, Matt, Kat, Karima and Kurt give Jerrick evil look as they now know that they might be going to jail.

Nick, Matt, Kat, Kurt, Karima and Jerrick are all arrested once Kurt's car comes up as stolen. The group of six are then taken to the nearby city jail. Fortunately for the six of them Ruth comes along and is able to bail them out. It is later revealed that everyone has given up on helping Jerrick get his drivers license. It is also revealed that Jerrick took the drivers test a week later but failed after running six stop signs, three red lights, through a restaurant, over someone's pet hamster, and into the police car of an unnamed Rose Beach police officer. The events also resulted in the death of the drivers ed instructor who was in the car with Jerrick. The Annoying Mime appeared shortly after the big accident which Jerrick was then arrested for.


  • The Georgia state trooper is the first police officer besides Chief Howard to be shown in the series.
  • The state of Georgia is also the first location outside of the vicinity of Rose Beach, Florida to be shown in the series.
  • It is the also the first episode to feature another police officer in Rose Beach, Florida besides that of Chief Howard. It is unknown what happened to the officer as he never appeared in any other episodes.
  • Jerrick hits Suzy with a car for the second time throughout the course of the series.


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