Da Weridos is a comic by Matthew Ashcroft. It was originally an extremely violent comic, but after 101 issues and a ton of complaints, Ashcroft ended the comic and rebooted it, making it a children's comic. Note: THIS PAGE IS ABOUT THE CHILDREN'S REBOOT, NOT THE VIOLENT PAST SERIES.


(Note: Below applies for the children's reboot.)

Issue 1: The Boat

Issue 2: Donny's Job

Issue 3: At The Ice Cream Parlour

Issue 4: Donny In The Clouds

Da Weridos (The Gang.)

Donny Murghan The leader of the group. In The Boat, he was extremely fat, but Matthew disliked working on a fat character, as he was worried it would cause controversy, so in Donny's Job, he lost all his weight while walking from Da Weridos fort to his job and back again.

Matt Ash The Co leader of the group. As the name implies, He is based off Matthew Ashcroft himself.

Lee Ash As the surname implies, he is Matt's brother.

More info later.--Ripper The Fox-Hogdouken Studios 10:44, September 20, 2009 (UTC)

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