Dagger To The Throat is American metalcore band Sleep With Knife At Heart's debut album, released by Plutonium on the 21st of February 2005. It is followed by 2007's Hanging Loosely From The Noose. The song "Traitor Bitch" features guest vocals from She's So Dead's vocalist Mitchell Thurston.

Track listing

  1. "Traitor B*tch" - (featuring Mitchell Thurston of She's So Dead) 5:00
  2. "Everytime" - 6:00
  3. "I Fall Down" - 4:45
  4. "Dagger To The Throat" - 7:00
  5. "Never Trust" - 6:00
  6. "No/Yes" - 3:55
  7. "Throw Away The Key" - 6:00
  8. "Love Bloodstain" - 7:00

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