he is my boyfriends brother but he actually fancy's me and he is a bit creepy that shows Damon Salvatore screaming loud at the top of his lungs after getting the crap burned out of him from the sunlight when dead werewolf Mason Lockwood returns to give him hell. The new episode is called, “Ghost World.”

If you’ll recall,Damon killed Mason off last season by ripping his freaking heart out. Now,Mason has somehow returned,and taken Damon’s protective ring off,so he can burn the crap out of him with sunlight,while he’s tied to a chair. However,despite all that bitterness,they do end up working together before the episode is over,so that seems pretty intriguing.

Lolly is also going to ask Jeremy to use his new,medium powers to see if he can find a way to reach Stefan,who is completely out of sorts right now. Episode 7 airs this Thursday,October 27

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